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Ever caring and forever evolving to innovate new highs in affordable patient experience, Kins Health embodies the compassionate face of cutting-edge care. 



Great institutions aren't created overnight, and Kins Health is no different. Here is a young organisation that started in 2010 with a team of 20 odd people. The mission has grown in leaps and bounds, and is over 250 member strong today. 

Kins Health started as a standalone Diagnostic service provider, and is today a healthcare institution with NABH Accredited Inpatient & Outpatient care services. 

The organization is strategically located in Siliguri, also known as the Chickens neck, owing to its geographical location.  The City serves as an important medical hub of North Bengal being the second largest City after Kolkata in West Bengal. It sees a huge influx of patients from neighbouring areas like the state of Sikkim, Kingdom of Bhutan, Lower Assam, Upper Bihar & parts of Bangladesh. 

Even though the focus is on what it can do at the present, the dynamic and visionary team is strongly committed to curate and deliver futuristic healthcare services like Home-care, Telemedicine and others in the region.   
“We are not in the Healthcare Business of Treating patients, but in the care delivery space to be partners in better health of all lives we touch”, says Co-Founder & Director Sumit Sinhal, capturing the essence and ethos of the organization. 


Mission Statement 

To build a Value-Driven Healthcare organisation that is accessible & affordable for all sections of society. 

Vision Statement

To be a valued healthcare partner in the community that works towards achieving positive health outcomes for every stakeholder.  


Patient first

Every person is treated as a member of kins (family). Patients can look forward to a polite, friendly & helpful Staff where members relate to each patient or patient’s family as an individual, recognizing their specific history, relationships, culture and needs. The team goes the extra mile to meet their expectations. 

Compassionate listening 

Every patient issue is given a devoted hearing with due respect and regard, and the team strives to do everything in its power to help. 

Diversity & Inclusion 

As an equal opportunity employer, the organization welcomes and nurtures diversity in its staff, and believes that it enhances the patient experience in unique ways, everyday.  

Innovative approach

A constant endeavour is made to explore new and out-of-the-box ways to make a difference. 



Behind every great organization is a team with a vision. Leading Kins Health is a group of people committed to putting the interests of people with health first. 


The senior management team includes Co-Founder & Director Mr. Sumit Sinhal. Sumit co-founded Kins Healthcare, a multidisciplinary healthcare delivery group focusing on Hospital services, Diagnostics, Super Specialty Diabetes Care & Home Health. Sumit possesses a Post Graduate in Business Strategy & Finance, and is an Alumni of ISB [Indian School of Business]’s Advanced Management program for Healthcare. Driven by a passion towards healthcare, Sumit has worked for Apollo Hospitals & Fortis Hospital Group across various roles and positions. He is the Executive Council Member & Health Panel Chair at the CII – North Bengal Zonal Council. Sumit Sinhal’s expertise straddles domains like Healthcare Delivery, Healthcare Consulting, Business Strategy, Healthcare Startup, Digital Health. 


Kins Health also is proud of its Founder & Clinical Director, Dr. Sekhar Chakraborty (MD, MRCP, FRCP, DTCD). Dr. Chakraborty is the Awardee of the prestigious Banga Ratna by the Chief Minister of West Bengal for exemplary work rendered for the community and clinical excellence.  


Kins Health also has a very active Leadership Council that provides additional expertise, advice & support. The Leadership Council is made up of patients, clinicians and well-wishers of Kins. We look to this valued group to bring their experiences, expertise, and advice to our institution.



With 5 SBU’s (Strategic Business Units), Kins Health is North Bengals fastest growing Healthcare Company. The organization boasts a unique portfolio of specialised and  established brands to serve the various needs of patients right across the spectrum of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care - through its Hospital, Diagnostics, Super Specialty Clinic and newer additions in the Digital Health and health at home space. Here’s a look… 

Kins Hospital

Kins Hospital is a NABH Accredited hospital with Specialty in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Critical Care, Orthopaedics, Neurology & Neurosurgery. The Institution is a hospital of choice for the people for quality healthcare. 

Kins Diabetes :

Being in the Space for over a decade now, Kins Diabetes has become a one stop solution for diabetics patients in the region. With Super Specialty Diabetes care available under a single roof, Kins Diabetes boasts of being the only institute (in this class and category) to provide a holistic and comprehensive suite of care solutions for a single specialty - for which India is unfortunately a notoriously Capital of. Diabetes Retinopathy,  Diabetes Neuropoathy, Diabetes Nephropathy, Foot Care & Diabetes Education forms the key pillars of care. A combined and synergized team of highly experienced and motivated clinical and non clinical members have successfully managed over 20,000 diabetics in the region so far. 

Kins Clinic

Over 80% of the healthcare needs of an individual can be successfully addressed in an outpatient setting with proper diagnostics and therapeutic delivery. With this Idea in mind - Kins SuperSpecialty Clinic takes care of complete diagnostics and prescriptive care for all major ailments that are crippling the Indian society today. The best in the region clinicians in the field of Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, Haematology, Endocrinology, Orthopaedics and other super specialties make Kins Health one of the most preferred health institution of choice for the region. 

Kins Diagnostics

Being NABL Accredited with cutting edge technology enabled pathology and departments for Radio Diagnosis makes Kins Diagnostics a unique one-stop destination for Diagnostics. The focus is to ensure quality diagnostics care not just on an individual (B2C) level but bring a strong commitment to disrupting the B2B space as well - in the form of Govt. schemes, Banks, Insurance Companies and State Govt. Schemes.  

Kins Home Health

Change is the only constant. The future of Health is hybrid, blended and multi-platform, with the home completing the evolving jigsaw puzzle. With COVID creating havoc, there has never been a greater need for home healthcare services in India – which already exists in western countries. Over the last year, Kins has been harnessing technology and best practises innovatively to achieve this end. In tandem with its dedicated clinical and nursing teams, the organization has catered to the need of over 200+ patients remotely. 



1) Through its initiatives, Kins Health touches the lives of nearly 75,000 beneficiaries every year - and that number is rapidly growing. 

2) As a leader in the healthcare industry, Kins hospital is ccredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare (NABH), and its high-tech laboratory services are NABL endorsed.

3) The Founder Mr. Sumit Sinhal was awarded with the Young Achiever’s Award by CAYE : ASIA (Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs) 2015 among 10 Asian member countries. 



From a humble beginning, the Kins journey has been challenging and rewarding in equal parts. With every hurdle, the team has dug in its heels and rose to the occasion together, triumphing over challenges with unified purpose and passion. Today, the name Kins embodies the compassionate face of cutting-edge care - building lasting bonds of trust with its customer. And relentlessly reinventing itself to bring patients solutions and experiences that are firmly a step ahead of the curve. In the words of Co-Founder & Director Sumit Sinhal, “Kins Health is poised now to take on the next challenge, such as building and fine-tuning Centres of Excellence in our SBU’s.”



“Kins Health was conceived as a dream; A dream to make healthcare AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE, AND AFFORDABLE to the community at large. A robust, well integrated and excellence seeking healthcare organization - that is what Kins Health will always be. I cannot thank my team enough for their commitment and contribution to building this organization.

- Sumit Sinhal 

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