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Epillo is blending cutting edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform prediction, prevention, treatment and management of disease. 



Epillo Health Systems is a digital healthcare company based out of Estonia, Europe. It possesses patent-pending innovations in 153 countries through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and 27 countries of the European Union (EU) through the European Patent Office (EPO). The brand is working to transform the Digital Healthcare technology landscape by incorporation the best of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.



Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are patient-facing software applications that help patients treat, prevent, or manage diseases, and carry proven clinical benefits. For example, Digital Therapeutics can support patients in self-managing symptoms, adding benefits to their current therapies and thereby improve their quality of life and other clinical endpoints.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is medical software that can be prescribed by doctors to help patients treat, predict, prevent, or manage a disease, illness, or a symptom, and have clinical-grade benefits.



The concept of Epillo Health has arisen from the challenges being faced by patients in their day to day medical management problems. Epillo is working on the concept of DTx Digital Therapeutics which is a new age concept to deal with daily challenges and problems being faced by healthcare providers and patients. We are trying to bridge this gap by aligning technology with healthcare. 



“We are trying to bridge this gap by aligning technology with healthcare infrastructure. Epillo DTx is based on blockchain technology which is not only helping us manage our therapeutics prescriptions but also solving the major problem of data storage and security of our medical records”, explains Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Chair of the Board, Epillo Health Systems 



Epillo’s DTx (digital therapeutics) are one of its kind of innovation to combat millions of unreported drug-food and drug-drug interactions in unsupervised home and outdoor settings (non-clinical settings)

1) Drug-Food constituent interactions

2) Drug-Drug constituent interactions

This is achieved through a patient-facing mobile application and a set of clinical tools that allow Clinicians to monitor and analyze Interaction and Pharmacological (Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic) profile change data of drugs in the cases of co-administration of drug-food constituents and drug-drug constituents.



The Big Mission

The Brand’s mission is to help everyone lead a healthier and safer lifestyle every day through products and services that connect, automate, disrupt and bring innovation to the digital health landscape. The team is working on products and features to empower people to be healthier with the information, assistance, and connections they need to act on their health. “We’re developing technology solutions and deep insights to enable care teams that can deliver better, faster, and more connected healthcare. And we’re exploring the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain in predicting drug-food and drug-drug interactions, preventing adverse drug reactions (ADR), and much more. Our work complements our country’s mission to imbibe more care into the ecosystem and bring innovative healthcare solutions to everyone’s lifestyle”, explains Aasif Shah, CEO – Epillo Health Systems.

The Mega Vision

At Epillo Health, the overarching purpose is to deploy tools and initiatives that are designed to help people make informed health decisions. By making health information more secure, safe, and immutable, the brand aims to assist the broader healthcare community and leveraging blockchain’s decentralized models. This, in turn, can help make healthcare more predictive and personal.

The Driving Philosophy 

Brand Epillo is dedicated to delivering innovative technologies for a safer world - via strategic and futuristic interventions in areas like addressing ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions), unsupervised medical care, drug adherence, food safety, drug-food and drug-drug interactions, and healthcare data security concerns. Epillo’s patent-pending digital therapeutics devices are based on proprietary algorithms and machine-learning models that are capable of providing deep insights into the lifestyle of patients. They assist in co-administrating patients for their drug plans and eating habits, improving the quality of life of billions of people around the world.



The company is launching its first application on DTx named as INTRx to be used by general public as well as Clinicians.



Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Chair of the Board, Epillo Health Systems 

“The adoption of the Blockchain distributed ledger methodology in Epillo’s DTx solutions will create an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy, and security for healthcare stakeholders, offering an innovative new way to ensure robust data integrity while giving patients more control over their own data in healthcare applications’’. More or so, we use digital technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to understand the patient profile so that their treatment has more efficacy. 

Mr. Aasif ShahCEO – Epillo Health Systems. 

“We plan to launch our blockchain-based Digital Therapeutics (DTx) patient-facing application and clinical solutions for the world wherein almost fifty percent of us are on regular therapeutic prescription plans, projected as Epillo’s potential users. Going forward doctors will be able to write Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics Mobile application (based on patent-pending innovation) as a DTx prescription along with the pill prescription (Rx) to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the prescribed drug for the patient”.


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