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Nishant Nambiar is rebooting possibilities in healthcare with technology and vision to push down costs and push up outcomes.


Nishant Nambiar is the CEO of Health Informatics and carries over 20 years of experience across India, USA and Europe. Some of his strengths are emerging technologies, business development, sales & key account management in Healthcare. A Past Chairman of Young Indians and an association with the group for more than 10 years in a row, Nishant is also a speaker at Healthcare conferences in Riyadh, Africa and India, where he focusses on healthcare Informatics

Nishant is currently building INFORICH, a health informatics outfit that elevates patient care and cures with strategic and transformational tech innovations that act as intuitive aiding tools for Doctors. 

“INFORICH is a smart innovative platform aimed at making the journey from SICKCARE to HEALTHCARE quicker and smarter. Our one-liner description – you may also consider it an elevator pitch – says it all: An Artificial Intelligence aided EMR integration platform with speciality based customisation & simple screens liked by Doctors endorsed by technology companies to lower healthcare costs by standardisation & auto reporting features globally", shares Nishant, setting the tone for the session with a candid capture of his concept. 



We want to get a clearer picture of the big need-gap Nishant’s venture is addressing, and what makes it a game-changer. The idea champion shares, “The healthcare informatics market is very complex and the most of the systems available globally had unsolved issues like Customization, Interoperability, Integration, Scalability, Security, Cloud and SAAS compatibility etc. Adding to the challenge was the complexity of user experience at the Doctors and nurses level and the amount of training required to use the system. These are some of the burning pain points we at Inforich are trying to solve.”



Inforich’s EMR (Electronic Medical Reports) Integration Platform – with its vendor-neutral approach - is an innovative way of solving a wide variety of challenges and problems in the healthcare terrain – making it a cost-effective solution for clinics, hospitals and governmental institution which operates at different standards and levels of care.  



The touch of innovation doesn’t stop there. Inforich has intuitively woven Machine learning and Blockchain technologies into the system, turning the application suite of its data wider and more versatile – not only elevating accuracy and outcomes manifold but also ensuring the security for the medical data stored. 



Every founder, every idea incubator, has an all-consuming obsession. What’s his? What keeps Nishant going? Elaborates Mr. Nambiar, “We as founders have an over-riding push and passion to make our SICKCARE TO HEALTHCARE slogan come true. This essentially means that the patient should be well informed of his health statistics so that he or she can ease into a high-quality preventive care model effortlessly. For this purpose the Doctor when analysing the patient should have all the relevant information on his fingertips – and making that happen is what keeps us motivated.”



So what are the setbacks he has had to face… and ace? Indeed, what have been the defining experience-moments over this transformative journey, and what have been the learnings gleaned? Nishant is happy to share the wisdom, laying down a powerful and actionable roadmap for the next generation of aspirants. “The learnings from an entrepreneur’s perspective are huge as we face the formidable task of operating in a highly regulated market environment. For the early adopters of our solution, it’s not easy to trust us but then we have customers who have been with us since years. We consider ourselves lucky to have more ‘Angel Customers’ who believed in our concept and agreed to implement the solution. 

Once we deployed our solution in the Ministry of health the acknowledgement was much higher and our eagerness to solve more challenges increased. Now we have a full solution on a digital platform to cover the primary care setup with Insurance workflows which is very much required for any state or country as part of their healthcare framework strategy”



So what are the overarching focus areas going forward for Nishant and his team? We request him to share a slice of his forward vision, and Nishant happily obliges: “We foresee a big revolution in the healthcare sector where the medical data will play the pivotal role, and focus on developing innovative solutions which will enhance a flawless data exchange (interoperability) between different stakeholder’s applications. Having completed one of the Ministry pilots we are looking at expanding in emerging markets and make healthcare more affordable, analytical and predictive to make the future of health much more standardised. Our product is ready with cloud, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Pathways. We have added Revenue cycle Management and Insurance clearing for clinics in our latest offerings for the Saudi market. In fact, our solution is one of the selected RCM digital solutions in the Saudi market. The solution is scalable for different geographies. We are launching a SAAS based model of care for patients in the private sector hosted on secure Cloud environments, and looking for expansion partners in different regions of the world.”



How would someone like him, who likes to reimagine technology through the lens of humanity and usefulness? Nishant reflects, “As a founder, I would be like my company Inforich Technology to be remembered as a team of passionate members who worked hard to solve the challenges in the healthcare system and made an impact in the lives of people and made preventive care possible.”



“The future is in the change and it's driven by innovative smart technologies which come in from a new thinking.”



We request Nishant for a few words on Voice of Healthcare, a community and industry platform that connects healthcare stakeholders with common synergy and uncommon ideas. Nishant is generous with his opinion, “VOH is a good platform where healthcare leaders come in and share their experiences. There are loads of good entrepreneurs in the ecosystem and we should all strive to make healthcare affordable, scalable and simple for patients. The ideas presented in the sessions and blogs should be taken as suggestions in the policy-making of healthcare systems nationally.”


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