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BRAND IN FOCUS | HealthAnlytx is deep-diving into big data from unexplored angles to empower smarter health decisions for both provider and patients.


Meet the brand 

HealthAnlytx ( is a healthcare analytics platform that analyzes Users Health by collecting various data points such as Lifestyle data, Diagnostic test results, and existing medical conditions to provide actionable insights, health risk predictions and personalized healthcare services at an affordable cost.

Brand Leadership

Jaswanth Matam: As Co-Founder, Jaswanth takes care of Product and Marketing for HealthAnlytx. He brings 7 Years of experience in building Products in E-Commerce and Healthcare domains and over 3 years of experience in the Healthcare IT sector

Anirudh Reddy:  As the other Co-Founder, Anirudh takes care of Business and Strategy for HealthAnlytx. He carries over 12 years of experience across domains like Business Intelligence, Consulting, MIS, Data & HR analytics, and over 6 years of extensive experience in healthcare operations

The Big Why: Brand purpose and raison-d’etre 

Big Idea | By blending Big (patient) data and ML intelligently, the brand aims to build intuitive Recommendation Systems that can take personalized healthcare to a whole new level.
Big Vision | To see that every individual on the planet gain access to their health insights, so that they can stay empowered with information and take informed decisions, elevating health outcomes manifold and avoiding future risks.
Big Mission | To deliver an integrated healthcare system that collects and processes users' detailed health data points to provide personalized and prevention-focused healthcare, thereby perceptibly improving the quality of life.


Outstanding benefits and standout USP’s  

Accurate diagnosis, easy symptom search, efficient record keeping, faster prescriptions, quicker test recommendations and evolved future predictions are some of the doctor and provider side benefits that carry the power to entirely upend the status-quo. 
Doctors can now build their digital presence on the platform in just 2 mins. Thanks to its EHR system, clinics and hospitals can maintain and track all their patient’s details at their convenience. Patient Management is now less stressful.

There are several facilities for corporates, from on-premises health sessions to pre-employment health check-ups to annual/periodic health check-ups to Lifestyle and Nutrition management. From reducing attrition and sick Leaves to increasing attendance and productivity, the brand’s products and services go the entire distance, firmly hinged around the conviction that the employees’ health is the company’s wealth.

For the patient, it is the ability to stay on top of their health at all times via accurate visibility of all parameters, pre-emptive action and healthier and fitter lifestyles. 

Some of the distinctive features of HealthAnlytx are:

1) Doorstep Diagnostic services
2) Personalized healthcare
3) Health Data insights and health risk predictions
4) Employee Health Dashboard for corporates to make smarter decisions
5) Recommendation system to provide healthcare services for corporates to optimize their healthcare spends


The inspiration 

Nothing in life is an accident – It is either the result of intricate planning or a case of happy serendipity. In both cases, of course, there is usually a healthy dose of inspiration involved. So what inspired the founders to start up HealthAnlytx? 
Responds Jaswanth Matam, clear-visioned Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, and a driven entrepreneur whose professional profile reads “Entrepreneur by will, problem solver by passion” : “I started HealthAnlytx along with my co-founder Anirudh Reddy. We both were working for one of the Telemedicine companies in Hyderabad, where I was in the Product team and Anirudh was responsible for handling operations. We used to sit down after our Office hours and jot down points on how to improve the product and provide great value to our customers. One major gap we found out was, most of the Digital Healthcare companies were providing a good amount of healthcare services to users, but what next? What is the outcome after providing the service? Did the Patient's health improve or decline? There was no ‘follow up’ so to speak. So the idea struck to build a system that would address this gap and add a great value proposition. But building such a system when the entire healthcare sector is unorganized was a challenge. That is how HealthAnlytx took shape. Through our startup, we want to collect as much data as possible and make the ecosystem organized and standardized .” 


Plugging a lacunae  

The brand is filling a gaping need gap, and we urge Jaswanth Matam to elaborate. He shares spontaneously, “A Patient needs to have a 360-degree view of his or her health condition, real-time analysis, and constant engagement to stay healthy and also get all the healthcare services at an affordable cost. This is the need of the hour and a major gap in the current digital healthcare sector which we are aiming to solve.”


Endeavours and initiatives

Healthanlytx was one of the initial providers of doorstep COVID RTPCR sample collection services in Hyderabad. During the lockdown, the team helped over 10k people get tested from the comfort of their homes. Also, during these times of uncertainty and disruption, the team  has helped many find COVID Isolation Centers and get other healthcare services at their homes. It has also partnered with corporates and helped their employees get tested.


Features, recognition and awards

Jaswanth and Anirudh’s efforts are yielding fruit  - not just in the avatar of satisfied clients and industry buzz, but also in the form of recognition and pats-on-the-back that have been flowing in fast and freely. The startup, after all, has been selected by BioAsia 2020 for an exhibition of their concept. The brand has also featured across media channels and platforms such as Brilliant Reads magazine, V6 News Channel, Velugu News Paper, and Telangana Today for the tireless and significant work that the team has been doing.


What’s round the corner? Future milestones/events

As an organization that is driven by exploratory minds, the future roadmap of Healthanlytx promises to be innovative and exciting. We are naturally curious to dig a little, and Jaswanth shares generously: “Currently, we have collected about 20k Patient records and our aim is to collect more than 1 lakh records by the end of this year. We will also be launching our Digital Healthcare applications by end of March 2021 through which users can get access to all the healthcare services at their fingertips. That apart, the team aims to collect more than half a million health data points of users by the end of December 2021.” An impressive goal which we are confident the team will not only match, but given their focus and conviction, most likely go beyond. 


Quote from Leadership

“Healthcare is a basic necessity of life. It should be as easy as ordering food online. Healthcare should be accessible, understandable, and affordable”, says Jaswanth, not just capturing the brand’s essence, but his own approach to life, which informs the brand journey at every step. 


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