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Designing data foundation and making data accessible for healthcare

EHR Network powers healthcare companies with the market-leading open data platform to design, control & access health data for efficient workflows and effective care services 



EHR.Network (by Healthelife) is a data-first platform powered by openEHR for various stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem. EHR.Network truly unlocks data value by making it accessible and inter-operable for companies and individuals to generate insights, securely within and across organizations. Value creation is linked to data access and use. Value is generated by the insights which resulting from asking better questions of data - whether it belongs to companies themselves or to others with whom they can partner.



Healthcare industry generates unprecedented volumes of data every year - growing at nearly 900%. 50 terabytes was the average data generated in 2020 by every person on the earth (source: EY)


1) Health data sits in siloes, and because of this, the true and extended value that can be mined from it is very challenging to extract.

2) Regulatory compliance and “ownership” issues make it difficult to break down these siloes. 

3) Securely sharing such data is commercially and technically complex.

4) This is limiting the ability to generate quality insights for healthcare service providers

These issues are making it challenging for healthcare companies to have a consolidated view of a population or individual Consumer-Patients’ health status to design a personalized or predictive-preventive service.


Fixing the gap: From Data burden to Data advantage

EHR Network helps unlock the dormant and untapped possibilities of data by making it accessible for generating insights for a personalized or predictive-preventive service. 


   1) Standards compliant API-based data platform.

   2) Independently managed data & application layers.

   3) Deploys Compliance, Standards, Security, Privacy & Consent as services. 

   4) Helps build a dynamic application ecosystem 

3 key data-related problems that EHR.Network solves

1) Unlocking of health data that hinders innovation and interoperability by connecting and combining disparate data streams.

2) Enabling and empowering digital transformation by meeting all compliance regulations.

3) Helping improve care outcomes by leveraging cloud technology.



The brand’s disruptive journey has found resonance across demographics and sectors, and accolades have flown in from every direction:

1) Winners in ‘Healthathon 2020’ for having conceived, built and demonstrated a fully functional cloud Health Repository Provider (HRP) service that allows disparate systems to integrate with National Digital Health Mission.

2) EHR.Network was recognized as finalists and declared Runner up during ‘Elevate 100 2017’, a Start Up Karnataka initiative that had over 250 participants from ~1700 applicants.



“India needs a robust and pervasive digital health infrastructure if we are to fulfill our mandate of Universal Health Coverage by 2030.  However building such an infrastructure at such a short notice and with limited resources needs a revolutionary approach.

While we need best in class world class systems, given the scale of our requirements, we cannot wait for the time that such solutions typically take to implement and we want them at price points that are affordable to us. 

This can only be achieved through an ecosystem approach to building digital health solutions. In such an ecosystem, teams with expertise in different areas build components to build a reusable and shared ecosystem for digital health applications. EHR.Network is designed to provide a core of pre-built components to support such an ecosystem.” 

- Dileep V S, Co-founder & CEO,EHR. NETWORK.


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