Emerging Tech Inventions Changing The Healthcare Industry During Covid-19

BY: Career Karma - 08 Apr-2021

Following the coronavirus outbreak, most companies needed to find new strategies to move forward. The demand for tech professionals increase significantly, and tech inventions played an essential role in helping companies to survive. Nowadays, new technologies are indispensable to innovation and meeting customers' requirements. 

In the healthcare sector, technological innovations have allowed organizations to save more human lives. If you want to know how they have changed the industry during Covid-19, continue reading.


Remote Doctor Visits

Because of coronavirus-related restrictions, visiting a doctor was almost impossible for many patients. Digital platforms like Zoom and Skype played a crucial role in helping doctors take care of their patients. Nowadays, several companies offer remote medical care services—no matter what kind of problem you have, you'll be able to solve it. 

Remote visits are becoming more popular each day because they provide doctors with schedule flexibility. On the other hand, some companies are also offering psychological services online. As a result, they can take care of patients' mental health during isolation.


Mobile Apps

The demand for mobile applications has increased during Covid-19. Mobile apps have been indispensable for many people during isolation. They helped customers make their purchases without leaving their homes and only using their smartphones. In the healthcare sector, they've allowed doctors to monitor patients' health. 

eHealth is becoming more popular year after year because of the digital transition. Some companies like CVS played an essential role in providing patients with necessary drugs. Nevertheless, mobile apps like Medici are helping companies in the healthcare sector provide better services. Medici allows you to call, text, or even video chat with healthcare specialists. Thus, no matter if you need to talk with your doctor or therapist, you can do it right from your phone. 

The increasing demand for these types of mobile applications has encouraged companies to offer exceptional wages to professionals like software engineers and mobile developers. In that case, if you're planning to improve your way of life, don't hesitate to start a new tech career. 

Internet of Things

IoT devices are now everywhere, from your living room to your doctor's office. They are exceptional for gathering information and have allowed companies to create better products. In the healthcare industry, wearable devices are among the most popular. For example, smartwatches are a fancy wearable piece you can combine with your outfit. Still, for doctors, they are essential for keeping track of patients' health.

In 2020, smartwatches can provide information about blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. Some smartwatches, like Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2, include ECG features. In that case, doctors make more accurate diagnoses and help patients with heart problems. 


Artificial Intelligence

AI is among the most popular new technologies these days. It has been implemented for almost all companies worldwide. It's exceptional for automating processes and analyzing information. In the data science field, most professionals use machine learning algorithms to analyze data in less time and create better insights. 

Beyond automating processes in manufacturing companies, AI has become essential for saving human lives. AI-powered robots are now helping surgeons to provide better results by analyzing existing procedures. AI robots can give instructions to help doctors implement better techniques.

AI engines are also playing an essential role in reducing the risks of preventable medical scenarios. They are great for automating reminders and help patients take their medication at a specific time. Additionally, they can give alerts to medical staff if a high-risk patient is identified. Thus, creating custom care plans isn't a challenge for medical care companies. 

AI is making our lives better. For that reason, if you're looking to familiarize yourself with AI and want to start a data science career, you should check Bootcamp Ranking. It'll help you to get a better idea of what's necessary to become a data scientist. 



Because of patients’ new demands, more companies will invest in emerging technologies. The pandemic has made remote work indispensable, and organizations are changing how they work. The tech market has completely transformed our lives and will continue to do so in the next few years. Remote visits will become more popular, and AI will help doctors to save even more lives.

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