Your COVID-19 Vaccine Queries & Worries, Addressed.

BY: Dr Manu Chaudhary - 04 Jan-2021

There is only one thing on the world’s collective minds now: The COVID-19 vaccine. When will it finally be available? Who will get it first? What will be the dosage? If there are more than one Vaccine, which one should we take (or should we wait for a better one to come along)? Will medical history and physical condition be a deterrent to taking it? 

Answering these and other niggling (and very valid) queries on the VOH platform is Dr Manu Chaudhary – Consultant Infectious Disease and Paediatrics – Rainbow Hospital , Bengaluru, who has compiled this list of COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs especially for our esteemed members and distinguished audiences.


Take a read and share it amongst your networks and communities so that we can all stay empowered with facts, not myths.


COVID-19 VACCINE FAQS: Compiled by Dr Manu Chaudhary – Consultant Infectious Disease and Paediatrics – Rainbow Hospital , Bengaluru


Q:When can we realistically expect a reasonably functional COVID-19 Vaccine to hit the market?

A:Current speculation for Indian market is January for Government set ups and March 2021 for private institutes.


Q:Will we all receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time, or will administration of vaccine be prioritized?

A :It will be first given to frontline health workers and first responders (police, army, etc.) And, then to elderly population as they are at the highest risk. It might take few months for it availability for general population.


Q :What will be the expected dosage, schedule and duration of the COVID-19 vaccine?

A:This will depend on the type of vaccine available. Most schedules consist of 2 doses 1 month apart.


Q:What about those who have already had coronavirus. Will they be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine too? If so, will their dosage and duration be the same, or different?

A :This is still in discussion. Probably, they would be eligible for vaccine if antibodies from natural infection are not significant.


Q :Can those who have received Plasma as treatment for COVID-19 also take the COVID-19 vaccine? If so, will their dosage and duration be the same, or different?

A :Such patients will need evaluation of COVID 19 antibodies level. If not protective then the vaccine would be suggested based on person’s risk factors (age, diabetes, etc.)


Q :Will it be safe for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers to take the COVID-19 vaccine? Will there be special caveats or precautions for them?

A :At present the vaccine is not indicated for pregnant or lactating mothers.


Q :It seems there will be multiple COVID-19 vaccines on offer in the market – by different companies and brands. How can we determine / choose which is the most appropriate / effective for us?

A :Most vaccines are providing similar efficacy and safety profile. What vaccine you could avail will mostly be determined by availability.


Q:How long - after getting the COVID-19 vaccine - will the human body take to develop effective protective shield / immunity against the novel coronavirus?

A:Usually 2-4 weeks.


Q :How long will the immunity provided by the CORONA VACCINE last? What are the rules / protocols of the next dose (if applicable)? What happens if the next dose is not immediately available in the market due to supply chain / distribution disruptions? 

A :This is still under evaluation and post marketing studies would provide more information.


Q :Children of what age can be vaccinated? Is the dose same as adults or lesser dose to be given?

A :The trails are still ongoing. Because, children are less affected than adults they are not a priority for receiving vaccination.


Q :What are the possible / expected side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

A :Mostly mild injection site pain and swelling, less likely fever.

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