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ZEPNURhealth is redefining ‘Purchasing Power’ by empowering healthcare stakeholders to access medical equipments through a novel and technology driven Group Purchasing model.



As India’s first healthcare group purchasing organization, ZEPNURhealth provides tools to healthcare practitioners that improve the latter’s practice's efficiency significantly, measurably and consistently. Run by a group of doctors and biomedical experts, the ZEPNURhealth platform acts as a bridge between vendors and acts as a facilitator by leveraging the power of group purchasing and simplifying procurement. Some of the brand’s specialty areas are Medical Equipment Distribution, Surgery & ICU Instruments, Diagnostic Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Refurbished Equipment, Group Purchase, Medical Procurement, and Dental Equipment. The brand personality of ZEPNURhealth is a blend of trust, empathy and innovation – all geared towards elevation and empowerment of the various spokes of the medical community.

ZEPNURhealth in numbers

3000+ Products
21% Lower prices
300+ Suppliers
1000+ Healthcare facilities



The USP’s (UBP) of the brand are its disruptive features in the domain of Group purchasing, as well as a uniquely integrated online-offline approach that adds unprecedented convenience, speed and value to help the healthcare professionals procure. 

That apart, a panel of certified doctors stand by 24X7 provide on-demand insights into market trends and consumer preferences to users. Professionals with over 15 years of industry experience engage in continuous R&D and customer-centric advancements, with the overarching purpose of providing cost-effective and innovative solutions to clients and thus help them stay a step ahead of the curve. A strong global network, spanning Australia, Middle East and India, is a source of continuous support. 

Signing up as a ZEPNURhealth member is currently free for everyone, and comes with multiple unique advantages. Specifically, users can…

1) Browse through the online directory to review and compare Local and International products across multiple specialties.

2) Enjoy discounts through our Group Deals: The team combines similar requirements from multiple sources to offer equipment at disruptive price benefits to our customers. 

3) Speak to ZEPNURhealth’s veteran team of Biomedical Engineers and Doctors to get information and updates on specific products.

4) Sign up for Consumables packages to avail of competitive prices and delivery automations.

5) Avail thoughtful privileges like single point of contact, managed After-Sales service, doorstep delivery and on-site installation of all equipment.



The inspiration behind the brand comes from the founder's personal insight during medical practice. Doctors and dentists often struggle to procure quality products due to lack of product awareness, involvement of middlemen, and price affordability. The realization and conviction of the founders Parvathi Radhakrishnan and Dr Nidun J Kurakar was that there were distinct and rampant gaps and deterrents, within the doctor community, when it came to familiarity and intimacy with technology, the latest trends and practices in tech, and how they can be adopted in daily practice. Often, the training and education required to seamlessly integrate technology in the everyday routine is missing right from the grassroots level, ie, in the medical college syllabus. This inspired the brand founders to create a suite of tools that can help doctors improve their practice at multiple points along the chain - starting from medical equipment education and procurement.



Dr Nidun J Kurakar (CEO)

Dr. Nidun has had experience in various fields of healthcare – clinical medicine, clinical research, medical insurance, healthcare policy, and occupational health, across 3 continents. His research-oriented approach to understand local challenges and seek global solutions are key to the direction of ZEPNURhealth.

Parvathi Radhakrishnan (COO)

Parvathi has experience in marketing, advertising, market research and communications. Her customer-centric and data-oriented approach has helped carve out a customized strategy and process for ZEPNURhealth.



“ZEPNURhealth is a tech platform that assists small to mid-sized medical and dental facilities efficiently procure and manage their equipment and consumables. By streamlining offline and online efforts, employing a team of trained biomedical engineers, and maintaining strong relationships with industry leaders, ZEPNURhealth is able to offer a comprehensive tech solution that can help medical facilities curb their expenses and manage their equipment and purchases” - Dr. Nidun J Kurakar (CEO)

“ Buying medical equipment is a costly and time-consuming process. You have to choose from a sea of brands that sell different equipment with distinct technical capabilities, while negotiating the best price. ZEPNURhealth helps you navigate through this complex process, by offering a seamless online-offline integrated solution to managing your procurement. We operate on a Group Purchasing model, where we collate requirements from multiple healthcare facilities, and use our collective buying power to negotiate better prices and deals with the manufacturer.” - Parvathi Radhakrishnan (COO)



ZEPNURhealth along with the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) is helping gynecologists in their battle to fight against the high Cervical cancer mortality in our country.


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