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Sanjeet Kumar is unlocking new horizons & possibilities in healthcare by blending knowledge leadership, technology and content.



Sanjeet Kumar is the Business Head for Healthcare Vertical at TV9 Network. He is driving the initiative of building an ecosystem of Healthcare Providers for the largest news network in India. 

A rare combination of traditional knowledge & Modern expertise, Sanjeet is a veteran Healthcare leader and a power persona in the fraternity. He carries over 15 years of mission-critical exposure to a variety of functions and areas such as Business Management, Strategic Planning & Partnerships, Formulating strategies in designing Customer Experience and Business Operations. 

Sanjeet’s primary interests lie in building Healthcare start-ups and solving complex healthcare problems through various tech enabled solutions. He is a Business Mentor and Advisor to various Indian Healthcare SME’s and Korean Startups. 



“Our aim is to build the biggest and most authentic healthcare knowledge disbursing platforms under TV9 Network. We are providing very engrossing and engaging video content to healthcare providers for their clinics/hospitals. We are also building Virtual platforms for Doctors, Healthcare professionals, Healthcare start-ups and Pharma companies to exchange medical ideas and sharing skills for the betterment of Industry. In Nutshell, we will be the first choice of healthcare fraternity for their digital presence.”, says Sanjeet, opening our session by capturing the essence of his current endeavor. 



What is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines this idea-first achiever? We are curious to pick Sanjeet’s mind, and he readily obliges, “I always believe in building relationships and grilling problems until any solution comes out. Most people like to shake hands with like-minded people but I believe in giving importance to every individual in the chain. People do business with people and this is the first rule in Healthcare Sector. Apart from building Relationships, I always believe that there is no substitute for hard work.”



We urge him to delve a little deeper into his success mantra. Why does he place relationships so high up on his priority ladder? Sanjeet elaborates, “Your Relationships and hard work can make anything possible. I believe every problem in this whole world has a solution and you just need to do a little hard work from your comfort zone to find it. Smart works also have its significance but hard work will always make you half battle won.”



How did this inflexible faith in his relationship-centric philosophy begin? Where do the roots and genesis of this approach lie? Was there a life-altering experience or turning-point that led to it? 

Sanjeet shares reflectively, “During my professional journey in Hospital Industry, I always thought what special I am doing here? The majority of business was on auto-pilot mode due to prefixed commercial settings with business partners. I always felt there are a lot many problems in healthcare which were unsolved and I can do something about them. I left my corporate job and landed in Healthcare Start-up world. My traits of doing hard work, building relationships and digging problems to their core helped a lot in finding unique solutions to solve complex problems in healthcare.” True conviction is contagious, and his ‘way of life’ is influencing his team’s journey in a big way. “Discipline: I always inject this word in my team”, shares Sanjeet. 



True leaders rarely rest on their laurels, their inner fire pushing them from one peak to the next. So what is the big goal or challenge that Sanjeet would like to take on in the coming time? Pat comes the replay, “I would like to solve the problem of affordability and availability in healthcare.” Amen to that. With more dynamic minds like Sanjeet focussing on this longstanding national scourge, the country could look to turning the tables – sooner, rather than later. 



Leaders don’t create followers – they create more leaders. So what would Sanjeet’s advice be for the upcoming generation?  “Only one advice: Always believe in your dreams and don’t pull back yourself in doing hard work to achieve them”, says the inspiring personality succinctly. Healthcare needs its leaders to step forward and be counted at a time like this, and we hope they are reading this. 


As a parting shot, we request Sanjeet for his ‘take’ on Voice of Healthcare, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community. He shares with heart-warming grace, “VOH team is doing a fantastic job in spreading and sharing firsthand knowledge from healthcare stakeholders to budding leaders. People learn from experiences and Idea Leaders is a great initiative to bring positive energy and direction to the healthcare community.”


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