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Muthoot Healthcare ensures that the benefits of its expertise and infrastructure reach every level of society, while consistently setting higher standards of care and cure in the region.



Headquartered in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, the Muthoot Healthcare division is nestled between lush mountains and flowing valleys in the heart of Central Travancore. The Division is among the busiest multi-speciality healthcare providers in Kerala, with more than 1500+ medical and paramedical staff, bustling to provide qualitative treatment for patients. Through their compassionate medical care, MGM Muthoot Hospitals has been able to touch 6,000,000+ lives so far.

“Our focus is on providing the best but affordable treatments to the common man and introducing them to all advanced medical facilities. We are committed to serving the community with a spirit of equality while providing treatments seamlessly to all without discrimination and striving to become a torchbearer of care, safety and integrity”, says Dr. Georgie Kurien Muthoot - Medical & Managing Director of Muthoot Healthcare.



“The Muthoot Healthcare Division was founded envisaging the healthcare requirements of the common man deprived of essential, quality treatments due to financial constraints", says M. George Muthoot, Founder of the Muthoot Group. The Muthoot Group, which has a family legacy of 800 years in business, was founded in 1887 by the Late Shri. Ninan Mathai Muthoot, as a modest trading business in the remote village of Kozhencherry in Kerala.

To give back to a community devoid of basic healthcare services, the Muthoot Medical Centre Kozhencherry was founded in 1988 by the Late. Dr. George Kurien Muthoot, MRCP, who served as its Founder Medical Director. His vision and contributions in improving the rural communities access to high-quality healthcare set the benchmark and are reflected in the outstanding international reputation Muthoot Healthcare has amassed thus far. That vision has today grown into two multispecialty hospitals, state of a art cancer centre, diagnostic centres, and an education unit with colleges and schools of nursing and allied health sciences and management colleges.




To be a centre of excellence known for meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community.


To be the top choice of hospitals in India for patients, physicians and staff by maintaining consistently high healthcare standards.


1) Treat people with dignity.

2) Uphold the values of humanity and integrity at every step of care and cure.

3) Improve the health of patients and provide consistent and personalised care till they recover.



Lineage: Carrying forward a 100+ year legacy of providing advanced care and treatment, the Muthoot Healthcare ethos is pivoted around the pillars of Efficiency, Commitment and Expertise.

People: The organization treats people with dignity, helps them imbibe the values of humanity.

Quality & clinical excellence: The team provides the best treatment using the latest equipment by trained staff to improve the health of its patients.

Integrity: The organization maintains the highest levels of integrity while imbibing the finest of values and virtues, which reflects in its expert levels of medical services.

Safety: Safety is a top priority at Muthoot Healthcare, and the team ensures the safety of the community through timely treatment during an emergency, thus preserving all life safely.

Quality policy: The quality maxim is to deliver the best healthcare services to the common man struggling with financial constraints.



At Muthoot Healthcare, it is an organization-wide credo that no patient should go without treatment due to financial constraints.

To address this goal, they have an extensive Oncology and Cardiology CSR programme - along with several other CSR initiatives.

The organisation empowers cancer patients at the M. G. George Muthoot Cancer Centre by providing highly subsidised cancer treatment from diagnosis to remission.

World-class Cath-Lab facilities are made available to Cardiology patients without the means for treatments through a generous CSR Programme ensuring that no patient is left behind.



Muthoot Healthcare is leading the charge for digitising healthcare by improving access to their World-class facilities with just a click of a button.

MGM Muthoot Hospitals was amongst one of the first healthcare providers in the region to integrate the WhatsApp for Business platform into the healthcare space, through which the team provides a higher level of customised customer care.

Muthoot Healthcare’s Digital Patient Safety Awareness initiatives helped a nation under lockdown get access to accurate verified health information on their social media feed, while also creating an avenue for them to get any doubts they may have answered.

Digitisation is also a part of the organisation’s “Go Green” mission, through which it aims to reduce wastage across divisions, thereby ensuring that carbon footprint is offset.



1) MGM Muthoot Hospitals (Kozhencherry & Pathanamthitta) has served more than 60 lakh patients to date.

2) MGM Muthoot Hospitals Kozhencherry is an NABH Accredited hospital and is one of the handfuls of NABH Nursing Excellence accredited facilities in Kerala.

3) Its Diagnostic centres are powered by some of the latest and finest technologies in medical care, namely, with multislice CT, 1.5 Tesla MRI and the new Versa HD multi-energy linear accelerator.

4) Muthoot Healthcare has also played a significant role alongside the state government during the Kerala floods. By opening its doors to the public, the organisation was able to provide refuge to those left without shelter, while expanding its reach by sending its healthcare professionals across the region to organise Medical Aid Camps.



1) Awarded by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board for substantial and sustained efforts in pollution control and initiatives in environment protection.

2) Received Certificate of Honor for being one of the Best and Safest Hospitals in India by Health4U.

3) Awarded the best performing Institution in the private sector under District TB Centre for National TB Elimination programme.




Dr. Georgie Kurien Muthoot (Medical & Managing Director of Muthoot Healthcare) comes with over 20 years of experience in healthcare with 15 years in General Medicine and General Practice with the National Health Services, UK. His tenure commenced in 2010 as Executive Director of Muthoot Healthcare.

He played a pivotal role in transforming a small rural community hospital into what is now state of the art multi-speciality, a multi-disciplined Healthcare conglomerate. He was appointed as the Managing Director of the Healthcare division in 2015 and took on the additional responsibility of Medical & Managing Director in 2019. He has orchestrated the growth of the Health Plus diagnostic wing, development of the state-of-the-art M. G. George Muthoot Cancer Centre and diversified the Muthoot Healthcare education wing into Schools of Management, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.

Dr. Georgie Kurien Muthoot has a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and membership from the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP), UK. He was recognized as the Top 10 Leaders in Healthcare - 2020 and awarded the Top 25 Most Influential Healthcare Leaders - 2021.



“At the heart of Muthoot Healthcare is a unified vision of creating healthier communities, One Individual at a time.”
- Dr. Georgie Kurien Muthoot , Medical & Managing Director, Muthoot Healthcare

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