BY: Piyush Bhan - 19 Jul-2021

Patient payment and billing pioneer Salucro is helping healthcare providers move to the next level of patient loyalty with boosted efficiencies and greater ROI through their end-to-end integrated and highly customized payment frameworks.

If we can pay our utility bills with just a quick text message or a few easy clicks online, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same for healthcare payments?

It’s time to empower the healthcare industry with the latest innovations in the payments space. While the retail, restaurant, and entertainment industries have been at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, healthcare has lagged behind in adoption. A hybrid payment system – led by digital and online mechanisms – can help an organization amplify organizational ROI boosting revenue, shoring up efficiencies, eliminating manual errors, driving up speed, and reducing costs. And, as the organization establishes itself firmly in the consideration / decision set of patients (and their families), it takes a giant step in achieving the holy grail of all business: customer loyalty. 



It is past time for healthcare to glean vital lessons and winning strategies from the way lifestyle, retail, luxury, food & beverage, and e-commerce sectors have established loyalty amongst customers and potential buyers. Some of those lessons are identification of challenges and pain-points of patients and their families, figuring out the needs and aspirations of a digital-savvy new generation, and addressing concerns with tech and data led solutions that are easy to use, flexible, and convenient to adopt and breezily personalized to the patient’s history and habits. As competition steadily intensifies (spoiling patients for choice) and the behaviour patterns change, healthcare organizations have to reflect that change in every aspect including payments, or risk being left out. 


In a 2019 Patient Payment Technology Report released by Salucro – India’s leading healthcare financial and payments solution platform – it was found that more than three out of every four consumers consider the billing and payment process to be somewhat or very important when evaluating a new medical provider. This means that patients are more likely to return to the same provider or recommend the one that has an updated patient payment experience along with the reputation or quality of clinical care. 


Salucro is a Healthcare Financial Technology Company exclusively focused on patient payments and billing. The organization is passionate about delivering payment technology to the healthcare market, including hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and ancillary service providers, along with other revenue cycle service and technology companies. 

Salucro’s product vision - designed on a framework of continued innovation – provides advanced payment technology to accommodate nearly every patient payment scenario and preference. Salucro equips healthcare providers with the necessary payment options to help drive revenue from all kinds of consumer types and demographics – including millennials who tend to prefer the latest payment options.


Salucro offers an integrated payment solution suite with the following features:

1) End-to-end integrated payment solution that covers IT, Accounts, and Operations

2) Automated reconciliation reports

3) Single interface to collect payments through different pay modes

4) Fully integrated patient accounting systems

5) Multiple payment modes available with single integration (SMS pay, UPI, Wallet, Card Swipe, QR, and others). 

6) Integrated payment devices like POS, E-Wallet and online payment integration available on Salucro’s interface. 

7) Consistent, timely, and real-time payment collection availability by connecting all collection channels.

8) (24x7) Live Support

9) PANDEMIC READY: As several healthcare revenue cycle teams transition to a work-from-home policy, the Salucro Payment Platform offers secure 24X7 ‘access from home,’ providing an entirely online platform to collect payments.



Consumers today expect multiple billing and payment options from service providers of all types and sizes. Offering solutions like mobile-friendly bill pay, paperless statements, and options to use both familiar and emerging payment types are essential to enhance the patient experience. Conversely, a quick, uncomplicated, and thoughtfully customized payment experience can break the clutter and create an instant rapport with patients – laying the seeds for long term loyalty. 

Hospitals and healthcare providers with a strong quality focus can therefore amplify their perception (in the eye of patients and customers) manifold with a simple step by switching to a more evolved payments system. 

Technology integrations like market-leading patient accounting platforms paired with advanced payment functionality, along with intuitive online bill pay solutions that support resolution of balances in a self-service manner, go a long way in helping organizations build efficiencies, optimize costs, and establish leadership in patient centricity.  

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