Importance of CANCER Research Community: Shout out

BY: Rajavarman Kittu, Clinical Bioinformatics Specialist, Premas Lifesciences Pvt Ltd. - 26 Sep-2022

The Numbers of cancers patients are keep-on increasing both globally worldwide as well locally in India. The Indian Council Medical Research’s National Cancer Registry Programme covers both population-based cancer registries (PBCRs) and hospital-based cancer registries (HBCRs) across India based on the National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research of Indian Council of Medical Research.

“Motto” of Cancer Research: 

•    Understand: Understand the cause of disease and its impact better.
•    Prevent what is preventable: Look for possible preventions in order to zero down.
•    Optimize diagnostics and Treatment:  focus on appropriate diagnostic & Treatment options.
•    Support quality of life: Explore Disease Management to improve survival rates. 
•    Ensure equitable access: Extent the medical services access to every individual.

Present ground breaking research are the scope of Future! 

Cancer Burden: The Numbers cancers patients is kept on increasing both globally worldwide as well locally in India. As far as India is concern the Cancer burden of specific cancers like Oral cancer, cervical, ovary, stomach, Breast cancer is increasing each year tremendously. According to the source of Golobocan 2020 resources the new cases of cancer in 2020 is 1324413 out of total population of 1380004378.Also the number of deaths is 851678.

Cancer Reseach

Incidence and Mortality Rate of Cancer: The incident rate and Mortality rate of cancer is widely differed’ s disease wise. The Incident and Mortality rate for breast [25.8/13.3], Cervix [18.0/11.4], Oral cancer [6.7/4.8], Ovary [6.7/4.8], Cancer [6.7/4.8], Prostate [5.5/2.7], Lung [5.4/4.9], Colorectum [4.8/2.8], Oesophagus [4.7/4.4],Stomach[4.5/4.0] and Leukaemia [3.6/2.6] as shown in diagram which is shared by WHO[1].

Cancer Mortality Rate

Responsibility: The research to cure cancer is happening for really very long time. The new innovations are keep-on coming to narrow down and tract down the disease with specific targets to provide better quality of life to patients. At the same time, the responsibility to Reduce the cancer burden is on both physicians, healthcare providers, public health boards, healthcare policymakers and most importantly every individual’s as certain point. Living healthy lifestyle, healthy food, regular exercise could rule out many factors. The awareness should be created across the globe to reach all possible corners. It very important to know the risk factors of all possible. Regular checkup of major organs is that one habit which could give a hint on early detection chances. 

Test Screen Scan Diagnostics

Importance of Clinical Trails and Clinical Research in cancer: The clinical research which was done so-far gives knowledge about identifying the possible cancers with diagnostics methods established. Frequency of disease occurrence, understanding over the disease, risk factors, pathways involved were explored and experimented by Clinical science, public health as well medical community. Keeping all the above said knowledge the best practice professional guidelines [2] for diagnostics and Patient handling is been done and doing so far. In fact, the medical sciences have reached a point were considering all possible tests for morphology, imaging, robotics surgery, genomics profiling, Immune profiling, Microsatellite stability check, proteome, with better monitoring systems. 

As we all know, getting one single drug get approved by FDA take more than decade with consist of several levels of trails [3,4] and so much of costing, skills sets, etc behind. The cancer research community has always, alternative way of exploring, drug repurposing perspective in order to see the effect of drugs over the new targets. The guidelines for disease management are in place with list of FDA [5,6] approved drugs some major caners like cervical, breast and ovarian cancer.

The Core to be reached: There are many more difficult questions from medical community, in order to improve the cancer patient in order to cure or enhance the better life has to be explored and answered by clinical research and Clinical trials community.
 Research Mindset: Explore, Experiment and enlighten the medical world!


By: Rajavarman Kittu
Clinical Bioinformatics Specialist, 
Premas Lifesciences Pvt Ltd.
New Delhi, India

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