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Maharishi Ayurveda takes the ancient powers of Ayurveda to the next level with its clinically proven and internationally acclaimed ‘Super Rasayana’ (Maharishi Amrit Kalash) – giving humanity a shot of holistic and synergized wellness. 

Established in the year 1987 with the promise to spearhead His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji’s mission of ‘Creating a disease-free society’, Maharishi Ayurveda has reimagining the science of Ayurveda for modern lifestyles and the demands of a new generation. The brand distinguishes itself through its proprietary expertise, superior solutions and efficacy of its products having over 800 research and clinical trials conducted in prestigious institutions around the world.

Maharishi Ayurveda’s products work holistically at multiple levels of the physiology - from the structural to the material (DNA and Cell chemistry) – while eliminating toxins, restoring balance and building immunity. The outcome is the ability to maintain optimal levels of performance ‘naturally’ - without straining or stressing one’s system. The six pillars of the brand are Pulse Diagnosis, Ayurveda Medicine, Panchkarma, Vedic Diet, Transcendental Meditation and Therapeutic Yoga. The three ‘tools’, or ‘devices’, leveraged by the brand to deliver its goals are Darshana (observation), Sparsh (touch) and Prashna (questions). The service palette straddles immunity, pain management, panchakarma, skin & hair care, detoxification, weight management, women’s wellness and depression/anxiety, amongst others. 

Maharishi Ayurveda’s foundation was laid by the maestros of the world’s oldest holistic wellness system after conducting meticulous research and deep-dive studies into ayurvedic texts, with the goal of retaining maximum healing power against ailments. “Based on the axiom of age-old science of holistic healing, our aim is to bring body to its natural state by eliminating diseases or vikar from within. Our team of internationally acclaimed Vaidyas are our real backbone - their profound knowledge and years of experience have helped our patients attain a robust and healthy standard of living. In fact, Maharishi Ayurveda has successfully treated over 1 million patients across 30 countries, helping them overcome health problems like Joint Pain, Diabetes, Stress, Obesity, Skin problems, Migraine, Poor Immunity, Fatigue and other chronic issues”, shares Mr Ram Shrivastava, Director Marketing, Maharishi Ayurveda, throwing light into the heart of the institution.


Ayurveda: The oldest ‘brand’ in the world? 

It is a fact that viral diseases are controlled and cured primarily by one’s own immunity, hence treatment strategies aim essentially on immunity potentiation. Ayurveda, the world’s oldest wisdom of health care, has tremendous possibilities in the area of immunology, defence mechanism and self-repair mechanism. All this is dealt in-depth in the Ayurveda Texts under ‘RASAYANA’ – a discipline that concerns itself with the preservation, change, and rejuvenation of energies in our body and mind. The purpose of a Rasayana, as enunciated by the Masters of Ayurveda health Science, is to establish balance in human physiology, which lies at the core of all health and immunity. Including certain Rasayana’s in our dietary regimen, therefore, not only helps make our dietary regimen balanced, but also ensures holistic health. 


Maharishi Ayurveda’s Super Rasayana: The next level of Ayurveda

There is extensive research evidence on a Rasayana known as “Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK)”, where its effects have been well documented in large number of animal and human studies. The different Rasayanas come together in MAK to breathe life into what can only be described as a ‘Super Rasayana’ – or an ‘Evolved Enabler of Wellness’. This Super Rasayana is designed to play a key role in our daily life - Be it for immunity, de-stress or holistic wellness. Indeed, MAK has established its effectiveness on several scores, be it as an immunity-builder, a potentiator/modulator, an anti-oxidant, an anti-neoplastic, as an anti-inflammatory product, as an antiatherogenic and so on. 

Maharishi Amrit Kalash (or MAK - the Super Rasayana) incorporates all the best qualities of the best herbs in Ayurveda, in a synergy that is able to deliver all of the benefits that researchers are beginning to tabulate. It is a combination of two distinct formulations: MAK- 4 (Paste form called Nectar) and MAK-5 (Tablet form called Ambrosia) - which work synergistically by acting as complementary to each other. 

Super Rasayana Maharishi Amrit Kalash works at the level of Intelligence. It provides fundamental strengthening at the mental, emotional, psychological, and intellectual levels for an individual to be well prepared to not only handle but also thrive in the hectic world of today. Firstly, the synergy of herbs present in Amrit Kalash provides holistic nourishment to all the organs and the communication systems in the body for them to be at their optimum and secondly, neutralizes any stress (ama) that has accumulated owing to the pressures of modern hectic life and over-experiences.

With over 75 published researches, MAK is clinically proven and internationally researched. Its natural fighting abilities have proven to be particularly effective during the times of COVID-19: Clubbed with the right diet, they have displayed admirable levels of potential to keep people safe during times of crisis. 


The ‘Maha’ disruption 

Brand Maharishi Ayurveda is founded on the timeless principles of mind-body-environment synergy. There is an intimate and real-time connection between our mind, our body and the environment - and the state of each has a corresponding effect on the others. For example, an individual thrives in a positive/conducive environment and suffers in an environment which is negative/crude. At a micro-level, the premise can be explained thus: When the body wants water, it sends a signal through the communication channels to the mind and the mind sends a message back to the body to pick up a glass of water and have it.
The trouble begins when there is a mis-match in this equilibrium – a result of either the state of the body itself, or the communication network that connects the body, the mind and nature (environment). This results in a disruption in the natural process causing imbalance and accumulation of stress leading to faster ageing and further to disease.

This is the space where Brand Maharishi Ayurveda – specifically, its products - work their ‘miracle’, so to speak. They carry an ‘intelligence all their own’, which alerts them to fluxes in the body’s equilibrium in advance, so those pre-emptive interventions can be taken in time. Maharishi Ayurveda’s products carry an uncanny ability to decode which cells in the body to work on, how to break the lipid barrier better than other antioxidants, and knows which cell receptors to inhibit.  They strengthen the body’s systems from within and whenever the body is challenged from outside, trigger power reservoirs to take appropriate action. 


Honoured by honourables 

Maharishi Ayurveda has been the recipient of several accolades so far. Notably, it received the ‘Immunity Booster of the Year’ Award in recognition of exemplary work in the space during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping people combat the pandemic by boosting immunity. A distinguished panel of jury - comprising experts of national and international repute from across the sectors who have been recognized for exemplary contribution to society – found the role played by the brand’s super rasayana significant during the corona crisis.


Followed by leaders 

The brand’s authentic core finds resonance with several well-known names. “The ‘Ironman’ of India – the ‘Unstoppable’ Milind Soman – maybe 55 but looks as agile as a 30-year-old. From being India’s first supermodel to a fine actor to a runner, Milind is the epitome of fitness. He is also true believer of ‘Mind-Body Synergy’. While running is his original love, yoga is something that he does for peace of mind. Milind also believes in the natural source of nourishment to maintain synergy between mind and body – which is why he is fascinated with the virtues of Maharishi Amrit Kalash: A herbal masterpiece known to strengthen every vital organ. We are happy that the virtues of Maharishi Amrit Kalash fascinates him, and hope that he will inspire millions of people to stay fit by following the principle of natural living in tandem with the use of the super Rasayana. His association with Maharishi Ayurveda will help people realize the significance of Ayurvedic herbs, Rasayanas and the natural living in staying fit, says Mr Ram Shrivastava, Director Marketing, Maharishi Ayurveda.

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