Health Insurance disruptor PLUM is turning Group Insurance simple, easy and indispensable - and aims to insure 10 million lives by 2025. 


Plum (https://www.plumhq.com/) is a comprehensive group health insurance solution with a seamless digital claims experience. As an employee health insurance provider, Plum makes  employee health benefits accessible, affordable and distinctly superior for businesses of all sizes in India.


In the last decade, the retail health insurance market in India saw radical innovation in product & process – led by companies like PolicyBazaar and Digit. In contrast, the group health insurance market – which covered almost 2.5X the number of lives and had 25% year over year growth – saw limited innovation in the last two decades. There was a clear, widening gap in the Indian insurance scene and that’s where Abhishek and Saurabh of Plum saw a need that needed meeting.


Plum is bringing product innovation in the group health insurance market to raise the ease and efficiency bar for modern businesses.  Plum’s services and solutions suite includes forging new underwriting and fraud detection algorithms with insurers to offer competitive and real-time pricing, as well as a distinctly superior user experience for businesses of all sizes and their employees.


Plum is building newer insurance products for SMEs who have teams as small as two employees and cannot afford to pay annual premiums. Plum also offers APIs and an out-of-the-box insurance purchase system that enables small business service providers like payrolls, HR information systems, or marketplaces to instantly serve up and underwrite policies within their native applications.


Plum’s USP is its simplicity across the insurance purchase, management and usage arc - which changes the game for business leaders, organizations and employees. 

•    Plum’s core strength lies in integrations with insurers to create end-to-end workflows. 

•    A fully automated onboarding system allows HR teams to add/remove employees through a simple dashboard. 

•    Employees are automatically enrolled in insurance systems and e-cards are disbursed within 48 hours, compared to 30 days in traditional systems. 

•    Plum has re-designed the claims flow from the customer’s perspective to provide a hassle-free service. 

•    Users can use WhatsApp and make a claim in under 5 minutes. 

•    Claims on a familiar tool makes the process easier for the end-user and allows self-service in different situations e.g in an emergency at the hospital.

BRAND DNA : Vision and Mission

Plum aims to insure 10 million lives by 2025 and become the go-to health insurance platform for all businesses in India. The company has an audacious vision to take the country’s health insurance penetration numbers to 100%.


1)    Abhishek Poddar : Co-founder, Plum 


Abhishek started Plum in late 2019 to accelerate the adoption of health insurance in India. He has helped build startups & products for the last 13 years. His last stint was at HyperTrack where he built location APIs for real-time location tracking. Before that, he worked on building Google My Business, their SME platform and Google Pay’s NFC payment in the US. In 2014, he started  RentZeal to build eBay for product rentals in the US. Abhishek has also built a product at 9.9 Media. He started his career as a consultant with McKinsey. Abhishek is an undergraduate from IIT Kanpur and studied MBA at Stanford University. 

2)    Saurabh Arora : Co-founder, Plum


Saurabh brings 10+ years of experience prior to starting Plum with Abhishek. He is responsible for product & technology at Plum. He dropped out of the PhD to start Airwoot, a blazing fast customer experience platform that later got acquired by FreshWorks, where he led product development. Later, Saurabh built a blockchain startup Startereum for a short period. He was part of various research projects with universities such as the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Macquire University, and Politecnico di Torino throughout his career. Saurabh attended DTU (the Technical University of Denmark) for a dual Master’s degree in security computing and graduated with a B.Tech in information technology. 

HAT TIP : Honours and awards picked up along the way 

•    Plum is the distinguished winner of NASSCOM India Fintech Awards 2020 in the Insurance category. The award recognizes startups having the greatest impact in increasing penetration of insurance and taking customer experience to the next level. 

Plum has won the “Best Fintech of the Year (Insurance)” Award – the honour  is slated to be presented at the Tech India Transformation Awards 2021.

•    Plum was also included in Tracxn’s Soonicorn Club of India 2021 – in the Soonicorn Award series that recognizes the top companies which are Unicorns or have the potential to become Unicorns.


The brand has been notching blazing growth at over 30% MoM since inception. Plum recently crossed a glittering milestone : That of onboarding 100,000 insured members. 

Growth at Plum has been driven by first-time buyers of health insurance, with 82% of organizations buying health insurance and benefits for the first time. 

The rising curve is powered by goodwill, and over 70% of customers came via word-of-mouth recommendations, validating both product quality and experience satisfaction amongst members. 


Founders and HRs who are interested in employee health insurance from Plum can generate a quote instantly on https://www.plumhq.com/.


To realize its grand forward vision, PLUM is looking at exceptional talent who are passionate about the brand journey and mission. If this excites you, feel free to explore career opportunities with the brand at https://www.plumhq.com/careers.

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