One size fits all? Finding Relevant Payment Technology Solutions in Healthcare

BY: VOH - 22 Dec-2022

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and bringing new possibilities. Things that seemed impossible a decade ago can now be accomplished with ease on our mobile phones. With these rapidly evolving scenarios of technological development, focus has shifted from innovation to relevancy. Every innovation is unique, and its importance depends on how relevant it is for the business. 

Technology is changing the shape of healthcare

These technological advancements are seeping into every industry and capturing a significant place. Solutions emerging in healthcare have given a new dimension to its processes, outcomes, operations, and patient experience. During the pandemic, hospitals and governments were heavily dependent on information and communication technology for basic health services. The focus has now shifted to taking healthcare services directly to the patient. Deloitte’s 2022 Global TMT (Technology, Media and Entertainment, Telecom) predictions show India had 750 million smartphone users in 2021, and the smartphone market in India is expected to reach 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. Healthcare providers can leverage technology to improve healthcare delivery, patient experience, clinical outcomes, home services, and remote monitoring. 

Payment solutions for healthcare

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is linking healthcare professionals to their patients. From diagnostics to management, counseling, education, and support, there is no end to custom healthcare software development. Similarly, we have various options to make payments for healthcare services at hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers, which is only going to increase in the future. “Adapting to the Digital Payment Ecosystem”, a report released by Salucro Healthcare Solutions, LLC found that credit and debit cards (including HSA/FSA cards) were the most preferred options in 2019. Still, many patients reported the desire to use several additional payment methods including check or ACH, cash, and even PayPal. This indicates that earlier patients used to have extremely limited options to make payments – like cash or card payments – but with technological advancements, there are many more options available. 

As technology is bringing a variety of payment options to improve the patient experience, it is revealing a number of issues for hospitals and healthcare units with respect to the integration of EHR/HIS systems with multiple payment platforms and reconciliation with banking systems. Every hospital has a distinct size and level of operation with different systems installed. So, can there be one solution that addresses their needs?

Solve difficult payment issues with Salucro

Salucro is a payment platform purpose-built exclusively for the healthcare industry. Whether it is a single hospital or a multi-location system, a pharmacy, or a diagnostic center, Salucro is a leading payment solution provider that delivers a fully integrated solution to hospitals and healthcare units for their patient payments and billing. For over 18 years, Salucro has delivered solutions for its clients looking to integrate payment platforms with their EHR/HIS systems, reconciliation with banks, and more. Salucro’s vision is to provide secure and patient-friendly payment solutions to hospitals to streamline the patient financial experience. 

In these rapidly changing market conditions, hospitals must focus on the relevancy of solutions before adopting any system. A customizable solution can be a good option to efficiently deal with these challenges.

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