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IDEA LEADER | Neha Lal has been juggling a high profile corporate career with a warm homestead to inspire a new generation of women leaders to aspire and achieve more.

Neha Lal is the Senior General Manager (OPs & HR) at GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and an NABH Assessor. 

With over 19 years of professional experience in managing hospital operations & HR for large healthcare set ups, Ms. Neha Lal has been thriving and shining through ups and downs, setting an example and carving a revolutionary path for all the females & millennials in the industry. 

A strategic professional who deploys participative management style to master fast-paced and diverse environments, Neha possesses an uncanny ability to establish new businesses from the front, lead operations and work in multi-cultural environment while delivering sustained profitability and innovate dynamic roadmaps to growth no matter what the phase or stage of the organization. 

Neha lal is also a profusely decorated and diversely awarded leader. Some of the prestigious accolades and distinctions she has been conferred with over the years are the “Mother Teresa Sadbhavna Award” from International Business Council, New Delhi for outstanding achievements in Healthcare, the NABH Assessor from Quality Council of India, New Delhi, “Women Leadership Award in Healthcare”, presented by ABP News, under Gujarat Healthcare Leadership Awards, the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Sadbhavana Award” and “Certificate of Excellence” from International Institute of Education & Management for outstanding achievement and  Backine Medical Hero of The Year (Covid 19) by Vyapaar Jagat Convention & Awards 2020



The one thing that keeps Neha going is the burning aspiration to be better than yesterday. Inculcating ideas and trying to create a space where the environment is conducive to growth and innovation has always been her forte and driving ideology. Being in a climate of academics and among students of Hospital Management, she is at her energetic and creative best when unlearning, learning and relearning. 



Neha is a proactive change agent who devotes a significant portion of her time building culture capital and engagement spirit in the talent and employee space to build lasting value for the ecosystem. She has been rooting for principles like inclusivity, gender equality and women empowerment for years now, and inspiring young individuals to carve winning careers in the hospital industry. This is easily her ‘competency and comfort zone’, a space where she is essaying the role of true Game Changer by addressing a gaping lacuna by trying to engineer a much needed behavioral change. 



“Covid-19 was a huge battle we all fought and are still fighting. Due to the pandemic,, keeping our employees motivated enough and setting up new processes to continue unhindered services for the patients in the time of anguish and uncertainty was the biggest challenge. As we expect our nurses, doctors and hospital staff to stay available for the organization and the society during this worldwide pandemic situation we also cannot forget that they are humans as well with families”, says Neha. 

The real need of the hour, according to this champion  who is always passionate about the ideas she champions, is digitalization. Digitization carries the power to reduce human intervention and manual errors, while shoring up efficiency and productivity manifold. It can bring a perceptible difference to nearly every function - including employee engagement. 

“2020 taught us that change is the only constant. At any moment the whole scenario may change and keeping up those factors as well as instilling innovation while adapting with the adjustments can only keep us going”, says Neha, capturing the essence of next normal thinking.



From Pharmacy to Hospital Management from IIM, Neha’s journey to he current avatar of Sr. General Manager (Operations and HR) has been equally eventful and rewarding. She is also a NABH Assessor and has previously worked on top managerial positions in renowned hospitals. “My husband Mr. Neeraj Lal - the  Group Sr. Vice President of Medicover Hospitals India Group and a leading figure in the industry – remains my  back-bone, emotional support and cheerleader all rolled into one - appreciating me as I go from strength to strength”, shares Neha. She is a proud mother as well, and patience is a virtue that motherhood has taught her. She says, “My son is her big sustenance force, as he thrives to balance her in all her professional and personal doings. Proud to have such a son in these struggle-ful days.”



It is well documented that women leaders have it tougher than men. So what are the roadblocks and setbacks Neha has had to overcome over the course of her odyssey, and what have been the learnings gained? “Although the road to success is never easy, my parents, Mr. Neeraj Lal my husband and Rudra my son have all been acting as a force of inspiration, encouraging me to constantly raise the bar of excellence”,  Neha confides. Neeraj Lal has been busy in the Southern Geographic of India working in the top management himself, which meant Neha had to juggle two jobs - working as Sr. GM in the hospital and being a mother all by herself in Ahmedabad – and that is never easy. “But that is what life and experience has taught me over a period of time - that perseverance, resilience and grit can be great rewarding factors, bringing success over the long term”, shares the indomitable lady. 



What is the impact she would like to be remembered by? What would she like her legacy to be? Neha responds with conviction and clarity, ”I would like to be remembered as a lady who dreamt of creating a difference and of achieving success - and then went ahead and turned that dream into a reality by dint of her passion, focus and determination. I would like to be remembered as a strong flag bearer for women’s empowerment and as someone who was completely committed to bringing inclusivity and encouraging equal opportunity in the workplace – always egging fellow women to aim higher and break the glass ceiling. As they say, it is not only knowing who you are, but who you are not! Women must be adept at both to claim the fruits of hard work that is rightfully theirs.”



“Hustle is inevitable and struggles will only help us grow. That is Ms. Neha Lal for you. She wants all women to believe that reaching the heights of accomplishments is possible along with performing motherly and household duties. Anything is possible if you strike the perfect recipe of love for your work, zeal to do better every day and hard-work. Leadership is a privilege. When you’re in a leadership role, your influence may affect the trajectories of people’s entire careers – and often, their lives”, Neha signs off graciously for our readers. 

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