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With its unique capability to provide on-site ambulances and medical-rooms in quick-time – the result of a signature blend of integrated Emergency Management Technologies and highly skilled frontline staff - MEDULANCE is fast becoming synonymous with emergency response.


Medulance Healthcare is India's leading ambulance and paramedical services aggregator that provides the fastest and most reliable response in any emergency medical situation in the form of on-site and on-demand GPS enabled Ambulances, on-site medical rooms, first-aid training, emergency management technology and dedicated emergency helpline for organizations and their employees.



1) Assisted 3 lakhs+ lives till date

2) Assisted 70,000+ COVID positive/suspected patients

3) Onboarded 40+ corporates

4) Cater to a subscriber base of 30 lakh+ people

“There’s nothing complicated about it. Good Ambulances, Better Outcomes!”


Co-founder Pranav Bajaj captures  the Medulance story succinctly:

“Our organization provides a dedicated helpline to organisations across India to cater to any emergency request coming via that organisation 24*7*365. We provide on-site ambulance services and medical rooms to cater to any emergency on that site in less than 5 minutes. Our teams are catering to sites hosting large audiences like malls, business hubs, big corporate offices, entertainment and amusement parks. We provide our Emergency Management technology to Hospitals and ambulance owners for easy management of their ambulance fleet and emergencies. We also do capacity building via organizing First aid training for corporates. 

Medulance works on an aggregator model so as to be asset-light in our business. For on-demand ambulances we’ve aggregated around 5000+ ambulance vendors in all the 22 cities we’re operating in - after doing stringent compliance and safety checks. For on-site ambulances, we work on a lease model where we lease the ambulances from the vendor for the duration of our contract and all the manpower is on our payroll. For medical-rooms, we set up the equipment and infrastructure while paramedics and doctors are on our payroll as per the requirements”.



Medulance’s USP lies in its integrated Emergency Management Technology & highly skilled front-line staff which helps in reducing response time and improving the patient admission process.


BRAND DNA: Vision – mission – philosophy

Medulance’s mission is to assist lives by minimizing medical emergencies and responding to them, if and when they arise. Its values – such as empathy, transparency, professionalism, innovation and commitment - serve as a compass for its actions and influence how the team engages with its ecosystem. 



Medulance was born out of a pressing need to increase the reliability and access to world-class ambulatory services in India. Its GPS based aggregator technology connects the numerous and dispersed ambulatory services across the country directly to people, eliminating any time lapse in search and discovery, a factor that has led to huge loss of lives. Standardized quality in paramedic facilities, experienced medical staff and rapid response time are what makes Medulance one of today’s most reliable partners in medical emergencies.



Since inception in 2017, the Medulance fleet has grown to 5000 ambulances in 22 cities across India, and over 3 lakhs people have received timely medical help. Medulance operates as a B2B, B2C and a B2G service provider, increasing the geographic and demographic reach for its services. 


Medulance has had a steep learning curve since the beginning of the pandemic that continues to rage now, in 2021. The utilization rate on the Medulance platform rose to 100% during the 2nd wave of the pandemic in India, and this has led to rapid scaling up of the technology platform to address the special needs of Covid-19 patients. This includes access in tier 2 and 3 towns, ensuring uninterrupted fleet availability, 100% call answering, improved response times and supporting frontline paramedics. 



Defining the problem

In 2018, 1,51,000 fatalities were caused due to road accidents. 50% of lives of road accident victims could have been saved if timely assistance was made available to them. Moreover,  40%-60% deaths in India are preventable. Around 1.5 lakh lives can be saved every year by reducing the response time of emergency services by just 1 minute. The situation today isn’t better, it’s worse.

The major challenges are 

1) Severe lack of awareness and facility of First Aid communication.

2) Inability of a person to have a top of mind recall of emergency numbers.

3) High response time.

4) Large number of calls being missed.

5) The unorganized nature of the emergency & ambulatory services sector. 

6) The lack of technology.

7) The absence of standard practice in ERS, affecting serviceability & customer experience.

8) No prominent national entity in emergency response.

COVID-19 has multiplied the panic and confusion amongst the population about emergency services, resulting in chaos and leaving people and organizations in jeopardy. There is no access or reliance on a single, high quality service provider that people can reach out to in times of emergency for quick and reliable emergency care. 

Introducing the solution : MEDULANCE 

As India's first & leading comprehensive emergency response service provider extensively dealing in the ambulance services, Medulance addresses the above lacunae with

1) End to end emergency response service

2) GPS enabled high quality ambulances

3) Emergency Management Technology

4) Trained Drivers and certified Paramedics

5) Wide geographical coverage across 22 cities in India - All metros & Major tier 2 cities.      

6) Dedicated Helpline Number 



Outlining the disruption that Medulance is bringing to space with, Ravjot Singh, Co-Founder at Medulance, says, “We are upgrading and digitizing traditional channels that are used to seek help. Our technology platforms are built to connect the customers and the ambulance owners directly with each other in time of need. We strive to provide high-quality, GPS enabled clean ambulances at competitive prices within minutes. Our Technology allows us to keep track of all the activities with a touch. Our partner application for drivers, paramedics and call centre executives enables them to act as first responders to a medical emergency, track location of the patient/caller, assess any special medical requirements and dispatch the ambulance immediately. We use portable ECG machines and cameras inside the ambulance to relay patient data and images to the emergency room of hospitals so that the doctors can give life saving instructions to the paramedics.


ROAD FORWARD : Initiatives and endeavors round the corner 

1) Partnership with the Government of Delhi on a fast-track PPP model: Medulance has partnered with the Directorate of Health Services (Government of Delhi) on a fast-track public private partnership model. The empanelment is to provide 100 Basic Life Support ambulances to pick up Covid-19 suspected / positive cases.

2) Medulance assists 300+ COVID positive or suspected patients on a daily basis and has assisted 40000+ COVID suspected or positive patients till date under this partnership

3) Team Medulance has been able to consistently provide an average response time of under 25 minutes using its efficient dispatch technology.

4) The team is also managing medical equipment and other consumables required in the ambulances along with the manpower (Drivers and Paramedics).

5) Medulance ambulances are stationed at different locations identified on the basis of emergency data.

6) Medulance is also providing safety kits as well as fumigation services for their ambulances.

7) Medulance has been taking all necessary precautions against the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuring that its frontline heroes are always protected by high-quality PPE and safety gear

8) The staff receives regular training for following the latest covid-19 protocols while making sure that ambulances are sanitized and fumigated daily leaving no trace of any contamination.

9) Data is recorded on both terms : (A) Performance KPI’s of ambulance such as response time, calls per ambulance, response time and dispatch time, as well as (B) patient details such as COVID / Non-COVID and other emergency condition necessities.

10) Data is recorded and analysed on a daily basis with a view to increase efficiency and make the process leaner. 


CLAPS AND PATS | Honours & Accolades garnered 

The good work by Ravjot and Pranav’s team at Medulance hasn’t gone unnoticed. Encomiums and accolades have poured in from all quarters. Here are some of the feathers that shine bright in their cap today…

1) Forbes 30U30 Asia in Healthcare award to Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder

2) Roko Labs - Silver Medal - APP Idea Awards

3) Fortis Start-up Inc – Finalist

4) Amity Entrepreneurship Awards - Best Start-up


THE MIND BEHIND MEDULANCE: Brand leadership, a brief profile.


Pranav Bajaj carries a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled and versed in domains as diverse as Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Operations, and Sales Management. Mr. Bajaj’s strong entrepreneurship and professional acumen is informed with a Bachelor’s Degree focused around the functions of Finance and General from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.
Ravjot has several years of expertise running his family's business. He is a seasoned businessman with experience in a variety of fields. Ravjot contributes innovative operational ideas to support Medulance's smooth operation. He also overlooks technology  and government relations at Medulance. Ravjot holds a certificate in entrepreneurship from IIM Kashipur and is a computer science engineer from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak


“Since inception, Medulance has been able to assist over 3 lac lives with the help of an ever-growing aggregated fleet of over 5000 ambulances. We have also signed over 30 clients under the MeduAlert program that now provides emergency response services to more than 30 lac subscribers across the country. Our dedicated helpline number on the other hand receives 3 times the number of calls it used to, with a successful conversion rate of 95%. This has had a positive overall impact and helped us scale revenue by 5 times.” : Pranav Bajaj.


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