Siddharth Angrish | Jiyyo Lyfe App and Jiyyo Mitra E-Clinic


With his Jiyyo Lyfe App and Jiyyo Mitra E-Clinic - Siddharth Angrish is bringing ‘big city level’ healthcare to remote villages of India efficiently and affordably - elevating not just health outcomes at the grassroots but giving a fillip to local employment. 

Siddharth Angrish - a new age software leader with an illustrious journey spanning global behemoths like Apple and Netflix,  – is redirecting his skills to recode new life into India’s health access and delivery space, with his team including Jahid Ali (CTO) and Meghna Sharma (VP Medical Affairs). 

Siddharth is the CEO of Jiyyo, an organization that sets up capital-efficient e-clinics in rural and semi-urban India by collaborating with locally present healthcare facilities like small clinics, nursing homes, small hospitals, and pharmacies. 

Jiyyo Mitra e-Clinics are Telemedicine Powered HealthCare Facilities empowering existing healthcare frameworks and infrastructure in India’s hinterland. The organization connects the rural patient with thousands of city based qualified doctors present on the Jiyyo platform. The caption : “Now every village will have a hospital”  lyrically and powerfully captures the big idea.



Angrish reminisces: “The idea of Jiyyo germinated in the December of 2015 when Dr Meghna & myself - both co-founders of Jiyyo today - were sitting in the waiting hall of patient attendants in PGI Chandigarh. Our father was undergoing a medical procedure. There were other attendants in the waiting hall. Since the procedure was a bit time-consuming, all the attendants were having some casual chats. The conversation veered towards the pricing of medicines which each of us had to purchase for our patients. We found out that all of us had bought the same medicines at different prices.” 

Taken aback by surprise, Siddharth asked Dr Meghna if this was a common practice, to which she replied in the affirmative, adding that the problem is more severe for medical procedures. Observing that several attendants in the waiting hall were from far off villages, Dr Meghna shared that the villagers are more susceptible to downsides of such pricing vagaries. To compound the problem, people from far off villages had to frequently travel to cities for doctor visits – an entirely avoidable exercise had there been basic primary care available in their ‘native areas’.

Siddharth discussed this problem with close-friend Jahid Ali who validated it with his own similar experiences. These conversations gradually built a strong premise for Jiyyo and laid the foundation for the venture, with all three ‘sold on the potential’.


So how is the team addressing to fill the need gap? Elaborates the idea leader: “India has a very uneven distribution of qualified doctors. Rural India which comprises 600,000+ villages has almost 70% of population but holds only 26% of the country's doctors. The situation is far more dire for specialist and super specialist doctors.”

Jiyyo is setting up capital efficient e-clinics in villages in collaboration with locally available healthcare workforce and broadly provides 4 services: 

1. App Based e-Consultations via Video Conferencing between Jiyyo empaneled doctors and rural patients

2. Value Added services like patient sample collections (blood, urine, etc)

3. Medical Devices for accurate diagnosis like Digital Stethoscope, ECG Machine, Sugar Testing Machine, BP Machine, etc

4. Medicine Availability via tie-ups with nearby medical stores

Jiyyo's comprehensive app ecosystem provides strong features to connect a village based e-clinic operator to city based doctors, labs, medical stores and his/her patients. Apart from the overt health impact, this also lays down robust frameworks of employment opportunities locally.


“Uplifting of primary healthcare in India in a massively scalable model won’t just improve the healthcare index of India but also make India a leader in healthcare data analytics”, Siddharth articulates the big picture succinctly. 


“Highlighting positive ground stories not only creates a better impact in the Healthcare sector but also provides inspiration to society at large”, says Angrish, signing off his session. 


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