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Doctco is bringing the marginalized within the ambit of hi-end healthcare – accessibly and affordably.

Meet The Brand

DoctCo is a healthtech startup setting up phygital centres within a 15-minute distance of low-bandwidth communities, providing patients access to the best secondary and tertiary care through a panel of superspecialists.

DoctCo and its social initiative, Swasthya Ghar Tak, are based on the principles of inclusive healthcare and universal access to healthcare. The company's mission is to close the real-world healthcare gap in the country by linking residents of tier II and III cities and rural areas with speciality medical professionals.  The Brand’s hospital partners include Artemis Hospitals, Apollo 24/7, Fortis, and PSRI Hospital - IoMT devices include Auscultation w / ECG, 3-Lead ECG, Digital Stethoscope, Fundoscopy, Otoscope, and more.

The Big Idea

DoctCo's idea stems from its founder, Nimith Agrawal's, personal life experiences. Mr. Agrawal grew up in Aligarh, where he witnessed his family spends time and money travelling to distant locations to treat his sister's eye condition (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). Despite their tireless attempts, his sister succumbed to the sickness and lost her eye. Mr. Agrawal established DoctCo to alleviate patients' logistical and financial concerns in places with limited connectivity. DoctCo's social initiative Swasthya Ghar Tak works in these locations to provide patients with last-mile connectivity to specialist hospitals and doctors without requiring them to go to distant metro cities. 

Need Gap The Brand is Fulfilling

DoctCo is bridging a gaping lacuna in the system – that of access and affordability. It is establishing Phygital centres in low-bandwidth communities to provide patients with access to super-specialists within just a 15-minute drive. The centre is equipped with a doctor and IoMT equipment that simulates in-person discussions between medical specialists and patients. Through its fleet of buses, the Swasthya Ghar Tak initiative provides medical access to places with limited connectivity/rural areas. These buses are equipped with medical equipment, medical personnel, and a physician who consults with people of Tier II and III cities and neighbouring villages. These areas frequently lack medical services, and Swasthya Ghar Tak is successfully meeting this demand. 

USP’s, Differentiators and Achievements of the Brand

DoctCo is a first-of-its-kind health tech startup that provides end-to-end experience to patients from OPD to surgical procedures and follow-ups. The OPD and follow-ups take place within the patients' city limits. A patient is only required to travel to Tier 1 cities such as Delhi/NCR for surgeries.  DoctCo Saathi delivers great support and a flawless surgical experience to patients travelling for these procedures. The firm has successfully treated patients from low-bandwidth places such as Aligarh, Meerut, and Varanasi with the help of 2000+ specialists and super-specialist doctors. The brand has been able to build physical clinics that provide an organized and professional environment for patient screening, therapy, and surgical operations. The startup is the only phygital platform that bridges a real-world healthcare gap, namely a super-specialty facility equipped with modern IOMT devices and the region's best super-specialty physicians and surgeons. DoctCo has completed 1500+ OPDs till date. 

Vision – Mission – Philosophy

To be the most trusted, convenient and quality-focused secondary & tertiary care for Bharat

Brand Leadership: Brief profile  

Mr. Nimith Agrawal, Founder of DoctCo, is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive expertise in business management, execution, and growth. His solid knowledge of technology has helped him empower people and further his goal of healthcare access for all. 

Col. Hemraj Singh Parmar, Co-Founder of DoctCo, is a highly driven, focused, and committed top C-suite healthcare professional with more than three decades of frontline global healthcare industry leadership experience with substantial P&L accountabilities. He serves as a strategic consultant for companies looking to evolve India's healthcare sector. He has served as an advisor to some of the state governments on their healthcare projects and was nominated as a member of FICCI on Medical Value Travel.

Initiatives and future milestones 

. Collaboration with Apollo 24/7.  

. Upcoming inauguration of centres in Agra and Meerut. 

. 20 Centres in the next 12 months.

. Facilitate 1000+ surgeries per month.

Leadership quote 

"DoctCo aspires to harness cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to continue bridging the healthcare gap in tier II and III cities and their surrounding areas. The goal is to develop strategies that will help India's healthcare ecosystem expand and become more inclusive and accessible to all, particularly those who have been overlooked by the system for so long. Our continuous efforts to expand geographical coverage, incorporate new technology, and hire additional medical specialists, among other things, will enable us to serve more locations with limited connectivity in the future." - Mr. Nimith Agrawal, Founder, DoctCo.

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