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Prabhdeep Singh is redefining emergency response in the country on a classic recipe of passion, innovation and integrity. 


As Founder and CEO of StanPlus, Prabhdeep Singh is busy building the world's best medical response company. A Forbes Asia 30 under 30 (2018) and an Entrepreneur 35 under 35 (2018), Prabhdeep is an active sportsman, avid reader, tireless traveller and, by his own admission, a sound sleeper. 

StanPlus is the leader in the smart medical response space. The organization provides hospitals and enterprises with tech solutions that augment their existing medical response systems to respond faster, and offer the patients better experience throughout the emergency value chain. 

“At StanPlus, we are committed to build the best-in-world technologies, protocols, and infrastructure to help make Indian Emergency Response, and Non-Emergency Transport better, faster, and more empathetic”, says Prabhdeep Singh, capturing the outline of his idea with us. 



We initiate the session by asking Prabhdeep Singh to outline his personality and passions succinctly. The man, who lets his ideas do the talking, says, “I identify myself as an extremely passionate entrepreneur who is committed to his work with a problem-solving approach. From a personal point of view, I’m 33 years old, born and brought up in Chandigarh. I call myself the 12 am friend, ready to help people at any given hour. In professional terms, usually, ambulances take around 45 mins to reach patients but at StanPlus, I make sure that the ambulance reaches within 15 mins. My team makes sure that a well-equipped ambulance arrives in time with the complete machinery, skill set, and technology that is required to save a life and we ensure that we do it with empathy.”



We are curious to know how Prabhdeep would describe his approach to life, and his success mantra. The man happily divulges, “My approach to life is that I am deeply committed to the cause and I am really grounded to the work that I am doing. If someday there is an emergency and we do not have any driver, then I am ready to drive the ambulance myself and help. Second thing is that the company needs to run with extreme integrity and we serve with honesty. Looking at the covid spurge we are even more passionately committed to our work. Personally, the mantra that I believe in is that there is no substitute for hardwork and passion. For me, commitment means hardwork multiplied by passion, and integrity is what we keep at our personal and professional life.



Pioneering a new era of emergency response in the country isn’t just an exciting project – it is also significant. After all, Prabhdeep’s idea could well be the pivot the industry needs to move to the next level. So how would he describe the greatness of his disruption in his own words? Prabhdeep answers “Critical situations call for clinical decisions. That's where we step in, understanding the grave importance of time & quality medical care during an emergency. After all, in most cases, these are the factors that can make or break a case. So we provide the most professional & technologically advanced medical care & ambulance services that are catered around providing swift & world-class healthcare services at your time of need. The motto, in short, is to ensure professional medical care throughout the medical transport journey. In these unprecedented times, StanPlus ensures that a well-equipped ambulance can reach your doorstep within 6 to 8 minutes as well.   Our helpline numbers are active and answered within seconds, making StanPlus the most reliable brand when it comes to medical transportation services in tier 1 and tier 2 cities where we operate. ”


So how did this idea evolve into the driving force of Prabhdeep’s life? Was there any person or life-altering experience that triggered it? The idea leader quenches our curiosity candidly, “It all perhaps begins from a sense of personal anxiety that I share with a lot of Indians. As I am settled in Hyderabad and my parents are in Chandigarh, there is a constant worry. StanPlus and Red Ambulances give us a sense of reliability, comfort and understanding that they can reach out for help anytime and get the required support in just a few minutes.”



The greatest leaders carry a brand of passion and positivity that is infectious and a force of enthusiasm and energy that easily rubs off on their ambience and surroundings. Prabhdeep is no different. So how exactly are his personal mantra influencing & inspiring his organizational DNA and team culture? Prabhdeep shares, “Our team is very focussed on the key pillars of the organization – speed, empathy & reliability with a powerful approach. I make sure everyone on my team is up-to-date: When hospitals call us, we answer them within seconds. Our reliability stems from the fact that we go well beyond the industry benchmark and answer 99% of our calls. We understand the urgency and importance of the situation for the patient, and we do our best to provide them with the relevant help. We realize that for us it might be just another call, but for the patient, it could be the most important call of their life. Our people go out of their way to build that warmth and connect with our clients and patrons.”



Where is he driving at, so to speak, with his novel endeavour? How would he articulate his overarching goal? Prabhdeep’s response is instant, reflecting the clarity he has on his future target: “My ideal goal is to get an ambulance to every patient within 10 mins.”



How adaptable is his success saga - which rests on good old fashioned values like dedication, hard work and honesty – for generation Z? Any advice for future leaders? Prabhdeep shares spontaneously, “I think there are a lot of requirements and immense scope for innovation when we are solving tech-related problems. We have seen considerable growth in EdTech and Fintech in recent years, but the pandemic has highlighted the importance and need for Healthtech in every sphere of the healthcare ecosystem. With the current situation in our country where we have no beds available for emergency patients, no remedesivirs and countless such problems, we need to realize and act on the urgency of growth and improvement in the healthcare sector. I see a lot of potential surrounding this idea and I’m very glad that the team that has joined me on this mission is a lot more focused.”



We request Prabhdeep for a short line or two about VOH, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration, and positive energy to the healthcare community. His generous response is warm and encouraging: “This is a great initiative that brings forth individual ideas from industry leaders that come together to inspire, challenge and encourage future change-makers in the healthcare community.”


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