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Dr. Senthil Kumar, the Samaritan of Chennai, is extending a hand of help to suffering families who are battling medical expenses,  and helping them prevail - all single handedly. 


Dr.R.Senthil Kumar (Group COO VS Group of Hospitals : Advanced Cancer Hospital - Chetpet,VS MultiSpeciality-Kilpauk & VS Childrens Hospital - BMT Unit) carries over 14 years of corporate experience spanning functions such as Operational efficiency, Project management, Talent leadership, Productivity, Resource optimization and Cost control. 



Dr. Senthil Kumar is pursuing his life’s goal of helping humanity - who are suffering from various ailments - deal with the spectre of forbidding medical costs. This service to his community is a lifelong commitment that makes him get up in the morning. Indeed, very often, it doesn’t let him sleep much, as the modern day Samaritan burns the midnight oil to remain available and accessible 24*7 for any medical assistance in Chennai.



Born to a typical ‘South Indian Lower Middle Class Family '(in his own words) - with his father engaged with the electricity department and his mother a housewife - Dr. Senthil Kumar started his career with the same ambition most youngsters in his position do - to earn money and become rich. He certainly made all the right moves to make that happen – earning a seat for the BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) degree that eventually helped him cross the first milestone in that quest, and fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor. He passed out from BHMS with flying colours – earning a Gold Medal (from Tamil Nadu State) from the Hon’ble Former Governor Surjith Singh Barnala, and becoming the first male in the History of BHMS to achieve the feat. Before long, he was campus-selected to join Dr.Batra's – the world’s largest chain of Homeopathic Clinics – and went on to serve the organization in several roles (as Senior Homeopathic Consultant, Business Head and Cluster Head) over the next few years. In parallel, he completed his MBA in Hospital Management, adding a holistic edge to his career. Cut to the present : Dr. Senthil Kumar is spearheading the VS group of Hospitals as Group COO



The big turning point - one that brought true meaning and fulfilment to his life - came after he had spent a substantial part of his career working for major multispecialty hospitals in Chennai. Somewhere during this corporate odyssey, Dr. Senthil Kumar realised that there existed a big gap in the space : Finding the right consultant for the right treatment anytime one is faced with a medical emergency – either for them or their loved ones. Information is scattered and unreliable, and often not available at ‘crunch hour’ when one really needed it. It was a lacuna that begged intervention. 

With his 2 decade long, mission critical experiences in the top echelons and corridors of power in healthcare, Dr. Kumar felt he had both the vision and the resources to take on the challenge. Responding to the ‘higher calling’, he got to work immediately - leveraging his experience and rapport with senior consultants in Chennai to link them with families and individuals looking for medical guidance. A Whatsapp Group called ‘Medical Assistance 24*7’ started off the journey which today stands at 20 Whatsapp groups and nearly 4000 members. They all reach out to Dr. Kumar for various kinds of medical advice, intervention and assistance. Dr Kumar stands by with a patient ear and shoulder of support, anytime of night or day. 



Being able to home-in on the right consultant in the right hospital for the right treatment at the right time against zero expense is quite a game changer – especially if one can continue to do so during a raging pandemic which Dr. Kumar has been able to. The driven idea leader is available 24*7 for any Medical Assistance in Chennai, and has an uncanny ability to inspire trust and confidence in patients and their families even over a short phone call - non tangible essentials that impact the experience exponentially. 

There is a method to his ‘madness’, of course. Patient information is meticulously curated and  passed forward to relevant authorities, and the entire process is orchestrated with clockwork precision - relieving anxious families of tension, confusion and panic during what is can be one of the most demanding times of their life. Dr. Senthil personally monitors the entire process closely, keeps patients and their families regularly updated with records and makes sure he is just a call away at every step and turn. And despite the obvious hurdles and obstacles that must be a part of the experience, Dr Kumar chooses to  play them down, preferring to focus on the positives instead. And there are many : The motivation and passion that fuels his big goal and is its own reward… the sense of fulfilment that inevitably floods his heart when beneficiaries (many of who haven’t even met him) call up to thank him profusely… the countless helping hands that are forever coming forward to help out the underprivileged and the poor through the bridge constructed by him.  



The impact that his steely intent, and unrelenting dedication, has been engineering is evident in the statistics. So far, Dr. Kumar has played the role of a ‘lifeline’ to over 1000 lives. The figure assumes 10X the significance when one realizes that he is doing this pretty much alone, and that medical expenses in the country is still on the high side – which makes meeting those bills no easy feat. “Through the members of Medical Assistance 24*7 group contributions, we could sponsor 28 dialysis sessions for poor patients for the past 2 months. This was particularly significant during the current COVID crisis when they had lost their jobs and were running short of funds for the medical expenses. Hospitals also came forward to waive off 50% from their total expenses”, says Dr. Kumar



How would he like to be remembered? What would he want his legacy to be? Dr Senthil addresses our curiosity with the humility of an individual whose sights are set on truly noble targets. “A person to reach for any medical assistance 24*7 @ Chennai”, he replies, gently. 

And what about the wisdom and learnings he has picked up along his journey? What is the advice would he want to leave to the next generation / aspirants in his domain? “Nothing feels as satisfying to my soul as the appreciation I have received from patients for saving their life at the right time and guiding them to right consultant free of cost. We should give something back to our society based on your expertise and experience. So whatever work you pursue in life, make sure you devote some fraction of your time to selfless service of humanity”, shares Dr. Kumar. 



Any message to readers through Voice of Healthcare Platform? Dr. Senthil Kumar generously says, “What you guys are doing is truly motivating. To be recognized by my own community (healthcare) makes me want to push the boundaries even more, and contribute to society in a bigger way.”


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