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Sharad Selvam is empowering people to take smarter and healthier lifestyle decisions by improving the accuracy and effectiveness of medical treatment through precise healthcare systems and technologies.



Sharad Selvam is a passionate evangelist of ideas that change the game and elevate the planet He is committed to supercharging the healthcare space with cutting edge A.I. digital solutions that empower doctors, patients & hospitals. Currently, he is spearheading

As we begin our tribute session, we ask Sharad to capture his personal and professional identity in brief. He shares, “We are Amulet - where your health matters. ( We are a healthcare start-up and our aim is to empower every human being on the planet live healthier both physically and mentally.”



What are the challenges his organization is taking on? What are the broad journey goals? Sharad explains the current venture in detail for our readership. 

An initiative of Vasudha & Sharad - Directors of Ksheer Tech - Amulet endeavours to: 

1) Create continuous incremental improvements to each person’s health and wellness by consistently providing validated insights and action points that educate people on the importance of lifestyle, thereby enabling informed health and wellness choices that make life happier and holistic.

2) Create a system that enables people to monitor their health & wellness and the improvements they are reaping from lifestyle alterations.

3) Create a system that connects lifestyle tracking with virtual healthcare thereby enabling remote monitoring of individuals by doctors and delivery of accurate treatment protocols based on individual lifestyle and habits.



What is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Sharad and his approach to life? What is the mantra that he lives by? We are curious about the inner drivers of this spirited persona, and he happily shares, “Our philosophy is - An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”



We want Sharad to describe the greatness or significance behind the idea. 

“In the world right now, we are constantly striving towards our own goals every day and every minute that we forget to really ‘live’ our lives. Non-communicable diseases contribute to 71% of deaths globally and this is a testament to the way we are living and shows that we desperately need to make conscious everyday choices that elevate our life and thereby enable us to live healthier. This translates to our philosophy and we try to incorporate this in everything we do and each product / service that we release. 

In essence, we create experiences, products and services that empower people to make smart lifestyle decisions and live a healthy life while simultaneously improving the accuracy and effectiveness of medical treatment through precise healthcare systems and technologies.”



So how did it all begin? Was there any special experience or tipping point that caused it or inspired it? Sharad quenches our curiosity by reflecting on the origins of the journey…

“Both of us, me and my wife Vasudha, are from healthcare and business family backgrounds, and we have been in situations where lack of awareness and guidance had resulted in difficult situations for us. For instance, my wife Vasudha had a knee ligament injury back in 2012 and despite the doctor’s advice did not get the corrective surgery done as surgery was considered as not required by people. However, as she leads an active athletic lifestyle the ligament injury has now developed into a full meniscus tear and has come to a point where the corrective surgery has become an urgent necessity. This has been only due to a misplaced awareness of the lifestyle of the person and the age old belief that “surgery is generally bad for a person” whereas in reality, the decision of opting for the surgery should have been taken based on the person’s lifestyle and not societal patterns.” 



“Therefore, when we had time to look back at these kind of situations and examine them, we understood that in most cases people are unaware of the importance that small lifestyle factors play and in conversations with friends, we found an overwhelming lack of awareness amongst people about the importance of lifestyle and its relationship with health & wellness. 

To put it simply, we were surprised to understand how unaware we had become and how much this was affecting our health and even the quality of treatment that we could get from our doctors. Therefore, we wanted to start Amulet as a separate business in addition to our other businesses to empower people be the best of themselves”, says Sharad. 



An ‘amulet’ - also known as a good luck charm, is an object believed to confer protection upon its possessor. The word "amulet" comes from the Latin word amuletum, which Pliny's Natural History describes as "an object that protects a person from trouble". Sharad’s idea has evidently proved lucky for him professionally. So how is his leadership approach and life mantras affecting the rest of his environment, such as his organization, teams and society? Shares the idea leader :  

“This idea gives everyone working with us a tremendous purpose and helps them focus, work to their best potential as everything we do in Amulet is for the betterment of everyone and especially during these tough times it has been very important. For instance, we have a whole portal dedicated to COVID-19 ( and we have real time information about facility availability in Tamil Nadu, in addition to so many articles about COVID-19 on our website ( all of which was created in a week, all for the support of people.


What lies up ahead? What is the big peak the team wants to scale? What are the pressing goals and challenges Sharad wants to take on? “The biggest goal for us is to be the leader in empowering people to live healthier both mentally and physically and enable hyperconnectivity of holistic healthcare data that will supercharge treatment accuracy and reduce treatment times”, says Sharad. He goes on to reveal the next stage of his roadmap, too : “Now we are working on a virtual consultation platform in addition to a dedicated online COVID tracking tool in order to help doctors track and treat people effectively”.



We have approached the close of this short by educative session, and we request Sharad to sign off with his views about Voice of Healthcare, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community. The generous leader is happy to share…

“VOH has been an invaluable resource as it tirelessly works to bring thought leaders from various disciplines together and gives a great platform for new dynamic disruptive healthcare ideas such as ours. The VOH concept of tribute profiles such as idea leaders serves as an excellent motivational platform for young leaders to step up and contribute towards the betterment of healthcare services. Health is most important to all and healthcare desperately needs dynamic new forces such as VOH to be flagbearers and frontrunners of a new era of healthcare, especially in these tough times.” 


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