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Dimple Parmar is transforming the oncology cancer care journey holistically for patients with the power of a timeless idea: Human touch coupled with technology. 



Dimple Parmar is the co-founder and CEO of two organizations Love Heals Cancer (lovehealscancer.org) and ZenOnco.io (ZenOnco.io) – which are taking oncology treatment, care and cure to the next level, both from a clinical angle as well as an emotional perspective. An MBA from IIM-Calcutta, Dimple is also a Top 100 Healthcare Leader and a TEDx Speaker.



We open the session by asking Dimple about the genesis of her journey. What are the events that led her, so to speak, to ‘cancer country’? The idea leader shifts into flashback mode, sharing a poignant past that proved to be a life-changing turning point. Dimple had met her to-be husband while she was studying management at IIM Calcutta. That’s when he was diagnosed with cancer. As Dimple took care of him during this period, the two became closer. With the relationship evolving to the next level, they got married. His treatment carried on for a year, during which period the condition improved temporarily and brought them both a ray of hope. Unfortunately, the cancer soon returned in a more aggressive avatar. They went to the USA and enrolled in advanced clinical trials. However, it proved fatal this time. Dimple had to part with her soul mate. 

Losing her husband to cancer changed Dimple’s purpose and perspective on life. She was determined to do her bit to ensure this didn’t happen to anyone else. While that may be a tall order at first glance, in her own words, “When you really want to achieve something and pursue it with your heart – and continue doing hard work with focus and good karma – even the impossible becomes possible”.  



Studying the space at close range, Dimple soon realized that there were several gaps in the ecosystem, and that there were multiple things that could be done to tangibly improve and extend the quality of life of cancer patients. She started planning her idea in earnest. Recalls Dimple, “I got good support from mentors and scientists who have been working in this field from the last 40-50 years in the US. I came back to India and started LOVE HEALS CANCER on the conviction that love & hope is the greatest healing force in the universe. I got good support from oncologists in India who supported the cause and wanted to give back to the society.” 

The big goal of Love Heals Cancer (lovehealscancer.org) is to help cancer patients, caregivers and their families in their healing journey by counseling them on science-based integrative oncology therapies and holistic healing, and connecting them with a like-minded community for support. The organization’s driving VISION is to SAVE LIVES FROM CANCER. The team MISSION is to improve the quality of life and increase chances of cancer cure through integrative oncology therapies. The work Love Heals Cancer does is accentuated with a strong sense of social purpose and humanitarian calling.

A year after breathing life into Love Heals Cancer, Dimple started ZenOnco.io. ZenOnco.io is the world’s first fully integrated cancer care platform that provides an end-to-end support to cancer patients to improve their quality of life and increase chances of cancer cure. This is done through quality care and intuitive science-backed intervention protocols. The model steps considerably beyond routine medical treatment to augment not just the clinical outcomes but also address patient’s other needs to increase chances of cancer cure with minimal side effects. 

“ZenOnco.io provides end-to-end care to cancer patients on areas covering both medical as well as complementary treatment such as anti-cancer diet and Ayurveda, Medical Cannabis to improve their quality of life and increase chances of cure. The overarching idea is to make quality Integrative Oncology Cancer Care accessible to one and all”, says Dimple, capturing the essence of her big idea.



Dimple’s team is transforming the oncology intervention and experience in the country with a blend of quality, versatility and integrity. They are not just elevating the overall efficacy of the system and elevating domain benchmarks, they are adding the ‘all-important missing link’ to the system: Human connect and emotional support. Says Dimple, “We all go through the same journey, so a humane-first disruption was imperative in my opinion. With a scientific approach and with the help of technology, I believe it is possible to educate and empower patients right from the very beginning of their cancer journey. Perhaps most significantly, we can now assure patients that it is possible to live a richer and fuller life.”



Dimple may be the pioneer of her idea, but today, it doesn’t just belong to her alone. The entire organization(s) is equally dedicated to the journey. As a leader in the truest sense of the term, Dimple has been able to successfully transfer her spark and passion onto her teams, turning them into ambassadors and evangelists of what was once her ‘personal cause’ – turning it into a collective crusade. True conviction is contagious, and Dimple’s mission is transforming touchpoints throughout the ecosystem. Founders, teams, companies, partners, the community - everyone is fired up to make this idea work. 

“The work that our team is doing is, first and foremost, noble. Everyone working with us have dedicated themselves to work selflessly for patients. It is our desire to provide guidance, support and hope to patients at their hour of dire need, when there is no one they can turn to… nobody hand holding them… nobody showing them direction. That’s when we step in as a cousellor with a simple question: Tell us what you need, and we will do our best to support you. This is the common passion that’s driving us forward. The satisfaction we receive in return is priceless, and it comes accompanied by blessings, love and support. This is what thrills and continues to motivate us”, shares Dimple. 



So what lies in the crosshairs going forward for Dimple and her teams? What are the big future goals? Shares the unique entrepreneur, “Going forward, our focus will lie on strengthening the cancer care eco-system in the country holistically from all angles. We want to create a new metaphor for quality cancer treatment, which also translates into a good life. We want to ensure that patients get the right support right from the beginning of the time when they are diagnosed, and we want to continue to be in touch with them throughout their journey for any support that they may need. We want to ensure that get the right balanced approach to cancer treatment right from the beginning to increase chances of cure and improve quality of life.”



“Remember that we cannot compare life with anything else. It is unique and priceless. Even if you can save one life, you have fulfilled your life’s purpose. Millions are suffering out there… there are plenty of issues that demand urgent attention and intervetion from bright young minds. Pick your purpose, build a team that believes in it with the same conviction that you do, and make sure your execution matches your vision. Create something that is meaningful and delivers real impact.”



We seek a word from Dimple about a community connect platform like Voice of Healthcare, and the idea champion delights us with her insightful and warm thoughts, “Healthcare is a complex space. Care providers, doctors and various members of the healthcare community, despite their best intents and efforts, are often misunderstood by the common public – especially when outcomes don’t match our expectations. Forums like VOH can help clarify the air, dispel the myths and bring out the true stories of courage and selflessness of healthcare’s unsung heroes – helping rebuild trust and restore faith in the system. That apart, this is a great way to exchange knowledge and transfer wisdom from leaders who have ‘been there and done that’ to young and upcoming aspirations who want to make a difference. As they say, learning never stops. Finally, dedicated platforms like VOH offer every stakeholder in the system an opportunity to raise their voice, share views and recommend ways to improve systems, unlock synergy and advance as a united force. Congratulations to VOH for engineering change.”


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