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GREEN CURE Founder Sanchit Garg is blending Ayurvedic wisdom and German technology to usher a new metaphor of ‘natural health’ for a new generation craving authenticity when it comes to wellness and wellbeing. 

Sanchit Garg is the founder of GREEN CURE, the world's “first company” to combine German Science with Indian Ayurveda to create a global brand that offers proprietary formulations to those looking for safe and herbal products. The organization was started with a vision to help people rethink the very idea of wellness in a society where pain and discomfort are considered common and prevalent. Sanchit’s big ‘Wish List’, so to speak, is to provide comfort to an ordinary man in a progressively differentiated way. “We have embarked on a journey to provide organically superior products by utilizing the synergies between modern world technology and age old wisdom of Ayurveda”, says the man whose innate sense of curiosity makes him take on the odds daily and figure out ways to beat them ingeniously. It is also what makes him wake up every morning raring for fresh thrills, the secret litmus test of all champions. “In life - and certainly in a startup environment - every day brings with it a new set of challenges. Staying genuinely inquisitive about what’s round the corner is the best way of converting these curveballs into what they really are: Priceless opportunities of learning and growth”, says Sanchit. 



Sanchit Garg completed his MBA from IIM-C and worked as a consultant with global names like BCG at the start of his career trajectory, but soon realized that this was not his life’s true calling. “I wanted to make a bigger impact with the work I do”, reminisces the man. The big turning point came soon enough when, in 2015, his father suddenly suffered an Asthma attack while traveling to Germany on a business trip. He could not find the inhaler which he generally carries with him. Rushed to a pharmacy wheezing and in desperate need for medication, he was given a herbal syrup. This took Sanchit by surprise since he had, up until that point, never heard of such a product or genre. In India, after all, only inhalers - which contained steroids - were available. The entrepreneurial mind was quick to spot the window of possibility. The incident stoked Sanchit’s curiosity - and soon, a lifelong passion - in the medical-health space and before long, GREEN CURE was conceived with the express vision of giving the Indian market truly world class herbal products. 
Recollects the young Idea leader, “We formally incorporated our company in October 2015 to start on a three year long journey of product and market research. We saw two different worlds in the field of herbal products. First, the eastern way which relies on the 4000 year old field of Ayurveda. Its wisdom is captured in the Charaka Samhita, the Sushruta Samhita and the Bhela Samhita which talks about healthy living and treatment without side effects. Second, the western way, which relies on the latest technology in product formulation to produce the most effective products as safely as possible. We decided to combine these two worlds and established a team of partner scientists in Germany and Ayurveda experts in India. Their successful synergy and seamless collaboration is what finally made GREEN CURE see light of day. As the parent of this baby, I couldn’t be happier. GREEN CURE is truly my bundle of joy!” 



GREEN CURE is - in Sanchit’s parlance - the world’s first company to combine cutting edge German Science with the timeless tenets of Indian Ayurveda to pioneer a unique new metaphor of well-being and well-ness. The organization’s commitment to taking the bar of excellence higher and higher has been richly rewarded - not only in the steadily growing legion of adopters and admirers of its ever-widening product portfolio, but also in the form of a diverse bouquet of awards, accolades and certifications that has steadily come its way. 
GREEN CURE is the recipient of the Namo Gange Award, is approved by the Ministry of Ayush, comes endorsed by Safe Cosmetics Australia (and is one of only 80 companies worldwide to have received this distinction) and is an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ company when it comes to the e-commerce universe. The brand also conforms to some of the highest benchmarks of quality in the industry, such as ISO 9001, HACCP and ECOCERT to name some. All GREEN CURE products are internationally certified and free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic Colour, SLS (Sodium Laurl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Each of their ingredients is scientifically proven to ensure quick action and effective right from the word go. 



Let’s not, however, miss the woods for the trees. The company is addressing a very real need gap, and this is where its true triumph lies. Sanchit had realized, pretty early on, that there was a huge gap in the market when he noticed that most brands were, in his words, “catering to functional benefits but staying shy of establishing themselves as an out-and-out safe and secure solution for the ailment(s) they were addressing.” There seemed to be a gap in either commitment, vision or confidence. That apart, millennials faced the dilemma of having to choose between safety and efficiency when it came to medical solutions. GREEN CURE addresses both the concern areas by combining the advancements of German Science with the goodness of time-tested Indian Ayurveda. 
Continues Sanchit, “Something like this is, frankly, unprecedented in India. We did thorough research and found that there’s a latent need of consumers for Herbal/Natural and non-toxic products”. Indeed, the brand is quietly playing the role of an game changer. As the idea entrepreneur explains, “All our products are free from some of the most harmful excipients as per EU norms. In an age where consumers are skeptical about almost everything they use, we are introducing a welcome disruption. We are breaking that cynicism by being the first Ayurvedic product company to be certified under Safe Cosmetics Australia.”



A journey like this – one that aims to not just redesign an industry segment ground up and, indeed, pioneer a whole new niche altogether – is bound to attract roadblocks and hurdles. Indeed, overcoming them is one of the greatest hallmarks of character for any founder. Sanchit is no stranger to adversity, either. In his own words, “In a sector like HealthCare, building trust in the market is the biggest roadblock a startup has to face. Thus the initial struggle was to establish ourselves as a trustworthy partner. Establishing your identity requires a lot of patience and dedication.” It is a testimony to Sanchit’s depth of conviction that they are wading through the storm unfazed, engineering behavioral change gradually, one innovative product and one satisfied patron at a time. 



Sanchit captures his vision of success for us when he confides, “I would consider my idea truly successful if I can fulfill the dual objective of creating prosperity in my company and ushering transformation in the society at a fundamental level. I am driven by the dream to establish credibility in the market and nurture a genuine, empathetic and resilient relationship with every user of GREEN CURE.” 

While Sanchit’s idea of synchronising ancient healing wisdom with contemporary medical knowledge has crossed several creditable milestones, we have a feeling their finest hour lies ahead. Stay tuned for bigger headlines from the GREEN CURE WELLNESS team. As Sanchit says, “I want to start a revolution. A revolution where people stop "settling" for something they don't want. A change in the individual thought process which is not heavily influenced by what society says or what is usually the norm. A thought process that applies first principles to what is taken as granted. To enable an individual to not just live life, but LIVE life.”

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