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“Doctors-Overseas” by is providing free video consultations to COVID-19 patients

When was it started:

Arihant works at Microsoft US (Seattle) - back in India his old parents are all alone in Delhi. Looking at the covid crisis he wanted to do something about it. He spoke to a few doctors and got an idea about helping covid patients connect to good doctors over a video call. He looked at the feasibility of developing something on his own but decided against it as it could have taken a few days. He posted on Linkedin looking for help.

"That’s where one of our teammates Vikram saw the post and shared it on our slack channel. I reached out to Arihant and said Superpro can help. We just showed him and he could see he doesn’t need anything else to launch. The rest of it happened just within a few hours and the initiative went live on the night of 2nd May. " Said Gaurav TripathiFounder and CEO -


How does it work:

Patients visit this page and can pick up any of the doctors from the list. They just need to clock on the “Book a Call” option and they are presented with the calendar of that doctor. They can pick a date and choose whichever slot works for them. They can also add any query as part of the message while booking the appointment. 

The doctor and patient both get the notification on email and whatsapp with the date, time and link to the call. The call happens on itself. 

At the time of call both just need to click the link to join the call. It works on all major devices and browsers. The best part is nobody has to download any app or plugin in the entire process. 

It is very much like how people are able to book their slots for vaccination now on their own. 


1-2 quotes about this initiatives:

Arihant says “The sufferings and severe strain on the already overwhelmed healthcare setup made me restless. I knew that I had to do something to alleviate some, even if it is an iota, of people's sufferings.”

Dr Preeti Sharma says, “We are a growing team of international physicians brought together by the sheer helpless nature of this situation. Our goal is to provide free and efficient access to a triage line to people and assist the overburdened and stretched health care system in India. As Charles Dickens said, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another”.

Further, this is note from Dr Preeti Sharma:

It’s impossible to forget one’s roots. Our roots are in India. After hearing and seeing the intensity with which the pandemic is hitting the country, I decided to put our anxiety into production. My physician friends in India are working beyond limits, they are staying in hotels so they don’t carry the infection to their families and they are also psychologically affected. This made me think how can we contribute? I asked some of my physician friends in India about the idea of starting a helpline for Covid patients and their families. They all welcomed the idea. I understand that we are able to triage the mild cases only. But providing reassurance, guidance, follow ups etc. definitely helps one to get a sense of direction. With this idea, I approached my physician friends in the US and other countries like UAE. Everyone couldn't agree more that this will help and its our way of saying that we are all in this together.

Currently we are a team of about 18 practicing physicians from different specialties and sub specialties like critical care, internal medicine, pulmonology, family medicine, pediatrics – to name a few- who have the experience in caring for COVID patients. I am happy to express that more physicians will be joining us very soon so we can reach more people. I Am very grateful to Arihant Kochhar (my brother) who connected us to lead by Gaurav Tripathi and Vijay Goel et al to provide us a working platform to reach far and wide in a systematic manner.


Spokesperson name and designation: 

Gaurav Tripathi, Founder and CEO


How has been the customers' response so far

More than 6000 ppl have engaged with the page, with 100+ patients benefited already

How many doctors are currently on the platform

In a week 20+ doctors have joined, 20 more joinings today, a lot more have already expressed their interest to support

Which type of queries are they solving?

There are family members of patients sharing details about them to see if they need to be concerned over oxygen level or fever or fatigue. There are patients who are stuck at home and unable to get in touch with a doctor. They are able to get counseling on how should they take care of themselves. 


Small description about the company which has launched this initiative

It's not a company that has launched this initiative. It's a group of doctors from all across the world who have come together, led by Arihant Kochhar.

The initiative is supported 100% free of charge by - we are not charging anything for the platform and our team as well is actively helping them for free.

We are happy that our platform is being put to good use and is able to save a few lives.


Vision: To power a sustainable and fulfilling future of work. 

Mission: Building the future of workflows to help businesses offer a better customer experience around video communication

We’re helping start-ups take customer experience to the next level with video communication. Our plug-and-play video communication workflows integrate right into their website or app and all the data and insights from these conversations appear in a unified dashboard!

We have helped a lot of healthcare startups and groups already to launch virtual consultations or virtual helplines over video calls. 

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