Dr. Naveen Nishchal, Chairman of Voice of Healthcare, visits Taiwan

Dr. Naveen Nishchal

Dr. Naveen Nishchal’s recent trip to Taiwan bodes well for the terrain of Indian healthcare – and the players that run its engine – in more ways than one.

Indian and Taiwanese flags were furled side by side in honour of Dr Nishchal’s visit to Tainan city of Taiwan. It was indeed a matter of pride for both the nation.

The crowning glory of the visit (which came on the heels of a personal invite to Dr. Nishchal from Dr. Hsu I-Lin, Director of International Medical Center at the National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) of Taiwan – a leading player in healthcare globally)was a much anticipated MOU that was signed between NCKUH and VOH (Voice of Healthcare) with full ceremonial honours. VOH is an India based visionary think tank for the healthcare sector and collaborates with diverse stakeholder groups to shape innovative solutions through shared learnings.

The MOU captures a mutual desire to foster co-operation and collaboration for exploring opportunities in areas like education, research and talent exchange (amongst others) – all of which, it is believed, will go a long way towards giving a fillip to healthcare in India by exploring and transplanting best ideas, practices and technologies from Taiwan.

A delegation from Taiwan is slated to participate in the 4th International Conference of VOH, to be held in Delhi in February 2019.

As Indian and Taiwanese flags furled side by side, the mutual sense of honour and achievement was palpable, and the buzz of new beginnings unmistakable. It was also the perfect dais for Dr.Naveen Nishchal (Founder-Member, Chairman & leading force behind VOH) to articulate VOH’s grand vision – that of helping the industry usher higher quality of healthcare, spur indigenous technology development, building quality healthcare Institutions, empowering equipment dealers/manufacturers, championing technology adoption,  promoting digitization of healthcare, guiding start-ups in the space and marshalling consensus for policy formulation by the government by forging global associations such as the one with NCKUH in Taiwan.