Healthy lifestyle: an Impact of NutriGenomics

BY: Rajavarman Kittu - 03 Sep-2021

 Healthy lifestyle: an Impact of NutriGenomics

Many of us routinely eat limited varieties of food as breakfast, lunch and dinner without knowing its Nutrient composition. Few, who are health conscious knows the nutritional intake composition better, as they follow their personal diet goal close. Do you know that we all have the same metabolic and digestive systems but the functional aspects have differences based on the food intake.

“Nutrigenomics brings Yummy-ness to tongue as well as body and get healthy life as an add-on! so choose your food wisely!”


Know your genes before consuming food! Sounds funny right?
The fact is that genes are the one which regulates your full body function. Its significance is not only limited to its expression, protein synthesis or Phenotypical implications but, also knowing about 
•    which genes are responsible for what enzymes secretion
•    how does those enzymes play crucial role in converting your consumed food into 
 Meaningful energy power bank to do productive work. 
Amazing immune booster to act as shield while the dangerous pathogen attacks. 
Unbeatable stamina to perform outstanding performance in sports, exercise, etc.   

 “Does the food we consume helps to justify the energy we need to do all tasks efficiently!”


Urbanization totally ruined the traditional method of healthy food intake because of the sedentary lifestyle we have.  Many of us have not yet realized the basics of work-life balance which can cause several health issues in long run. To maintain the healthy balance, the right choice of food is the utmost necessity. This can be accomplished by knowing the digestive, immune and genetic profile.   

“How friendly is your food to your Digestive system?” 

Food Prints in Gene: Just like, how our formation and functions depend upon our DNA, the food we consume prominently effects our health. For example:  A person who consumes more fat, ends up in accumulating bad cholesterol in their body might also have a mutation in the LDLR gene on Chromosome 19, which controls the production of receptor that may lead to Familial Hypercholesterolaemia [IF ONLY THEY KNEW]. Hence, we should have the knowledge of our genetic makeup to avoid major risks in life.   

“You have unique FOOD prints; So, should be your 
Food choices!”


Immunity: The Genetic alterations in GIMAP5 gene directly impacts the immunity and is also inter-connected with Type -1 diabetes, asthma and inflammatory conditions.  In this current covid pandemic, we all are concerned about immunity. Of course, the boosters are around to get the best for short term immune activations, but to get permanent good immune system in place, all we need is just to simplify the daily intake of immunity supportive foods based on our personal genetic make-up to enhance the Super Immune Powers in us. 

Rock on with your

We are aware of three things very well; 
i)    What kind of food we like a lot!
ii)    What kind of food we don’t prefer at all!
iii)    What kind of food are we allergic to! 

How many of us did research on scientific reason for our specific food allergies?
For Example: The rare inherited condition such as PH2 [primary hyperoxaluria type 2] occurs due to glyoxylate metabolism causing nephrocalcinosis, renal stone formation and finally leads to kidney failure is based on the genetic variants present in GRHPR gene. Similarly, patients with PH1 which occurs due to variant in AGXT gene are suggested to take a low salt diet and to avoid oxalate rich food like beetroot, spinach & tomato.

It is important to know based on genetic make-up which food are best for health, taste and yumminess accordingly; Therefore, the finetuned Manifestation of life with all positive activities completes the benchmark for a healthy & prosperous being. 


Nearly ~ 654,027 of markers (with Extended add-on custom marker of 50,000) from Illumina’s Infinium Global Screening Array can screen genes which are responsible for Nutri-Genomics, Pharmaco-Genomics and Sports Genomics. This single chip can answer all possible potential predictive risk factors, genetic alternations [allele level] in-order to give best possible recommendations to improve the lifestyle.   


Go Nuts and Be Healthy!

Rajavarman Kittu,

7+ years of Genomics Data Crunching in Clinical & Research settings

Clinical Bioinformatics Specialist,
Premas Lifesciences Pvt Ltd.,
New Delhi, India.

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