Date: 02-04-2021

State Health Conclave 2021 (Maharashtra Chapter)

With healthcare policy a state subject, the onus and spotlight is squarely on every state of our Republic to mobilize resources, innovate frameworks and spearhead initiatives that can trump stubborn challenges, convert new opportunities and optimize Indian healthcare for the greatest common good.

VOH is organizing the STATE HEALTH CONCLAVE 2021 with leading minds and visionaries from all walks of healthcare to encourage community dialogues and trigger constructive narratives around this need-of-the-hour.

From hybrid care and delivery models, to breakthroughs in medical technologies, to fostering entrepreneurial innovation, to our collective role in COVID-19 vaccination, the CONCLAVE aims to take a deep-dive into the state of healthcare from diverse angles, generate valuable visibility into key indicators and emerge with exigent policy priorities and actionable roadmaps that have the power to engineer sustainable forward advancement for India - one state at a time.

To be hosted for the state of Maharashtra this season, we envisage the VOH STATE HEALTH CONCLAVE as a regular milestone in the country's healthcare event calendar.

Chief Guest

Kunal Kapoor

Co - Founder - Ketto



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