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SleepyPanda is creating a generation of fitter Indians with its range of scientific and affordable mattresses.



SleepyPanda kicked off in 2020 with a simple idea : To improve people’s well being through comfortable and scientific sleep experiences. A bootstrapped B2C startup founded by the trio of Mr. Suhas Masuti, Miss. Monica Thakur, and Mr. Veerendra Koujalagi, the brand today provides a diverse range of superior mattresses at affordable prices. 



Caught in the maze of a hectic lifestyle, Indian consumers continue to be unaware of the necessity of modern bedding and sleeping behaviors. As a result, they use traditional products that not only fail to guarantee quality but are also highly overpriced. Lying on hard, old and inadequate beddings also often leads to chronic back pain and allergies. SleepyPanda endeavors to change this reality with top-notch and high-quality products that are within financial reach of the average customer. 



“The average Indian household cannot afford to spend extravagant amounts on mattresses. Costly mattresses are a luxury that average Indian families find out of their budget. After spending more than a decade working with various bedding industry moguls, we decided to come up with a brand that caters to the needs of users across a variety of economic backgrounds.  We aim to make people aware of the new-age and modernistic bedding products, which are not only high-end in terms of quality but are also available in the average price range. With SleepyPanda, people won’t have to burn holes in their pockets to buy a premium mattress. We have maintained the same vision to gain market share in the near future”, says Monica Thakur - J.MD & Founder



SleepyPanda offers a diverse range of superior mattresses at affordable prices. Some of these products include vita ortho memory foam and luna dual comfort ortho mattresses, natural yoga mats (Samba, Darba, Banana), sofa-cum-bed, Memory foam and microfiber pillows and protectors.

The brand also provide 100-night trials of ortho mattresses so that consumers can make experience-based decisions after using them firsthand. 

Other added benefits include free delivery services, easy EMI options, and a whopping 10-year warranty.



SleepyPanda’s Orthopedic Mattress delivers a bunch of disruptive benefits for hospitals and patients. Compared with the other types of mattresses available in the market, Orthopedic mattresses are uniquely designed to ensure the comfort of the user. It is one of the highly preferred mattresses by the users, hospitals in particular due to its high quality, and the ability to reduce the muscle pain, and stress caused by several illness. One of the major advantages of using an orthopedic mattress is that it divides the body weight equally, and provides support to the neck, hip, and back. Which will eventually help in building up the body posture, and correct spinal alignment. Another reason for hospitals and patients opting for an orthopedic mattress is that it is neither firm nor soft. So, it adds on the comfort, provides a sense of relaxation, and better sleep which is highly beneficial for the patients to cure their illness. Along with that orthopedic mattresses are highly durable which makes them cost-efficient, and worth buying. 



Perceptions are already undergoing a shift. Millennials and even GenZ consumers, for example, are far more considerate and aware of their physical and mental health. Additionally, the benefits of online shopping - which is far more convenient, hassle-free, and time-saving - have made it easier for consumers to browse and choose the most appropriate item, be it comfortable orthopaedic mattresses or yoga mats.  



The unprecedented global pandemic also impacted people in many ways. Most people have started to look after their sleep schedule – including scientific spine support - seriously as an essential component of good health. Lockdown blues have forced generations to search for new ‘comfort zones’. 



These trends are slated to boost awareness about modern and technologically advanced mattresses. The rising, tech-savvy youth is expected to drive the momentum faster via e-commerce adoption. SleepyPanda finds itself perfectly placed to ride the new wave of judicious lifestyle and healthy habits that’s sweeping India and the world. 



“Currently, we are gearing up to have a monumental entry into the furniture industry. We have also set a target to sell at least 1200 mattresses per month and secure INR 100 crore sales by the end of 2021. We are establishing units PAN-India, but majorly we will be aiming at the South India market, including Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Telangana, Kerala, followed by Mumbai and Goa. Our ultimate goal is to become a thought leader in the modern bedding ecosystem by offering high-quality products to address consumer concerns while also giving back to society through various CSR initiatives, and thus making a difference in the world - glocally” | Monica Thakur - J.MD & Founder

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