BY: Dr Naveen Nishchal - 18 Aug-2020

It is a pleasure to share about my recent visit to the New Southbound Healthcare Industry Trade Meeting at Taipei, Taiwan. Immensely thankful, too, to the VOH team and TAITRA for providing me the window and opportunity. A special note of thanks to the visionary Dr. Naveen Nishchal (Chairman, VOH) for planning such a significant and timely platform to exchange thought and ideas for the betterment of healthcare.

Healthcare facilities today are evolving across the globe at a scorching pace. Needs of customers and expectations of the market are influencing research strategies and progress roadmaps in a significant way.


It was heartening to witness, first-hand, the rich variety and admirable depth of standardised research work and solutions offered by Taiwan based companies.

The medical computing solution offered by ADVANTECH HEALTHCARE was cutting-edge and highly impressive in particular. Thoughtful features like Patient monitoring, Navigation System, Nurses Notes, Medicine storage & Administration – along with OPD queue management - are highly efficient tools methods, and carry the potential to take IPD patient management in hospitals to the next level. Indeed, these automated set-ups were quite standardised and perfectly adaptable to the Indian set up. No surprise, then, that AIIMS is one of their primary customers in India.

BENQ, on its part, showcased their portable Ultrasound models and end-to-end Operation Theatre Monitoring and Recording system.

On similar lines, BIONIME displayed a patient monitoring tool.


With a little more customization and feasibility fine tuning - as has been shared with them – these can act as a boon to nurses charts and notes and vital monitoring, to name just a few areas.

Taiwan is also doing a lot of research and analysis work on Diabetes Monitoring, and that came as a pleasant surprise to me. Several companies came up with blood glucose monitoring Glucometers.

Perhaps the best part was the warm vibes I received from every direction. I was touched by the progressive and open minded culture, hospitality and attitude of the people and the community. This positivity will be a vital trigger when it comes to cross-country initiatives and introducing ideas globally.


The world harbours a lot of expectations from Indian Healthcare. With agile adoption (from other countries) and proactive interventions by our native talent and resources, we can raise the bar of the system globally.

I would like to conclude with the thought that with a little open mind, India as a nation of thought-leaders can achieve a lot in healthcare, and usher a meaningful difference across the planet.

Thank you VOH, once again, for letting me be a part of this intellectual exchange.


Dr Anubha Dhawan

Partners & Associates