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AthanCare is leveraging tech to amplify both doctor and patient experience at every point of the care workflow, thereby lifting medical outcomes tangibly, measurably and lastingly.  



AthanCare is a Delhi (India) based start-up founded by Achal Kumar Singhal, which aims to enable out-patient care centers to improve patient outcomes. 

Today, it is serving 2500 patients a day with over 300 registered care centers, and working with doctors across 6 cities including Delhi NCR, to streamline the clinical work process and improve patients outcomes. 

AthanCare is achieving this by implementing a unique business solution build upon the SaaS platform to assist doctor in reducing medical errors and create expedient new connects between departments without any major behavioral change. 

It seamlessly integrates with different EHR workflow and assists hospitals with quick dispensary disbursement, while integrating with on-premises diagnostic solutions.



The inspiration of AthanCare comes from listening intently to the changing mindset of healthcare providers. There is a constant push among healthcare providers to shift away from the fee-for-service model and move towards the adoption of fee-for-performance and value-based systems. Internationally, leading hospitals have already taken significant strides in this direction. AthanCare identified that the hurdle in achieving this lies with the adoption of technology. As a result, the brand leadership decided to take the unconventional route and built a propriety technology that adopts and adapts itself around the doctors’ workflow, ensuring customized features, easy accessibility and minimum touch-points.



In today's world, we are surrounded by technology and smart gadgets to help us be more efficient and stay well connected. Despite that, medical errors during treatment remains a common occurrence. While the impact is easily relatable from the patient’s perspective, the frustration and agony on the doctor’s side is less documented. It is therefore important to realize that while human errors are unavoidable, they are preventable with the help of careful observations and thoughtful interventions – not just while prescribing medicines but at various points preceding and following it. AthanCare has developed a seamless solution that detects medical errors by analyzing hand-written prescriptions in real-time and alerts the doctor so that they can make informed decision right on time.



AthanCare is a complete and comprehensive AI-based digital solution that doesn’t just transcribe a hand-written prescription without manual intervention. It goes a step further by utilising the medical knowledge (which it has been ‘fed’ and programmed with) to help in deciding medicine dosing, pushing real-time alerts for drug interactions, and identifying correct testing parameters to assist in reducing medical errors. 

AthanCare is a culmination of holistic and effortless solutions with capabilities of …

(A) Smartly managing long patient queues and providing estimated wait time accessible over different mediums like WhatsApp, SMS, or other mobile application.

(B) Archiving clinical records that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

(C) Keeping patients well informed by delivering relevant content as desired by their healthcare provider.  




Building the first medical interventions platform that directly delivers assistance to doctors and patients for clinically safe and effective therapies and, as a result, improves patient outcome.


To improve patient outcome at point-of-care.


The brand believes that the company’s growth is closely related to the people it is constantly surrounded with - clients, employees, and stakeholders. Their happiness and progress encourages the brand to achieve greatness. The belief is that right things happen only when people ‘feel’ right.



Achal Singhal

Achal is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur with a technical background and global work experience. As a founder of AthanCare, he takes the responsibility for providing leadership and direction in defining the strategic roadmap in order to serve healthcare better. In the past, Achal has successfully grown his family business by forming strategic partnerships with other market leaders which resulted in 8x profit, and for his previous venture, he was instrumental in building a cloud platform and ultimately selling its services to companies as a result achieved breakeven in just 2 months. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Achal worked with the R&D division of Bloomberg LP in NYC, where he worked on the Business Decision Support (BDS) function and handled the technical requirements of PIMCO, one of the prestigious clients of Bloomberg. Achal graduated from Clemson University, SC with an MBA in Marketing and M.S.  in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Abhay Singhal

Dr. Abhay Singhal possess M.S. in Surgery with specialization in Laparoscopic surgery and having  7 years’ experience of working with private hospitals, government hospitals and running his own private clinic

Vivek Saraswati

With an experience of almost 8 years in the IT industry, he completed his education in Computer Science from IIT, BHU. After that he worked at Samsung Research Institute, Noida where he has worked on development of multiple features of Samsung Flagship phones. At AthanCare, he leads the product and engineering team and with his expertise building a state-of-the-art product.

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