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combining point-of-care diagnostics, telemedicine and well being to transform healthcare delivery and make diagnosis accessible.



HealthCube ( is a point-of-care diagnostics solution provider founded in 2015 with the vision of transforming healthcare delivery and making diagnosis accessible. 

The company –- an ISO 13485 certified organization , offers a diverse range of diagnostic products & services for corporates, healthcare providers and home care. 

As part of their corporate screening solutions, HealthCube provides customized services offering diagnostic devices along with the device operators on client premises and shares the reports and analytics with the clients.

Currently HealthCube is deployed across the world and over one million patients have already been tested using this technology. 

“We are not standalone wellness, or diagnostics or telemedicine company but a combination of everything. With our device, people can get a multitude of other tests done including ECG. This is currently the only device that offers this holistic solution but at an affordable price. By providing rapid and accurate results HealthCube is enabling positive patient-centric interventions to protect the health, save time, and reduce the cost of healthcare. This is particularly important for countries such as India and DR Congo among others”, says Dr. Ramanan  Laxminarayan, Founder of HealthCube, capturing the essence of the brand. 



HealthCube seeks to make sure that healthcare and diagnosis is within easy and convenient access of billions of people in both rich and poor countries. 



HealthCube’s primary product is a medical-grade, clinically accurate and portable diagnosis system - similar to a dictionary in size. It can be used easily anywhere by anyone with minimal training. The system is a combination of smart diagnostics and artificial intelligence to facilitate rapid screening of patients. 



1) With this smart solution, HealthCube aims to add value to the services being provided by thousands of healthcare practitioners, especially GPs and frontline health workers. 

2) The data collected through HealthCube can be analyzed on customizable parameters and used to track trends in patient acquisition and disease occurrences.

3) HealthCube XL provides results in 1 to 15 minutes for over 30 tests including ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, hemoglobin, cholesterol, blood glucose and urine analysis, and deliver quality, reliable results within minutes to enable rapid diagnosis.

4) The results are saved electronically on cloud with the help of an Android-based application and accessed easily on mobile phones and laptops.

5) The device can be used in the absence of electricity or internet, so is ideally suited to remote, far-flung locations which lack access to doctors and diagnostic labs.



The organizations’ other medical grade product, AgeWell, is especially made for the elderly and those who need to monitor their vitals regularly. The all-in-one AgeWell Health Monitor is operated by an app on the phone and measures blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, temperature, respiratory rate and performs single channel ECGs. The results are shared in real-time with the family doctor who can respond quickly using teleconsultation. Family members can also feel assured by having their own access to the results via AgeWell CareMate App. In this way, AgeWell forms a ‘Circle of Care’ for its user members. It offers customized care with services and features like video consultation, pill reminder, digital prescription, digitized health records, fall detection, etc.



Estimates peg the point-of-care diagnostics market to grow at a 11.4% CAGR during 2020–2025 worldwide. India provides a huge market potential for this sector to progress and fulfill the healthcare demand of the large population. By providing rapid and accurate results HealthCube is enabling positive patient-centric interventions to protect health, save time, and reduce the cost of healthcare. This is particularly important for countries such as India and DR Congo among others.  



HealthCube has footprints across four continents.

In Kenya

The company is working with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support diagnostic services in remote parts of the country through ten CFW clinics. 

In India

HealthCube devices are deployed across 22 states. HealthCube is also working on different operating models with 11 State Governments. HealthCube has also worked with the Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation in Bhagalpur on maternal health. Leading corporates have collaborated with HealthCube for their CSR programs including Vodafone Idea Ltd., Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, among others. HealthCube is now offering COVID-19 risk assessment to employees of organizations such as Tech Mahindra, Tagros Chemicals, etc. as part of their return-to-work program.



1) HealthCube has been placed among the final four in the telemedicine category in UCSF Health Awards 2019.

2) As on date, over one million beneficiaries have been registered on HealthCube Ecosystem and 2.5 million tests have been performed.




Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, Founder, HealthCube

Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan is the founder of HealthCube, a primary healthcare company which works to improve access to healthcare through smart diagnostics. He is also a senior Research Scholar and Lecturer at Princeton Environmental Institute and Director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy in Washington DC. 

Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan has also served on the President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology’s antimicrobial resistance working group and is a voting member of the U.S. Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance. He is series editor of the third edition of Disease Control Priorities for Developing Countries. He was named a distinguished alumnus by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in 2019, and by the University of Washington Department of Economics in 2020. Currently, he is serving as Covid-19 advisor to the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.


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