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Reliving Health Awareness Campaigns and Programs Spearheaded by Voh With Leaders & Veterans.

Turning the spotlight where it’s due…  Breaking down silos to synergize the forces of progress…. Brainstorming roadmaps to address the burning issues of the day…  yes, we have been fairly busy all through 2021. Here’s a recap of the events and programs we hosted all year - bringing leading luminaries and amplifying priorities under a common roof to take healthcare forward - as a united force of change. 

Here’s a glimpse.

VOH State Health Conclave 2021 - MAHARASHTRA

With healthcare policy a state subject, the onus and spotlight is squarely on every state of our Republic to mobilize resources, innovate frameworks and spearhead initiatives that can trump stubborn challenges, convert new opportunities and optimize Indian healthcare for the greatest common good.

VOH organized the STATE HEALTH CONCLAVE 2021 with leading minds and visionaries from all walks of healthcare to encourage community dialogues and trigger constructive narratives around this need-of-the-hour.

From hybrid care and delivery models, to breakthroughs in medical technologies, to fostering entrepreneurial innovation, to our collective role in COVID-19 vaccination, the CONCLAVE aimed to take a deep-dive into the state of healthcare from diverse angles, generating valuable visibility into key indicators and emerging with exigent policy priorities and actionable roadmaps that have the power to engineer sustainable forward advancement for India - one state at a time.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/voh-state-health-conclave-2021-maharashtra-32789/

World Brain Tumor Day 2021

World Brain Tumor Day is an opportunity for the community to quell misconception, recognize symptoms, optimize treatment and nurture a supportive ecosystem. We at VOH embraced the occasion to raise our voice – calling for community-level consciousness and initiatives across borders. And we hosted a special panel discussion – featuring august minds from the healthcare space – to open important dialogues and drive urgent narratives around the theme. 

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/world-brain-tumor-day-2021-panel-discussion-by-voice-of-healthcare-38204/

“Not Just A Doc” | National Doctors Day

Saviour, guardian, guide, 3 AM confidant, philosopher, friend, superhero. As the pandemic swept through the nation (and, indeed, the world), doctors stepped way beyond the textbook and took on incredible new roles and journeys to help a population fighting for life and struggling for sanity. 

On Doctor's Day, VOH paid tribute to the outstanding display of courage and leadership of doctors. We appraised and analyzed a year that has probably changed the way we look at this august profession forever. And we cast a glance at the evolving nature of the doctor's role in the future – in the company of some of the domain's foremost minds.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/not-just-a-doc-38823/

World Breastfeeding Week

Organized by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, the World Health Organization and UNICEF, WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK – organized annually from 1 to 7 August across 120+ countries – promotes exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. 

The practice is known to bestow multiple health benefits upon a new-born, such as providing critical nutrients, protecting from deadly diseases such as pneumonia and fostering growth and development. 

To celebrate the goal and trigger critical narratives around its awareness and adoption, VOH (Voice of Healthcare) invited eminent gynaecologists, public health activists, pharmaceutical companies & other stakeholders connected with this space. 

Over a series of panel discussions, one-on-ones and leadership bytes, we attempted to seed and multiply big ideas, experiences and recommendations on this sensitive and significant topic.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/world-breastfeeding-conclave-40809/

India Taiwan Healthcare Summit

India-Taiwan joined hands again at the VOH INDIA-TAIWAN HEALTHCARE SUMMIT 2021.

Over 2 high voltage days, leading healthcare, business and industry minds from the two countries joined minds to Unlock Synergies, Innovate Ideas and Build collaboration to co-create common journeys. And bring stakeholders in the space unprecedented new opportunities to connect and grow… as one.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/india-taiwan-healthcare-summit-34591/


Eating Smart, From the Start

Nothing plays a bigger role in promoting lifelong health than what we eat. A scientific and balanced diet habit improves the health of both body and mind while eliminating negatives like morbidity, obesity, stress and illnesses. 

VOH hosted NUTRITION WEEK CONCLAVE from 1st to 7th September to reboot our approach to nutrition by bridging the two vital ends of the spectrum: Planners and practitioners. 

Burning issues like policy review, dynamics of malnutrition, fostering infant & child health, evaluating success in institutions and organizations, decoding best practices, product innovation focus, behaviour change strategies and the role of entrepreneurship went under the scanner.  

A series of insightful and timely Panel Discussions, Leader Talks and Q&A sessions inspired and informed the community and ecosystem on what must go on our plate - if our collective future has to be healthy.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/national-nutrition-week-conclave-42119/


Cervical, ovarian, uterine, endometrial, vaginal and vulvar cancer affects someone on the planet every 5 minutes. On GYNAECOLOGICAL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (September), VOH hosted a virtual, interactive Conclave comprising purpose-driven Panel Discussions, Exclusive one-on-ones and Action-first Q&A sessions.

The overarching goal was to raise consciousness, build narratives and exchange knowledge on symptoms, risk factors, prevention, diet, lifestyle and early detection of the ailment – amongst other targets. 

Along the way, we also honored survivors, inspired fundraising and fostered community support groups that, we hope, will grow and reach more and more people every year. 

Leading minds and stalwarts with years of mission critical experience and insight in the space committed themselves to co-creating a new mission against the threat of gynaecological cancer. 

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/gynaecological-cancer-awareness-summit-40868/


Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain the world's leading cause of death, resulting in 18.6 million deaths annually.

Launched in 2000 by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September every year to draw the world's attention to heart illness, and the range of health issues associated with it.

Voice of Healthcare in association with Next Genworks took the opportunity of the occasion to bring its audience a special webinar with leading minds in the space, in association with GenWorks.

The overarching goal of our exercise was to leverage shared expertise, ideas and connections to enhance awareness, advance prevention, aid management and engineer innovative pillars and communities of support.

Participants, members and the community grabbed the window to amplify the discourse and reimagine the narrative around the heart and its conditions.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/world-heart-day-43931/


Discussing Dementia. Decoding Alzheimer’s

Dementia is a syndrome causing deterioration in cognitive function, affecting mainly older people. Currently more than 55 million people live with dementia worldwide, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia and may contribute to 60-70% of cases.

Recognizing that until a definitive cure is found, care and awareness remain the most effective solutions to counter the dual conditions, Voice of Healthcare – in association with partners - brought together leading minds and experts on an exclusive program - ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE & DEMENTIA TALK - that was hosted on 26th October at 3:0Pm - 4:00 Pm.

From diagnosis and testing to medication and therapy to diet, exercise & lifestyle management to creating a supporting ecosystem, we travelled the entire spectrum – and emerged with meaningful perspectives and actionable answers. In the process, we served our big goal : To challenge the status quo, amplify awareness and synergize the community on critical narratives around ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE & DEMENTIA.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/alzheimers-disease-dementia-talk-45217/

Men’s Health Forum: Remember in November

Voice of Healthcare organized MEN'S HEALTH FORUM to encourage more men to step forward openly with their wellness challenges, and take smarter healthcare choices.

Driving our mission forward were leading minds from the healthcare space. Over a series of panel discussions, virtual dialogues and Q&A sessions, we turned the spotlight on some of the primary health concerns of men (such as Mental health , prostate cancer and testicular cancer), decode best steps and precautions to reduce incidence, share advancements in the diagnosis & testing of prostate cancer, share stories of survival, examine the treatment delivery and access landscape, look at insurance, talk about the silver years and share a shout out with entrepreneurs and organizations who are reimagining the space with innovation and vision.

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/mens-health-forum-remember-in-november-45538/

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Accounting for 14% of all cancers in Indian and reported every 4 minutes, breast cancer is today amongst the most common type of cancer in women. Not only that, its incidence is on the rise both in rural and urban India. But there's good news. Age-standardized mortality in high-income countries have been coming down steadily. Breast cancer treatment can deliver higher effective outcomes : When detected early, survival probabilities can reach 90% or more. The world health Organization (WHO) has defined and deployed its global goal to bring down breast cancer related mortality by 2.5% annually, thereby hoping to avert 2.5 million breast cancer deaths globally between 2020 and 2040. 

Voice of Healthcare – in association with Viatris - organized a month long online campaign during BREAST CANCER. 

The virtual event - designed in the form of power panel discussions, Q&A sessions and One-on-Ones, amongst other formats - was attended by government dignitaries and top Key Opinion Leaders of India who shared their views & expert thoughts through exclusive interviews. 

Event Link: https://app.glueup.com/event/breast-cancer-awareness-detect-to-protect-44403/

Other Health Days Recognized :

World Hypertension Day

World Immunization Day

National Dengue Day

International Nursing Day

COVID Connect 

A two-episode series, where VOH hosted & discussed major burning issues whilst the second wave hit India & many more.

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