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Dr. Pramod Tripathi is leveraging the four pillars of diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical support to help diabetics escape the shackles of regulation and medication - and rediscover the sweetness of life.



Dr. Pramod Tripathi is a Diabetes Reversal Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Yoga Expert and the Founder of Freedom From Diabetes. An M.B.B.S from B.J. Medical College (Pune), a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and an Advanced NLP-K Practitioner, Dr. Tripathi’s work in Stress and Health Management led to an interest in diabetes management and a diploma in the same, which was followed by degrees in allied disciplines such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga therapy, Pranic healing, Reiki, Art of Living and more. The visionary man has done extensive work in the field of holistic health and stress management, transforming the lives and livelihoods of a wide stratum of individuals across walks of life, such as common citizens, celebrities and renowned politicians. His big goal is to release over 100000 diabetics from the clasps of the menace and become completely free of insulin and medication dependency by the end of 2025. The progress has been robust : Nearly 9000 already are… 



Dr Tripathi’s venture ‘Freedom From Diabetes’ delivers a transformational experience arc – educating, supporting and inspiring diabetic patients across the globe with the target of freeing them from insulin and medicines - naturally! Is that really possible, we enquire. “Absolutely. All one has to do is reimagine the 4 Pillars of Life : Proper Diet, Exercise, Stress Release and Positive Thinking”, declares the idea leader with supreme conviction. His confidence is validated by evidence: So far, his teams have freed over 1500 souls from the clutches of insulin and over 7000 from the trap of medications. More than 500 people have lost more than 20 kgs of weight, hundreds have broken free from the bondage of blood pressure tablets, many have bid goodbye to thyroid medications and several have lowered their cholesterol. Over 1,10,000 participants across 10 countries and 150 corporates have benefited from Dr. Tripathi’s various workshops and consultations. His impact has been recognized and appreciated by the top leadership of corporate giants such as ACC, Aditya Birla Group, Kotak Bank, HDFC Bank, Vodafone and Wipro, to name some.



We want to decode his principal drivers and motivators. How would Dr. Pramod Tripathi underline the core philosophy which runs through everything he is, thinks and does? The dynamic achiever lays down the details in a single, vivid stroke. "Energy Follows Intention. Actions follow energy".



It is time to probe into the true essence and significance of his pursuit. What better way to do that than let the ideator himself hand hold us through it? Dr. Tripathi accepts the proposal spontaneously : “When you create big intentions and infuse them with specific future possibilities which can be felt by the senses - through actual visual scenes, words, actions, feelings and believe them to be happening naturally - it creates an energy field which becomes an attractor force for those things to actually happen in reality. Also, as the energy field becomes stronger, actions flow with greater intensity, clarity and creativity to makes things happen. Making 100,000 people free of diabetes medicines and insulin is one such big intention which I’ve been working on for the last 8 years. It is great to see the movement reaping real results and gaining ground with every passing year.”



Why or how did this idea become the driving force of Dr. Tripathi’s journey? Was there a life altering experience that caused it or inspired it? Dr. Tripathi takes over, giving us a peek into the genesis and journey…
“There is no one single turning point that has fuelled this idea. You could say it is more an expression of a deep longing - which has been there since childhood and became clearer later through meditation and inner reflection. The core desire to lead a purposeful life, to be able to contribute in the lives of people, has manifested in this form. During MBBS, it was clear to me that I can’t do regular medical practice and I dreamt of being a Stress Management Expert which did happen as I trained CEOs/CXOs of very big corporates on health and stress management. I was doing well, but the longing pushed me towards deeper work that would have a greater sustainable impact. 
A chance encounter with Dr. Nandita Shah - and attending her program on "How To Reverse Diabetes" - opened the doorway to the importance of Veganism. Further study of the works by Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Gabriel Cousens and T Colin Campbell consolidated more insights. Realization of the role of exercise and stress was already there. I decided to put it all together to design an integrated program that, when harnessed properly, could lead to diabetes reversal and for various deep healing experiences covering areas like diet, exercise, inner transformation and the medical side. 
Results started emerging when participants carrying over 20 years of dependency starting breaking free of the shackles of insulin and tablets. We kept learning from the successes and failures, continuously iterating and refining the process. We designed a very special app for communication and monitoring, and developed a bespoke backend software that was secure and scalable. And now, we are getting poised with a blessed team of over 170 people and expanding rapidly to reach the 100,000 mark!



What is the broader challenge Dr. Pramod Tripathi hopes to address with his endeavour? We urge the intrepid explorer to speak on the lacuna or shortcomings of the (eco)system that he wants to ‘correct’. Here’s how he looks at it…
“It has been noticed that the Eastern World is largely copying the Western World and this has led to gross change in food habits and lifestyle changes.  Due to this, we are facing a roaring problem of obesity which in turn is leading us to various diseases and disorders one of them is ‘Diabetes’. It has gone to such extent that we (India) are on the verge of becoming a "Diabetes Capital of The World".  Diabetes epidemic is largely a lifestyle disorder rooted in gross ignorance about the right food and exercise habits. The situation is compounded by collective misconceptions that it cannot be reversed.
Based on extensive exposure to the Indian diabetic ecosystem – having helped over 9000 individuals escape the shackles of insulin and/or medicines - we have become experientially clear that the way to slow down or reverse this epidemic lies in educating, supporting and inspiring diabetics and their family members – systematically, empathetically and consistently. They need to be given deeper, scientific and ‘personalized’ understanding, simple yet do-able tips and strategies for diet and exercise which delivers real results, and be supported at every step and stage of their developmental arc. 
This is very much possible by a phase-wise implementation of FFD’s unique Four protocols for diabetes reversal: Diet, Exercise, Inner Transformation and Medical support. And a way to a mass scale revolution. 



Dr. Tripathi’s idea has already tasted undeniable professional success, steadily upending the diabetes care terrain in the country and beyond. But how has it been an influencing force in the lives of his teams and organization - and impacting their lives at a personal level? Explains the disruptive mind…
“It’s almost like heaven on earth. I have to pinch myself so many times to remind myself that this is not a dream. Energy follows intention is a part of our DNA. Our employees learn it and grow in it over a period of time. They feel very happy to be in a positive environment and receiving the blessings from participants, which keeps pouring in all the time as they become free of medications and improve their health.
We have a very unique culture of driven by FIVE VALUES – Being an expert, Taking Genuine Care, Speedy Problem Solving, Oneness with FFDians and Transfering one’s energy for the participant’s goal achievement. Each one loves growing in these values. Ego, anger, rudeness, etc are not tolerated and appropriate actions taken as the intention is very strong of keeping the culture very positive.
Personally, it has helped me to become healthier, fitter and younger. At 48 years, I feel like a college-going boy. And this is the story of all participants and employees. The more they implement the intricate FFD diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical protocols, the more one actually becomes healthier, fitter and younger.”



What makes his mantra fit for an important demographic – the next generation and aspiring leaders? Any advice for upcoming generations? “Energy follows Intention is a law that has been in existence since time immemorial. It’s nothing new! Upcoming and future leaders need to invest more and more time understanding this law, implementing this law and grow in this law not only for self but for their leaders/ managers and the entire organization at large… so that they can create massive changes which are possible through each one of us!”, says Dr. Tripathi. 



As we wish Dr. Pramod Tripathi success for his ambitious and noble goal and wind up the session, we request him for a word about Voice of Healthcare, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community. The idea champion generously obliges us, “Voice of Healthcare is doing a great service by capturing these and disseminating it to many more. Your purpose and passion are really admirable and welcome in these times. Wishing great joy, happiness and fulfilment through this work to the entire VOH Team!” 


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