How New Tech Is Changing The Healthcare Industry

BY: Career Karma - 11 Nov-2020

There is no doubt that technology and innovation are the major factors that drive change in the healthcare industry. Many of today’s solutions in the medical community came from technology development. Trends like artificial intelligence or robotics have caused a major impact on the healthcare system. 

Now, since technology doesn’t stop, we can expect to see many upcoming changes in the industry in the next couple of years. What are those trends that are directly influencing the healthcare sector? Here we find out. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a discipline that allows computers to identify patterns and trends by themselves without human intervention. 

Machine learning has helped the healthcare community in many ways. However, one of the most distinctive ways it influences the healthcare industry is in drug development. When it comes to finding a cure for a particular disease, pharmacists spend too much time on the research and discovery process. With machine learning, this process is a lot quicker.

Machine learning has also been used to predict possible medical outcomes. This way, doctors can forecast the patients’ health and act in advance. Thanks to machine learning, doctors can reduce death risks. 

Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, artificial intelligence has also been one of the leading tech trends in the healthcare industry. This is a discipline that was first coined in 1955 by John McCarthy. What it means is that machines can imitate our behavior. So we can see this tech trend in many daily life tools we use, such as our keyboard or chatbots. 

Now, how is it implemented in the healthcare industry? There are many ways this trend is disrupting the healthcare industry. With AI and machine learning, drug developers can study molecules and find solutions faster than ever. 

Google recently created an AI-driven system that allows doctors to identify breast cancer more accurately and faster than older methods. With the help of AI, we can reduce the risk of death drastically. With the right tools, doctors can identify all types of diseases in a matter of minutes. These are some of the things that AI has contributed to the healthcare industry, but we’ll have more in the future. 


If you think about it, before-surgery practice is crucial for the patients’ health. Even the most skilled doctor can botch an operation for not having enough practice. Now, with virtual reality software, doctors can have accurate practice in advance of the surgery. This not only works for doctors, but it also helps students prepare themselves for fieldwork. 

Many companies develop software for doctors to practice their surgeries. Some of the most common ones are OSSOVR and Immersive Touch. According to a recent Harvard study, surgeons who practice with VR software before their operations have a better performance than those who don’t. 


Nanotechnology is another strong trend that’s driving a lot of success in the healthcare industry. Imagine if you had some kind of symptom, and your doctor could see what’s causing it inside your body. Wouldn’t it be great? It is possible with nanotechnology. One of the most important developments in this area is smart pills. 

These are little devices connected with IoT that allow doctors to identify things inside the stomach. One of the most outstanding ones is the smart pill created by MIT. This pill can be controlled through a mobile app. 

Giovanni Traverso, a scientist at MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, said: “Our system could provide closed-loop monitoring and treatment, whereby a signal can help guide the delivery of a drug or tuning the dose of a drug.” 

This smart pill is one of the most high-tech discoveries in the healthcare industry. If scientists enhance this device, we could possibly find new treatments for existing diseases. 


The healthcare industry and technology have been great allies for a long time, and they’ll continue to work together in the future. Some of the most notable tech trends in the healthcare industry are artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, machine learning, and virtual reality. However, many other trends promise to improve the healthcare industry. 


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