Inaugural VOH-National Healthcare Council conclave triggers inspiration for breakthroughs, promises more collaborative transformation in healthcare in the coming days.

BY: VOH - 11 Oct-2020

9 Nov 2019, Delhi : Voice of Healthcare (VOH) concluded the Inaugural Conclave of its National Healthcare Council (NHC) at hotel Holiday Inn in Aerocity, New Delhi. As a strategic assembly and an apex-executive extension of Voice of Healthcare, VOH-NHC has been conceived to mobilizing synergies, plug gaps & amplify growth in healthcare via strategy, intervention, advocacy and industry collaboration

The occasion - which got under way with Dr Naveen Nishchal (Chairman of VOH) welcoming members to a stimulating bout of idea and inspiration exchange – witnessed a rare congregation of august faces from the Healthcare fraternity, such as Hony (Brig) Dr Arvind Lal (Chief Advisor, VOH-NHC), Dr Alok Roy (Co-Advisor, VOH-NHC) and Mr Joy Chakraborty (National President, VOH-NHC). Amongst other Healthcare leaders present were Cavita Taragi, Avantikha Raghu, Rahul Garg, Dr Sachin Gupta, Yateesh Wahaal and Dr. Arjun Dang and others . As these luminaries shared their perspectives and prescriptions on the pressing challenges and opportunities in Healthcare, a firm template of action points and intervention maps for the future was put in place.

On being invited by Mr. Joy Chakraborty to share his mind with the Floor, Dr Arvind Lal drew attention to the need for the healthcare industry to claim back the dignity and credibility that has experienced a certain degree erosion in recent times. He also offered innovative steps such as price differentiation, state incentives and training as interventions that are imperative for desired breakthroughs. Dr Alok Roy (Co-Advisor), on his part, stressed the importance of timeline-driven goals and self-less collaboration for a movement like VOH-NHC to attain its true potential.

Guiding the flow of ideas and binding the criss-cross of opinions into a cogent narrative was Mr. Joy Chakraborty (National President , VOH-NHC). While strongly seconding the significance of finite timelines and measurable goals that will lend clarity and direction to initiatives, Mr Chakraborty offered several critical viewpoints of his own. While praising the broad and holistic nature of the platform and initiative, he clarified that the regional structure of VOH-NHC was not a divisive or restrictive design, but a means to expedite prioritization of local issues. He stressed that collaboration should not be ‘clannish’ but must invoke participation across providers, diagnostics, device & OEM manufacturers, tech, finance and other zones. Optimizing opex by intelligently timing & clubbing activities, driving new memberships, ethical diversity and the need for strong PR to amplify the message of VOH-NHC came up as other important issues in Mr. Joy Chakraborty’s address.

It was felt that the only way to combat the impact of powerful lobbies was to build a lobby of our own - one that was organized, systematic and sustained.

Various other members subsequently put forth their views as well, diagnosing Healthcare from a diverse and inclusive cross-section. Amongst facets underlined for attention were technology advocacy, clear guiding principles (from the government), upskilling of manpower, awareness building on new policies (both upstream – which was government facing, and downstream – which must be public facing), nurturing entrepreneurial cultures, patient experiences, quality benchmarking and emphasis on mental health.

VOH – NHC will be focussing on the following for calendar year (2019 – 20)
(1) Policy advocacy
(2) Technology regulation & advocacy
(3) Operational efficiency

Mr Neeraj Lal (Regional president - South), Mr Vikas Chauhan (on behalf of Mr Prashant Tandon - Regional President, North) and Mr Vivek Tiwari (Vice President, VOH - NHC) extended full support to lead the meetings in their regions.

Speaking on the occasion, a visibly beaming Dr. Naveen Nishchal (Chairman, VOH) said, “Healthcare today stands at the end of an inflexion point. We have the technology, the talent and the knowledge. However, the vital ingredient missing in this recipe is the collaboration - at a truly national and holistic level. Bringing synergies together can help plug gaps, join dots and build breakthroughs once thought impossible. This is the true purpose of VOH-NHC. And today, with so many healthcare stalwarts gathered under one roof, we have made a solid start. The criss-cross of ideas and thoughts were truly inspiring. The best part is that this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more… “

The Session was concluded by a gracious Vote of Thanks by General Secretary Md. Afzal Kamal and NHC Coordinator Mr. Sanjay Jha

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