Dr Biren Chauhan | Group COO, Sunshine Global Hospitals, Gujarat


Dr Biren Chauhan (Group COO, Sunshine Global Hospitals, Gujarat) is on a mission to transform Quality Healthcare Delivery in the country - and in particular in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities - by keeping providers and patients where they belong:  At the centre of the experience. 

As the Group COO of Sunshine Global Hospitals (Gujarat), Dr Biren Chauhan is essaying much more than a corporate responsibility with aplomb at one of the country’s finest Healthcare institutions. He is responding to a life’s calling that, he hopes, will take India’s healthcare experience to the next level. 
The driving motivation behind the unwavering passion and commitment of my team and myself is to usher positive change in the Healthcare experience of the community we serve. Alongside, I am trying to shape up and develop my subordinates in healthcare delivery space to create the next generation of healthcare warriors, something I hope will help me give back to the community in my personal and professional capacity”, shares Dr. Chauhan, portraying his life’s work succinctly and setting the context for his Idea Leadership storyline. 


Medicine was coded into Dr Chauhan’s destiny. Born in joint family in the capital city of Gujarat where all the family members were working with the government of Gujarat as prestigious bureaucrats, Dr Chauhan was determined to be the first doctor of the family. After completing his Medicine from B J Medical College in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), he moved to the USA for his electives - at the prestigious Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, USA. 
His stint in the US made him deeply familiar with healthcare administration. Upon returning to India, he pursued his Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) from the TATA Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, emerging with an illustrious Silver Medal and even securing a J R D Tata Scholarship as ‘Best Outgoing Student’ of the batch.


Dr Biren Chauhan cut his teeth in the corporate world as a Project Head where he was responsible for commissioning a flagship 225 bedded Super Specialty Hospital in Surat. He went on to various key roles such as Operations Head and Centre Head for the Sunshine Global Hospitals where today, he honours his duties as a leader and visionary Group GOO. 


It was as a Visiting International Medical Scholar at Weill Cornell - where he was intensely exposed to people-to-people interactions in a context of strong academic and practical learnings - that Dr Biren Chauhan picked up precious insights on healthcare administration which, over time, turned into a holistic and unique perspective that guides his decisions today. The exposure truly reset his professional journey, laying the foundation for bigger things. 


Today, under the informed and forward-thinking guidance of Dr Biren Chauhan, Sunshine Global Hospitals is disrupting the healthcare ecosystem in its own unique way, in particular at Tier 2 and 3 cities. Every stakeholder - be it care provider or care seeker - is being addressed with the respect they deserve, and empowered through inclusion in the decision-making process. It is a much needed (and long overdue) disruption in the system that is steadily engineering a bold new template for the industry, one where approaches are more intuitive and outcomes far better. Shares Dr Chauhan, “We aim to change the health-seeking behaviour of our neighbourhood and our approach truly set us apart in comparison to our competitors with a transparent and open system for one and all.” The institution’s unique community engagement program - “Friends of Hospital (FoH)” - has touched more than 2 lakh population in and around out Units across Gujarat. They say no good deed goes unrewarded. The Sunshine Global Hospitals has been awarded the Best Patient Friendly Hospital by AHPI in 2018, an accolade richly deserved.


When asked about the roadblocks he has faced en-route to ‘making a ding in the healthcare universe’ (to borrow a quote from Apple’s Steve Jobs), and the helping hands he has experienced along the way, Dr Chauhan says, “Like-minded community and medical fraternity groups have been both roadblocks and shoulder of support for all our initiatives at Sunshine Global Hospitals." As for the learnings, he looks back to reflect before sharing: “Decision taking time duration to shape up my professional career away from clinician’s role to more of a Healthcare Leader’s role was tough and demanding. Ultimately, I ventured out in the uncharted territory and pursued Healthcare Administration and let go of my clinical residency opportunities in USA and India both. Following one’s passion is key for long term professional satisfaction and has an impact on personal satisfaction too."


The idea leader has important views for the next generation of aspirations in his domain. 
What We Think, We Conceive - is what I believe in. The Next-Gen of Leaders are expected to be more agile, trusted and change agents and risk-takers. I would like to shape up and develop and nurture new generation leaders by providing them with higher roles and responsibilities and platform to execute their ideas to make healthcare delivery space better than yesterday.” 


Firmly believing in the primacy of the idea above the person, Dr Chauhan wants his impact - more than his name - to live on as his true legacy. He explains, “Not my name, but I would like to be remembered for my work and contribution to uplift the healthcare of the community I serve. I want to humbly mark my impression as someone who founded the ground on which the next phase of Indian Healthcare Delivery Space’s true potential can be erected and realized, both in financial and non-financial metrices”. 


VoH is a unique platform where next generation leaders can learn a lot from the high achievers of today’s healthcare landscape. It is an apt medium to exchange ideas, share insights and witness meaningful contributions finding fruition and taking shape at various healthcare organizations in front of us. So, stay tuned with VoH”, shares the passionate pioneer who leads on with the power and potential of his refreshing ideas. 


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