Date: 27-10-2023

National Stroke Conclave 2023

Looking at the National disease burden and its ever-increasing mortality/morbidity rates, 
The Initiative primarily focuses on “ INNOVATION, PARTNERSHIP & POLICY” by developing dialogues on:

POLICY DISCUSSIONS: Creating an enabling environment for comprehensive stroke management. There is an urgent need to provide platform to discuss the current policy changes, quality measures required to bring out the necessary change. By Navigating the policy landscape, the stakeholders seek to advocate for strategies that enhance acute stroke treatment, rehabilitation programs and long term care for stroke patients. 

QUALITY CARE : Focusing on the importance of quality measures for healthcare organizations to pursue accreditation, emphasizing that embracing standardization is essential in achieving excellence in stroke care. 

TECH : Exploring the transformative role of technology in stroke care, such as advanced imaging, telemedicine, artificial intelligence and data analytics. By embracing these innovations, healthcare providers can enhance stroke diagnosis, treatment decisions, patient monitoring and rehabilitation. 

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