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IDEA LEADER | Sushant Raorane rules the intersection of science, nature, beauty, health and innovation - ushering new standards in evidence-based dermato-cosmetology.


Sushant Raorane is the Co-Founder, Director of Adroit Biomed Ltd, a pharmaceutical healthcare company focussed around dermato-cosmetology. As a science-driven company, Adroit takes pride in offering exceptional quality products – created using state-of-the-art formulation in ultra-advanced manufacturing facilities - that redefine the intersection of innovation, technology, healthcare practitioners and patients, inspiring real change in the world of dermatology. 

An avid sportsman, Sushant Raorane holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and an MBA in marketing. He carries a proven marketing management track record and over 15 years of experience, having worked with companies like Elder Healthcare Ltd, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Piramal Healthcare & Abbott Healthcare. As an eminent marketer, he possesses a diverse and wide-ranging set of experience across various therapy areas including Dermatology & Cosmetology, Gynaecology, Cardiology and Antibiotics. Sushant has been instrumental in developing strategic alliances globally with companies like Lucas Meyer (France), Novelty Pharma (Swiss), Sederma (France) & Davos (Singapore). 

Sushant Raorane has received several awards and recognitions in various meets and forums conducted by AIOCD AWACS, Indian Business Leadership Conclave and Pharma Leadership Summit, and was awarded the “Emerging Entrepreneur” award at Ashwamedh Organization by Saturday Club, Global Trust.  He is also a nominee for Business World ‘40 under 40’ and was certified under 50 Fabulous Innovative leaders. 



We caught up with Sushant, trying to understand the essence of the big idea or concept that drives him at length, and his approach to life. Sushant responds with charm and clarity: “Passion to create something innovative - which could potentially be a market disruptor - is what gets me up in the morning. The underlying mission is to channelize our expertise over the domain of dermato-cosmetology to build innovative solutions that meet the needs of patients and healthcare practitioners. The vision is to be recognized globally as an innovation driven medical research, pharmaceutical and healthcare outfit committed to deliver quality & innovative products and services. That’s what compels me forward and keeps me going.”



So how did the spark of the idea/philosophy come about? Was there any life-altering experience or turning-point that spurred it on? As it turns out, Sushant Raorane and Ajit Marathe - veterans in the pharmaceutical industry today – were classmates in college, but pursued different paths soon after. Seven years later, a chance encounter between Sushant and Ajit’s wife Supriya set the ball rolling for their company. The rest is history, so to speak. As on date, the two idea-driven champions have been in the pharma industry for over 15 years.



With his expert ‘6th sense’ – and deep core knowledge, expertise and experience - it didn’t take long for Sushant to realize that there was a gap in the skincare market and that inspired him and his partner Ajit Marathe to start up a healthcare marketing consultancy, with the duo launching Adroit Biomed Limited in 2011. The enterprise delivers holistic beauty solution with their evidence based innovative products which is a therapeutic solution engineering beauty from within, making them the pioneer in the segment.  

Since inception, Adroit’s journey has been eventful and exciting. Under the visionary tutelage of Sushant, the team introduced several ‘industry-firsts’ and catalyzed major changes in the traditional dermatology terrain that went on to enjoy amazing levels of acceptance. Adroit believes in providing products which are evidence based. They provide experiences that are therapeutic in nature and bring on a glow of health and beauty not superficially but from within. This idea is itself influencing in nature. The effort and impact can truly be described as pioneering, and one that continues to steadily redefine the market. 



So how does Sushant see the road ahead unfurling? “You can always count on Adroit to introduce fresh thinking and unique product innovations that are based around real evidence and designed to create a genuine difference to the way we live. We aim to provide holistic solutions to the Indian market and create a new standard in the beauty segment”, he responds.



Identifying the gaps and developing a truly distinctive product that would fit the gap and find acceptance, managing cash flows as well as customer acquisition & retention were some of the challenges Sushant and his team faced, and aced, during the initial phases. The rich learnings continue to pay dividends, helping them chart new roads forward with the confidence of hindsight. 

The strength of Adroit lies in Sushant’s (and his co-founder’s) uncanny understanding of market trends and skills in gap identification, something that has led them to successfully offer solutions that seamlessly fit the need lacuna. Sushant & Ajit share a unique chemistry between themselves, wherein they understand each other so well that they can strike a ‘winning chord’ almost at will, keeping levels of innovation and morale on a consistent high. 



First-movers like Sushant are repositories of precious wisdom, and always have priceless pearls of advice for their protégés. So what recommendations does Sushant have for the next line of leaders? “The mantra will always remain the same, no matter what the sector or activity: You must always have a passion to create something innovative, and have an innate sense of what could be a market disruptor. Innovation is the key to dominating the brave new world that lies ahead of us”, says Sushant with the conviction of a true visionary, signing off for us.

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