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Sharad Dubey's SeekMed is transforming patient outcomes and quality of living by evangelizing the value an expert second opinion – via technology that is advanced, affordable and accessible.  


Sharad is Co-Founder of SeekMed, an upcoming expert opinion telemedicine platform. A Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant, Sharad carries years of professional experience. SeekMed, Sharad’s brainchild, is transforming virtual healthcare space by making patients understand the value an expert or second opinion can add to their life. The organization facilitates healthcare consultation services from India’s most prestigious award-winning super specialists at fraction of the in-person consultation cost. 



We begin the session by asking Sharad to capture the big idea behind his endeavour.  What is the philosophy and passion that drives it forward? Here’s his take : 

“The quality healthcare is not a privilege but a right. I have seen so many friends and families struggling and giving up on their medical needs in the absence of reliable or appropriate medical information. Some of them even lost their lives due to lack of timely and right advice. It made me think, how this can be made better. That’s where I met Alok Awasthi, who was working on the idea of second or expert virtual medical opinion, the idea arising out of his personal situation. We joined hands and we brought SeekMed to the world.”



We probe further, asking Sharad to shed light on the greatness and significance of the disruption he is engineering in the healthcare space with Seekmed. What makes his idea work? Explains the visionary leader, “I believe an expert, or second opinion educates patients about their illness and treatment options. The more a patient can learn about their diagnosis and treatment options, the better chance that patient may be able to get the most appropriate treatment. 



How – and at what point - did this idea or philosophy become the driving force of Sharad’s life? Was there any life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? We take the discussion forward by investigating deeper. Sharad shares helpfully, “When I moved USA and while dealing with some personal medical issues made me note a very visible difference between the healthcare that is available in India vs what is offered in USA. That started some level of interest to deep dive into this and how can I do and co-incidentally, I met Alok Awasthi, Founder of SeekMed and there was no reason to not join hands together for such a wonderful initiative.” 



The greatness of a big idea is that it is contagious, driving not just the leader but transforming the attitude and performance of entire teams and ecosystems. So how is this idea or mantra influencing his organization and teams? “The joy of helping patients every day is more meaningful than so many other things in life. Even helping one patient and making them feel happy is a true professional satisfaction. Our organization is small but everyone in the team is driven by commitment to help our patient community including our super specialist physicians”, says Sharad.



What are the big challenges and goals he wants to take up in the coming future? “Providing access to expert consultation in a virtual environment will be one of the essential technologies for coming years. This will not only save time, efforts and cost but in COVID like situations, it will also save lives by keeping people safe while provide best in class healthcare services. Every year, millions of people die due to wrong diagnostic and treatment by physicians. An expert opinion provides with best in class treatment options and most appropriate and possible solution to one’s healthcare problems and may save life”, says Sharad, laying out the future roadmap for SeekMed. 



How can his idea shape the next generation of achievers and thinkers who want to change healthcare through the power of their disruptive ideas? What would his advise be for future leaders?  The man reflects before sharing an actionable template for the next line of leaders….

“Working towards solving real problem is way to success. We have been working on this initiative for more than 3 years and there are always some people who appreciate and there are always exceptions. Your day goes by norms and not exceptions. Continue to follow your passion with a disciplined approach. Your hard-work, work-ethics, integrity, honesty and professionalism always stays with you and have the ability to make your successful anytime and every time you diligently put efforts. ”



We sign off the illuminative and inspirational session by wishing Sharad Dubey the best for his oncoming endeavours, and request him to share a short line or two about VOH. Does he think tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? “Learning is never ending process and the best to learn is Read! Read! And Read. Reading about upcoming and future leaders always motivates me to continue to good things and keep moving. VOH brings those leaders to the world and it certainly adds lots of inspiration and positive energy”, shares this warm and thoughtful individual who is driving lasting and significant change in healthcare with the power of an idea whose time has definitely come.


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