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As the Founder of one of the top comprehensive oncology chain hospitals in Maharashtra, Uday Deshmukh is combining timeless values like conviction and hard work to bring hi-end cancer care within the reach of the masses. 



Uday Deshmukh is the Founder & CEO of Onco Life Cancer Hospital. Onco - Life Cancer Centre is a State of the art hospital based in Satara which provides treatment through Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy & Surgery.



We begin the session with a quick glance at the big picture, requesting Uday to capture the highlights of his journey in a nutshell. Uday obliges readily: “I have 38+ years’ experience in the medical field, and my friends and peers know me as someone who is ambitious, hardworking & easy going. When it comes to work, I am thorough with what has to be done, and yet flexible and spontaneous to an extent. I firmly believe that people are the greatest asset any company could have. I am an ardent exponent of thinking fresh and tinkering with innovative ideas that have the power to improve - not only my company but also the industry benchmark and the lives and lifestyles of our communities.”



So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Uday and his success mantra? “I strongly believe in the idea of doing everything with the right intention and dedication. Once we do that, long term success will follow – we just need to remain patient and stay committed to the goal.”



Uday’s idea, and his unique approach to life, has  influenced the way he has imagined and nurtured his venture, Onco Life Cancer Hospital. We are naturally curious about the way things have evolved, and Uday goes into flashback mode to give us a glimpse: 

“When we started our company, we never had money as the primary motive although it was one of the motives. We were clear on providing the best of the class treatment facilities at reasonable rates while not compromising on anything – across infrastructure, staff, machinery and other parameters. Although we are far more reasonable when it comes to pricing (as compared to the industry and our competitors), we are still able to deliver the quality we want to consistently – while improving each day. That is immensely fulfilling as a Founder. We are now 4 hospitals strong in 5 years. Our steady growth only strengthens the faith and confidence I and my teams have in the common journey and goal – which is to impact healthcare significantly, measurably and lastingly. ”



Why and how did this idea or philosophy become the driving force of Uday’s journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Uday goes into reflective mode before sharing…

“When I left my cushy corporate job where I headed Asian operations for an American Medical company & tried to start a centre in satara (my hometown) where there are no oncology facilities, many tried to demotivate me and said it wouldn’t work. When I tried to get an investment from known associates in this field, they were understandably skeptical and this cycle went on for almost a year. I did not lose my hope as I was determined to start an Oncology centre there as I hated seeing the plight of patients travelling to hospitals in major cities. The businessman in me also recognized that there was a viable opportunity. I wanted to build a comprehensive oncology centre where all facilities are available under one roof. In time, things worked out – and eventually I was blessed to get various investors on board. That’s how we are where we are today – and recognized as one of the top comprehensive oncology chain hospitals in Maharashtra.”



Leaders with a strong passion don’t just build businesses. They end up influencing mind-sets and changing society’s direction. So how has his idea impacted Uday’s professional universe, including his organization and teams? Uday elucidates…. 

“This idea works for us on a daily basis & does influence our decision making. We all feel pride while working as we know we are doing the right thing & striving everyday to provide best of class treatment to patients. The team feels a sense of purpose rather than just a job. Every decision we make is directly connected to improving our services, standards & quality. We seldom compromise on anything & try to provide the best of everything. This also includes the decisions we take - which helps in wellbeing of our Onco-Life family members (employees) as well.”



Where does the ship go from here? What is the big goal or problem – if any – that this gritty and purpose-first leader wants to address in the coming time? Are there any future milestones planned? We decide to cast an eye on the road ahead, and Uday helpfully shares…

“Our goal is that we want to be the top comprehensive oncology chain in the country where people can be rest assured of quality treatment & care provided to them anywhere they go.”



Uday idea has served him and the community well. But will the template be effecting for others also? Are there actionable lessons to take away from his experiences for the next generation of entrepreneurs and achievers? Any advice for future leaders, specifically? We throw a barrage of questions, and Uday fends them with poise and clarity… 

“Frankly, my idea or mantra is not something very unique. In fact, its appeal and impact lies in the fact that it is universally relatable and very fundamental to the human nature. When we keep money as primary objective, we tend to cut both costs and corners (quality compromises across tech, manpower, infrastructure and others), which takes us away from the core goal. So my advice for the leaders of future shall be to have a thorough plan & effective strategy to execute in place, a strong team, agile and innovation-first problem solving approaches and the intention to provide best-in-class services in one’s domain. Once you do that, customers and patrons will take your business to the next level.”



As we approach the end of this short but delightfully edifying session, we request Uday to share a short line or two about VOH - and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community. The entrepreneur-leader with a big vision and a bigger heart obliges spontaneously… 

“I think VOH is doing a wonderful job for the community of healthcare & it is the need in our country. The platform as this to share your ideas, perspectives, opinions & experiences would be a great learning for all. ”


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