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Hospital Information System NextGen has been optimizing clinical patient and governance outcomes in healthcare by lifting operational efficiencies to a whole new benchmark. 



NextGen’s HospiLogix – a critically acclaimed offering from the House of NextGen eSolutions Pvt Ltd - is a scalable, web based HIS which gives digital wings to hospitals looking to bring operational efficiency. Easily implementable and robust, HospiLogix is a world class HIS at a value price point. The makers have gone all out to embody everything that “Make in India” stands for.

“We are in the unique position of having built a great product, and having amassed huge, diverse experience. Yet, we are just at the beginning of our journey. We expect to add much value to our product – particularly with GE’s digital health ecosystem”, shares CEO Mallika Kapur, capturing the essence of the brand. Incidentally, NextGen is the Exclusive HIS Partner for GE Healthcare in India.



Dr. Mallika Kapur: CEO
MBBS (KMC Manipal), MBA (ISB Hyderabad c/o ‘05)
Ex Apollo Hospitals
Loves running & cooking for a crowd

Sumer Gurjar: Head Sales North, South, West
11 years in Health IT sales
Enjoys long walks , cricket, and helping his friends out of hairy situations

Aadil Malik: Head -HIS & LIS
MCA, with 14 years of health IT experience.
Voracious reader with interest in politics

Rishipal Singh : Head – Cardiologix/ RIS/ LIMS/ Mobile Apps/ Other projects
MCA with 13 years of experience in a wide variety of IT projects 
Runner, Team builder, Cricketer



HospiLogix - NextGen’s flagship HIS / EMR solution – carries a range of hard hitting advantages:

1) Comprehensiveness : 45 modules.

2) Scalability and versatility : Can be implemented in labs, clinics, private hospitals, large government projects.

3) Efficiency : For a government hospital in Delhi, the team nearly doubled the number of OPD visits and lab tests done in a month - without any increase in manpower.

4) Satisfactory service : A 94% customer retention rate reflects the quality focus.

5) Personalizability: NextGen breaks the market clutter with its ability and ease of customization




To deliver a best-in-class HIS/EMR at a value price point to hospitals across the world.


The driving passion at NextGen stems from an unshakeable conviction in product supremacy. The team is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that NextGen remains ahead of the curve, and is always positioned as the finest product in its class and category. “We also do several running events together – these help us bond as a team and test our discipline and endurance. Often, our families join us for these as well”, elaborates Mallika.



Recalling the genesis and spark behind the journey, Mallika says, “I had just resigned from my job as a Manager at Apollo Hospitals to start a healthcare division at Aimil Ltd. It was then that I was approached by Arjun Malhotra (Co-Founder HCL and Founder Headstrong) to take a look at this company that he had invested in, given my background in the healthcare space.”

That year was 2008. The company was a small one, but had several unique products. For instance, they were one of the only Hospital Information System Product companies at the time that had a web-based solution, as opposed to the desktop based solutions that were predominant at the time. While the product was basic at the time, boasting only a few modules, Mallika firmly believed that it had the potential to be a game changer. 

“I was 28/29 years old, but I disagreed fundamentally with the existing management on the best way forward for the company. I stayed in touch, providing some consulting services, and in 2009, became a reseller for the product, after which we had a few early successes.”

In 2010, Aimil decided to acquire what was then a struggling company. Mallika has been running NextGen ever since.”



The initial plan was to provide a value HIS solution to 50-250 bed hospitals across India. At the time, there was a lack of process and standardization in healthcare, and insurance penetration was very low. To provide a solution that worked, Mallika and her team had to make the solution completely configurable and quickly customizable. And in their quest to achieve this goal, they ended up exceeding their own targets, breathing life into a HIS (Hospital Information System) that was exceptionally fast, regardless of process and location.



Mallika recounts the initial battles…

“Unfortunately, the product was not up to this challenge, and implementations were taking upto 18 months, with customers being unhappy. We took some time out to completely re-engineer the product, and build an exhaustive list of modules.”



Today, thanks to the configurable nature of the product,  Team NextGen is able to implement sophisticated and customized hospital information infrastructures even in remote locations such as Somalia and Afghanistan - in as little a timeframe as 30 days - without ever having to even visit the hospital. 



There was a time when all a hospital needed was a basic HIS that could run basic functions digitally. Today, as India – and, indeed, the world - picks up speed on the digital highway, that scenario is vastly different. Particularly in the post pandemic era, hospitals need to digitize practically everything. In a world where patients and doctors are perpetually connected to their digital devices, there is a need to rethink how healthcare is delivered. IT is a critical part of this journey.  This is where NextGen fills in a ‘blank’, so to speak. 

NextGen acts as a partner to hospitals, helping the latter stay abreast of trends in healthcare, and deliver robust, stable, gold standard products that anticipate their needs. Additionally, as a health IT provider, it provides seamless and best-in-class services round the clock, while constantly upgrading its products to provide the best solution.



One of the enhancing opportunities for NextGen has been the prestigious onboarding by GE Healthcare, India’s leading medical technology company - as a digital healthcare partner. GE is revolutionising healthcare access in the region and working with hospitals’ existing technology solutions to drive greater efficiencies as well as add additional outcomes. 

GE healthcare’s India Edison Accelerator Program takes innovative start-ups to the next level, by providing technical mentoring and customer validation. They have partnered with AI startups, such as Synapsica, Deep Tek, Predible and several others, and plan to super power their imaging systems by using AI.

“Working with the GE Healthcare Digital team led by Karan Verma (Head Digital, South Asia), I strongly believe that GE’s connected digital health ecosystem might well be the health information superhighway that powers healthcare across South Asia over the next decade”, says Mallika. 


“HIS is a highly fragmented market, with many small regional players. We found that our customers spent a disproportionately high amount of time in searching for the best solution. GE Healthcare has always offered the widest range of solutions for our customers, and we took it upon ourselves to find the right HIS solution for our customers. After evaluating several solutions, we narrowed down on NextGen’s HospiLogix for 3 prime reasons :

1) Comprehensiveness of the hospital processes covered by the solution.

2) Longevity and customer satisfaction – over 100 customers happy with them for a decade or more.

3) In house development capability to develop customized solutions for customers”

KARAN VERMA, Head of Digital, South Asia, GE Healthcare



Mallika Kapur dwells on the kind of impact Brand NextGen would like to be identified with, in posterity…  

“My uncle, Arvind Verma was a paraplegic. Notwithstanding his physical challenges, and multiple ailments, he built Aimil (NextGen’s parent company) into a 300 Crore company with offices in India and Internationally. Through all this, he never lost sight of the fact that people were key to his company – Aimil’s strength came from its committed employees and loyal customers. NextGen is fortunate in getting the same commitment and respect from its partner companies. I believe that NextGen can become larger than Aimil is today, but only when we respect both our customers and employees, and treat them like family.

With GE Healthcare’s partnership powering NextGen, I firmly believe that we will be able to provide a gold standard product in an otherwise fragmented market. 5 years from now, I believe that our name will become synonymous with Hospital Information Systems - that people will ask for a “HospiLogix” system, instead of an HIS. I also believe that we will be able to take this product to other parts of the developing world, and deliver quality healthcare digitization for less.”



Team NextGen has been active in a kaleidoscopic diversity of projects over the years. This was a deliberate strategic decision by the leadership. The big idea was to imbibe as much first-hand-exposure and on-ground-insight of the market and ecosystem as possible. Not surprisingly, NextGen has notched up an impressive roster of activities over the years. 

Some noteworthy mentions and milestones 

1) Customization, debugging and implementation of a custom code at 13 locations for a high security government organization.

2) HIS/ EMR at an NABH accredited Government Children’s Hospital in Delhi.

3) HIS at Indian Ports Hospitals.

4) Development of mini-HIS for mobile health vans in Uttarakhand.

5) Breast Cancer Screening Mobile App.

6) Apps for menstrual hygiene and child abuse.

7) Integration of SAP/ Oracle Financial/mPaisa.

8) Integration of 180+ laboratory equipment


HIGHS AND HURRAHS : Impacts and achievements

1) NextGen has had a 94% customer retention rate over the last 13 years, which is well above the industry average.

2) NextGen’s software systems have been implemented at over 100 locations globally - across India, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya and Afghanistan. 

3) The product boasts a loyal and growing band of faithful clients.  



1) Voted “Best HIS” by

2) Chosen by GE Healthcare as Exclusive HIS Partner in India post an extensive evaluation comprising several products and companies.


WHAT’S NEXT? Future milestones and events 

With the GE partnership, the brand currently has multiple irons in the fire. While most of these are confidential, do follow the brand to stay updated on developments. 



“If you need to digitize your hospital, ask for HospiLogix by name. Any other HIS simply won’t do the trick.”

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