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Sandor Speciality Diagnostics is helping families live more fulfilling lives by helping them diagnose genetic and hereditary ailments with never-before accuracy, and thereby take corrective steps in time. 



Brand Sandor Speciality Diagnostics helps families diagnose genetic and hereditary ailments better with the help of technology. The essence of the brand is founded in the belief that Science and Technology carries the power to elevate lifestyles and transform destinies. It was a brand that signified bringing the latest in technology to Indian Doctors and patients. Over the last few years, the  leadership has tried to add a critical layer to this personality, the layer of "Access and Affordability". “As a brand we try to ensure that every patient gets a chance to specialized diagnostics through Access and Affordability”, says Don G. Dev, Chief Operations Officer.

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The brand inspiration arises from the patient journeys the team experiences every day. Many of the tests deal with genetic disorders, which are difficult to treat and manage. The emotional and financial burden faced by patients can be enormous – indeed, many wait anywhere between a few months to a few years, to fully understand the cause and source of their illness. “Each time we diagnose a disease, it is a feeling of fulfillment that we were able to give some answers to the suffering family - equipping them with the power of correct diagnosis allowing them to understand the disease better”, says Dr. Neha Rai, Chief Strategy Officer. 

With better diagnosis comes smarter prevention through better family planning. Once a genetic disease is diagnosed, it can be prevented so that subsequent children in the family are not affected. Just a few months ago, Sandor team was able to diagnose a very rare enzyme deficiency disorder in a fetus. The family had a history of a child who had passed away due to the same disorder. By timely testing and accurate reporting for the fetus, the family was empowered to make the right decision this time, pre-empting further mishaps. 



By focusing on genetic and inherited disorders, Sandor Speciality Diagnostics fills a very glaring lacuna in the system, one that’s largely in the blind spot of the fraternity. These disorders can be extremely debilitating, and carry significant negative impact on the ‘quality of life’. Diagnosed genetic disorders represent only the tip of the iceberg - with a huge number of cases not diagnosed owing to lack of awareness. For example, diagnosis for autistic children is generally missed out or ignored, because many of these children are simply labeled as "weird" or "cranky". When the movie 'Taare Zameen Par' was released, awareness of autism increased. Similarly, the movie 'Paa' dealt with Progeria, which again is a genetic disorder. Sandor Speciality Diagnostics helps in diagnosing these rare and ultra-rare disorders using a variety of technologies and methods. “Some of the tests we do are only offered by Sandor in India, as no other lab has developed and standardized these tests”, says Dr. Neha Rai, Chief Strategy Officer.



In addition to some tests which are done exclusively at Sandor, the brand’s USP (Unique Selling Perception) is its sharp focus on 'confirmatory testing' and giving diagnostic answers for clinical decision making. As a speciality lab, it doesn’t just test for the sake of report generation but focuses on giving a diagnosis that helps clinicians and patients take a medical decision. To optimize impact and benefit, the technical staff takes the extra effort to consult the case with the treating physician - so that when the report is released, there is little to no ambiguity in the physician's mind. This additional effort made by Sandor greatly enhances outcomes, helping to arrive at the diagnosis faster and starting the right treatment as quickly as possible.


BRAND DNA : Vision – mission – philosophy: 

In the words of the brand leadership : 

“We are on a mission to demystify genetic disorders for physicians and patients, in a way that can aid prevention. With today's advanced technologies and improved understanding of the ways our genes work and manifest, the occurrence of some genetic disorders is just not acceptable. While technologies have advanced, affordability still remains a big road block coupled with a lack of awareness. While patients do not hesitate on buying the latest mobile, they will be reluctant to spend on an equal or even lesser-priced genetic test. We want to overcome these challenges by making tests affordable and working on financial instruments that help patients access these tests. In fact, we are hoping to work with insurance and credit card companies to help patients finance these tests, e.g. expanding insurance coverage to cover genetic testing so that patients will have better disease management and fewer hospitalizations.” Says Don G. Dev.  


Brand Leadership – a brief profile

Sandor Speciality Diagnostics is led by Don G. Dev, Chief Operations Officer, and Dr. Neha Rai, Chief Strategy Officer. Both of them have spent more than 15 years in healthcare across various industry segments. Don has held leadership roles in both Pharma and Diagnostics sectors, driving commercial and operations teams focused on market access, patient centricity, and branding. Dr. Neha has been at the forefront of the Indian public health sector, working with government organizations focused on public health policy and patient access programs. She has also worked closely with Pharma commercial teams for key product launches and market research. 



The brand is well poised to provide holistic diagnostics solutions for patients by expanding its technology base for comprehensive diagnostics solutions. The think tank is also focusing on deepening their geographical presence - along with increased marketing efforts to enhance awareness of genetic diseases. 



“In healthcare, there is always room for creating more value for your patients, there is always room for improvement and every day is a pursuit to improving diagnosis.”

Dr. Neha Rai, Chief Strategy Officer.


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