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Sumeet Kapur’s idea ‘Wellcure’ is unlocking nature’s timeless healing powers by building an ecosystem of ideas, professional guidance and like-minded community. 



Sumeet Kapur is a business builder and an enterprising leader. The Founder & CEO of Wellcure, he started his career at KPMG and worked for 8 years in M&A Consulting, Due Diligence & Audit practices. Later, he led the financial operations of Groupon Inc. in 4 countries in Asia, as the APAC Finance Director. He has also co-founded (a 300Cr. Company, owned by Paytm now), being a part of the team that built the company from scratch. Post that, Sumeet also co-founded Inflection Point Ventures, an Angel Investment Group of ~2000 HNIs). 

The Wellcure vision is to transform the health map of India through the application of Nature's laws. The idea is to make natural health mainstream and a day-to-day experience, and encourage, support and inspire people to take charge of their health. 

“Our mission is to build India’s largest natural health community. At Wellcure, you can connect with like-minded individuals who have done natural health changes, and experienced the joy of illness-free medicine-free life. We will also connect you to the ecosystem of natural health through coaches, learning modules, vendors and products - so that making daily assured choices around health is easier. 

We imagine a world where we can touch 1 million lives… people who can come forward to share their real life experiences of overcoming various health issues through natural lifestyle changes. The concept is captured in our motto - Learn, connect, simplify your health naturally”, says Sumeet, capturing the essence and ethos of his endeavour at the outset. 



We start the session trying the capture the crux of Sumeet’s persona. The idea champion readily obliges….

“I am a natural health enthusiast, and a follower of Natural Living practices. Mine and my wife’s health journeys inspired us to propagate Natural & Holistic Healing by founding Wellcure. We envision transforming the health map of India by making natural health mainstream and a day-to-day experience for everyone. 



An abiding faith in nature’s healing power drives Sumeet’s approach to life and inspires his success journey. We urge the man to elaborate his life’s driving mantra, and Sumeet readily clarifies, 

“It is important to experience and truly believe in the efficacy of something before you start propagating it to the world. I and my wife personally experienced the power of natural healing in our lives. We believed that it can help many others like us to heal and live a healthy life without medicines. That’s when we conceived the idea of creating Wellcure, a platform to simplify natural healing and make it accessible to all.”


What we believe in deeply, often ends up changing lives beyond our own. How would Sumeet capture the greatness of his own idea? Elaborates the idea champion…

“Wellcure is based on the premise that health is simple, the human body has self-healing capacity and we just need to facilitate this  natural process. If we just eat, live, and conduct ourselves as per nature’s laws, we can live a healthy, disease-free, and medicine-free life. There is an urgent need for awareness among people about understanding this simple science,  the body's intelligence, and healing capacities. Wellcure is addressing this need by bridging the gap between nature cure experts and the masses, and by making the knowledge and tools easily accessible.”



How and when did this deep bond with nature begin? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Sumeet reminisces on the genesis of his journey,

“Yes, my wife and I triumphed over our own physical challenges through the power of Nature. My wife, Anchal Kapur was just 32 when she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Doctors had declared it as a ‘severe condition’, and prescribed her heavy doses of medicines for life, stating that it will lead to infertility. She refused to give up and decided to look for a cure in nature. She learned the science of Natural Healing, applied it to herself, and got completely cured of the ‘incurable’ disease (as per medical experts).  

That’s when we decided to share this incredible science with everyone by creating a platform that helps people live a disease-free & medicine-free life. Along with Ankur Bhatia, a nature cure expert who dreams to create a healthy society, we created Wellcure - a digital platform for nature-based lifestyle, health & healing in 2019. We brought together natural healing enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Starting with the website & enriching it with the right information about Nature Cure, we gradually diversified into online workshops, e-learning courses, e-books, and personal health consultations.



Truly disruptive ideas often transform not just our own, but the outlook and approach of others around us, too. So how has Sumeet’s mantra influenced and inspired his teams, networks and organization?

Sumeet shares, “All of us at Wellcure believe in the power of natural healing and are driven by just one objective - changing the lives of people by helping them live a healthy life, naturally. For us it is more than just a profession, it is a cause - to bring natural healing to the forefront and enable everyone to take charge of their own health. We have personally experienced that it is possible to not fall sick and to heal from any disease with Nature Cure. All that we are doing is empowering people to experience the same quality of life.”



So what is the big goal or problem that he wants to turn his attention to in the near future? 

Sumeet casts a glance at the future as he shares with candour, “We want people to live a life free of medicines and diseases, naturally. We envision building a world where people live a lifestyle that boosts their health, immunity and heals them holistically, without depending on medical interventions. We envision transforming the health map of India by making natural health mainstream and a day-to-day experience for everyone while aiming to make Wellcure India’s largest natural health platform that provides credible information, tools, peer community, and access to natural healing experts.”



How can Sumeet’s philosophy recode the vision and rewrite the journey for the next generation? Any advice for future leaders?

“What we are teaching or promoting through Wellcure, is a life skill - Natural & Holistic Healing & Nutrition - which is slowly finding its way into our lives again. It is a natural style of living, eating and conducting our lives on a daily basis. 

Health has proven to be the true wealth time and again. It has taken a center stage in our lives more than ever now, and we are witnessing a tipping point in healthcare approaches worldwide - where the focus is more towards prevention, and immunity. Natural Healing is the key to both, plus it heals from almost every disease. 

Future leaders and coming generations need to understand the immense usability of this idea and Nature Cure’s potential as a powerful healthcare method. We have just scratched the surface until now. More and more people are adopting Natural Living methods, our user base has increased multi-fold since we launched. All this is because natural health care is making its comeback very strongly and the world is awakening to its potential.”



It’s been an edifying and inspiring session, and as we approach its conclusion, we request Sumeet to leave a lingering thought about Voice of Healthcare. How, in his opinion, do tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders contribute to the direction, inspiration, and positivity of the healthcare community?

The man who lets the power of his conviction do the talking, signs off  generously…

“VOH is doing an incredible job at creating, nurturing, and promulgating new ideas in healthcare. To bring about a meaningful change it is important to give ample growing space to unconventional approaches. And we are glad that VOH has been successfully doing so through policy advocacy and idea leadership. Tribute Profiles such as ‘Idea Leaders’ are an effective tool in encouraging more innovative ideas for the world of healthcare.”


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