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Be it relief for the common man from the crippling cost of medicine, or respite for local entrepreneurs from the stifling competition of global brands, Arjun Deshpande’s #GENERIC AADHAAR® is a disruptive brand that is delivering double impact for a rising India.

GENERIC AADHAAR® - a registered trademark of Swasthya Lifescience Pvt Ltd – ranks amongst India’s fastest growing pharma company – one with a deeply humane conscience. The brand is the brainchild of India’s ‘Medicine Man’ Mr. Arjun Deshpande who founded the company - and the bold template of social transformation it embodies – at the tender age of 16. Today, GENERIC AADHAAR® provides quality medicines from reputed pharma brands at price-tags that are upto 80% less than their market MRP, marking a true disruption in the space. The company also provides a comprehensive portfolio of Generic Medicines from government approved quality manufacturing facilities. Which makes Arjun Deshpande amongst the nation’s youngest and most visionary entrepreneurs - heralded by media houses and recognized by honours such as ‘Student Entreprenur of the Year (2019)’ Award by Entreprenur India, Entreprenur Magazine and Zee Business. The positivity of ‘Big Ideas’ like GENERIC AADHAAR® can be highly contagious, as is evident from the fact that the Honourable Mr. Ratan Tata has joined hands with Arjun to realize his grand dream


“Cometh the hour, cometh the man”, so the saying goes. 

‘Young Entreprener of the year 2020’ Arjun Deshpande (Founder & CEO at @GenericAadhaar®, Managing Director at @SwasthyaLifesciencePvtLtd and Director at @SwasthyaHealthcare) is one such man for India. His homegrown brand GENERIC AADHAAR® comes as a saviour to millions of Indians for whom medicines – even regular, everyday ones – are often beyond reach, both financially and in terms of physical access.  The idea is breathtaking in both scope and simplicity:  Cut out the middle layers and make medicine affordable for the masses. As a happy by-product of this noble goal, GENERIC AADHAAR® is also fuelling the growth of #atmanirbharBHARAT by revolutionizing its pharma sourcing and drug supply model for small town entrepreneurs with big dreams.

“The overarching motivation driving the GENERIC AADHAAR® movement is that medicine is a necessity – and not the luxury which exorbitant pricing has turned it into. Our sole mission is to make medicine easily and readily available to every Indian,” says Arjun with steely resolve in his voice. He elaborates, “As per statistics, about 60% of Indians cannot afford to buy their daily medicines. The reason is the high prices which are absolutely unnecessary in the Indian pharmaceutical market. About 85-90% of the medicines in the market are generic. The customer has to pay for high costs of these generics because they are marketed and branded resulting in high incurred costs of marketing and promotional activities.  Generic Aadhaar has disrupted the conventional pharma industry and is determined to empower single store owners and pass on the benefit to the end customer.” 

He continues, capturing the broad future roadmap: “We want to be that brand and team whom you instinctively turn to when you need the relief of medicine. We don’t want to be another option for the customer - but the first choice when it comes to affordable quality medicines – both Branded and Generic. We want to be synonymous with trust - no matter where you are and what your pincode”. 



The premise of GENERIC AADHAAR® - which is that drugs and medical supplies are not luxuries but dire necessities - is rooted in profound ground realities, one reason for the success of the initiative. At one end of the spectrum, the brand is turning access to care & cure into a fundamental human right by making drugs and medicines significantly more accessible. At another, it is empowering the #VOCALforLOCAL movement to take deep root by laying down a robust foundation of a countrywide network of retailers and dealers - a lot of whom are located in rural regions, small towns and Tier B, C & D cities where the real need for sustainable livelihoods and viable SME (small/medium business) models come from. The brand carries a pronounced corporate social responsibility angle (indeed, its entire model is structured around the spirit and ethos of CSR, one could say), and free Health Camps are organized regularly on important national dates at local stores and outlets. 

GENERIC AADHAAR® is not just delivering the healing touch of medicine when and where it matters most – it is, equally powerfully, delivering hope and confidence to indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses who have, so far, been deprived of the due fruits of their labour and vision. By passing on a rather large slice of the profit pie to them, Arjun is triggering the rise of a new generation of #atmanirbharINDIANS - in his own, unique way



It is not surprising that Brand GENERIC AADHAAR® has met with warm nods of acknowledgement and endorsement at several levels. The biggest encouragement, of course, comes from the customer – be it the end user (individuals and families) or partners and associates - whose lives are being directly and tangibly transformed. Not surprisingly, both groups are spontaneous advocates of the brand today and its ‘natural ambassador’, spreading the message through the most powerful PR channel ever created – ‘Word of Mouth’. This generates oodles of credibility for GENERIC AADHAAR® and compensates for the fact that advertising hard-sell and show-shaa isn’t really a big part of the brand strategy at this point. This is a classic case of a great product doing its own marketing and catalysing its own growth curve – something Arjun wants to use as a strategic lever to fuel the next phase of GENERIC AADHAAR®’s journey.

“The blessings and positive vibes I receive from patrons and partners – and in particular senior citizens and the ‘buzurg generation’ (for whom affordable and on-time medical is a critical need) - whenever I visit a new town or city for a new store launch is the greatest validation of my conviction and the highest reward for the dedication of my team. It is something I consider more valuable than any industry award or recognition”, Arjun shares. Point made, Arjun goes onto to gratefully salute the many accolades and warm words of encouragement that have poured in from every direction over the years.However, the one feather that probably stands out in his cap is the heart-warming gesture by industrialist and icon Ratan Tata who - moved by Arjun’s passion and conviction which was backed by honest performance – decided to back the brand.



A sparkling star on the government’s MAKE IN INDIA and START UP INDIA firmament, there are several USP’s that make Brand GENERIC AADHAAR® distinct in its niche and category.  Medicines available on its platform are 100% genuine and authentic. The quality matches global benchmarks. Outlets and stores are owned by local retailers, shop-keepers and businessmen, making the product hyperlocal and bringing the healing touch of medicines to nearly every mohallah, neighbourhood and household. And, of course, the affordability is near-unprecedented. 



"In today’s cut-throat global pharmaceutical market, small medical stores are facing the heat of stifling competition. Our thoughtful B2C and B2B models are designed to deliver relief – not just to the patient but to the entrepreneur too. We are appointing Franchisees across India by aggregating single medical stores which are in bad shape due to heavy competition in today’s traditional pharma market. We are thus passing on the benefits to the franchise owners.



Arjun’s message to the youth is simple and profound : Be a job creator, not job seeker. Step forward to fulfil your destiny. For budding entrepreneurs, GENERIC AADHAAR® represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfil their dream of starting their own business and become financially independent.  The brand wants to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of growth by evolving a monopoly business model which can help aspiring youngers grow fast despite competition from big,  reputed pharma brands. And we pledge to remain a rock solid backbone of support, mentorship and confidence to our partners at all times. That apart, a shared journey and destiny with GENERIC AADHAAR® also brings with it a unique sense of fulfilment – that of having played a role in the lofty cause of empowering Indians with help when they need it most.  

For City Master Franchise, one can contact that brand at or +91-9653373639 / 9820493888, while retail franchise enquiries are entertained at, +91-9653373636.


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