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The Sweden headquartered Medicover Group - one of the most respected healthcare brands in the world with a dynamic presence across 13 countries - is amping up its presence in India in a big way this year. A de-facto ‘industry standard’ in the fertility and diagnostics / radiology space, the Group has now forayed into the full-fledged super speciality hospital domain in India. Notably, it is all set to pioneer Asia's first ever facility to detect cancer in under 5 minutes. 



The Medicover Group is a specialised provider of diagnostic and healthcare services, focusing on markets mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and India. The Group operates primarily through two divisions – Diagnostic Services and Healthcare Services. It delivers a wide swathe of services through these two divisions. The Diagnostic Services division offers laboratory testing in all major clinical pathology areas, ranging from routine to advanced tests. The Healthcare Services division, on its part, offers the full spectrum of preventive care, primary care, specialist outpatient care and hospital care (via its extensive network of healthcare centres, hospitals and third-party health providers). The Group also offers expanded services of specialty care in specific areas like dental care, orthopaedics, wellness and the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

With over 25,000 employees on its rolls, the Medicover Group currently runs over 26 hospitals and 125 medical centres around the globe - in countries like Germany, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and India - and treats over 2 million patients annually. 

Diversification that can seem effortless to the layman, as well as steadily expanding margins, is one of the Group’s distinctive qualities. 

The Group’s strategic approach has been at the core of its seamless expansion, and can be captured in the trifecta of strengthening base via growth in existing markets,  operational excellence that ensures business viability and relentless excellence in every aspect of service. The three pronged gameplan can be captured.

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A superstructure is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. For the Medicover group, this means a timeless bedrock of values comprising five key areas. They are integrity and ethics that flow from the top down, empowerment and enablement of every stakeholder (employee, associate, partner), a diehard passion to achieve flawlessness in quality, an entrepreneurial spirit that stresses ownership over outcomes and  closely knit teamwork, which makes the dream work. 



In India, the Group operates 16 hospitals in Telangana ,Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, with its near-term plans focussed around Maharashtra and Karnataka. The organization has a target of emerging as a 5000 bed, Rs 1000 cr turnover company by March 2021. Some of the specialties (Centres of Excellence) at Medicover Hospitals are cardiology, orthopedics, neurosciences, critical care,  general surgery, general medicine, internal medicine, gastroenterology and oncology, amongst others.

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On the 15th of December 2020, the Medicover Group will upend the cancer care landscape in India for good. On that day, it will officially launch its ultra-advanced Cancer Institute in Hyderabad. Medicover’s Cancer Institute at Hitec City will, for the first time ever in the country, carry the capability to detect cancer in less than 5 minutes. Equipped with the latest Gen-2 Discovery IQ PET-CT that embodies precision diagnosis and sets new highs in accuracy, speed and performance, the Cancer Institute will usher a paradigm shift in cancer treatment in this part of the world.  



Medicover Hospital is coming up with an OPD block, one of its kind in Madhapur, Hyderabad with OPDs of diverse specialties like cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, nephrology, interventional radiology, general surgery, endocrinology & other super specialties. There are around 75 consultation chambers designed in a way to provide exceptional patient experience.



Medicover has also been a revered name in the fertility and diagnostics space, twin domains where the genesis of its India journey lies. 

Medicover Fertility has been recognized for its excellence in fertility treatments. Medicover Fertility Clinics are among the top fertility clinics in Europe, offering some of the highest success rates in the region. Indeed, every 3 hours a Medicover baby is born somewhere in the world

In the area of diagnostics, the Group carries a long history of providing best-of-breed diagnostic medicine in both emerging and mature markets. The Group is known for its ethos of agile testing and speedy response, something that, more often than not, tilts the outcome positively.  This is particularly effective when it comes to in-vitro diagnostics, where being able to decode and diagnose the problem early can markedly influence treatment of diseases such as cancer.  



The Medicover Group’s aggressive expansion in India is a direct response to the fast growing demand for quality treatment in the country. It also reflects the current trend of foreign investors amplifying their stakes in the domestic market. 

Says Neeraj Lal (Group Senior Vice President, Medicover Group, Telangana-Andhra Pradesh-Maharashtra and a veteran with 20 years of mission critical experience across healthcare functions): “Across the atlas, Medicover is known for its unquestioned commitment to the highest levels of quality excellence, which is manifest in its large number of experienced teams of renowned doctors, best-in-class technology and European treatment protocols. Ensuring access to high-quality healthcare services when and where customers need it most is a central pillar of the Medicover ethos. As a result, along with metros and tier 1 cities, our vision is to extend the ecosystem of healing to tier 2 &3 cities as well, where the need is both intense and under-addressed. Decentralization is the need of the hour. These are some of the overarching gaps and goals we intend to fill and fulfil - sooner rather than later.”

When you multiply the legendary DNA of the Group with the formidable determination of its leadership, that is a goal that seems eminently attainable.  


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