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At CooperSurgical, women’s health is our focus. We are the trusted source for medical instruments, devices, and disposables that serve the healthcare needs of women throughout their lives. We continue to foster that position through expansion of our core businesses and the introduction of advanced, technology-based products that aid clinicians in the management and treatment of commonly seen conditions.

We work closely with a global network of scientific leaders, clinicians, Obs & Gyn, embryologists, and other healthcare professionals in both hospital and practice settings, for a wide variety of procedures, from routine gynecological exams to fertility treatments and complex surgical procedures. 

MEET BRAND CooperSurgical 

CooperSurgical is a leader in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of trusted and innovative brands that assist clinicians in improving the health of women, babies and families worldwide. We delivers solutions that improve women’s healthcare through our offerings, including a range of medical devices & fertility solutions.
A wholly owned subsidiary of The Cooper Companies (NYSE: COO), CooperSurgical was founded in 1990. Since then, we have researched, developed, and manufactured a wide range of trusted brands that have advanced the standard of women’s health care.

Our products are engineered for optimal efficiency and effectiveness for consistently successful results. Our quality products are backed by superior service. We offer products in four key categories:

1.    Surgical

2.    Clinics & Practices

3.    Contraceptive

4.    Obstetrics

CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions

CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions is one of the major segment of CooperSurgical, provides a full solution of media, equipment, microtools and genetic testing that are utilized in fertility clinics worldwide. 

Building on the high-quality reputation of its legacy companies ORIGIO®, SAGE, Humagen, The Pipette Company (TPC), K-Systems, Research Instruments (RI), Wallace®, LifeGlobal® and CooperGenomicsSM, CooperSurgical provides a trusted ecosystem of consumables, equipment, technologies and genetic testing for the complete ART process. The organization today is spread across a large worldwide presence with direct distribution in 24 countries and a wide network of distributors. 


The CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions team is driven by a profound and powerful vision: “Push the boundaries of what is possible to build a better fertility journey for all.” Indeed, the Brand is actively changing the definition of Fertility Care for Generations to Come. It is working with fertility clinics to use technology, science and knowledge to increase the standards of treatment and reach optimal outcomes - all while ensuring the availability of, and access to, the highest standards of care for patients.


Today, the world is changing faster than ever, impacting everything from clinics to patients to ecosystem processes. The leadership and team at CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions is responding to a new age of challenges and opportunities by driving and supporting the interventions needed in Fertility Care from end to end. Through a culture of listening and collaborating, the team identifies the needs of clinics and patients to bridge gaps, meet goals and advances together to create impactful solutions to improve healthcare.


-    Tailored solutions across the entire ART cycle, designed to optimize results with specialized products for every procedure including sperm selection, culture, cryopreservation, witnessing, biopsy and genetic testing.

-    Compliance with the highest standards of regulatory benchmarks.

-    Training and workshops that cover a wide range of courses for embryologists, gynecologists, lab managers and scientists at every level.

-    Easy and reliable product service and support across the entire ART cycle.

-    Beyond lectures, seminars, research and workshops, a team of experienced embryologists also assists with turn-key projects, laboratory design and clinic assessment to help optimize lab performance.

“In today’s fertility environment, clinical outcomes are determined by a variety of factors driven mainly by the skill and expertise of the staff, products used and patient population. When you partner with us you become part of a truly global network of scientific leaders, embryologists and clinical training experts, ready to support you with highly specialized solutions, both for individual clinics and across large organizations.” - Dr. Amit Bhatnagar, Country General Manager – India  

BRAND DNA: Purpose - mission – philosophy

As a purpose-first organization, CooperSurgical’s over-arching vision is to create a world of healthy women, babies and families. The team continues to innovate products and services to fulfill its dream of millions of couples. 


The brand in India is led by Dr. Amit Bhatnagar, who is the Country General Manager and Director. Dr Bhatnagar carries over two decades of mission critical experience in a wide swathe of domains such as medical devices, life sciences & diagnostics. Dr Amit Bhatnagar joined Origio India, a CooperSurgical company in 2016 and since, has ensured that the organization keeps raising the bar and increasing its reach through its direct team and channel partners to serve customers throughout India with ease, proper storage & quality. He has led the team towards bringing newer initiatives and platforms for knowledge sharing so that we grow with the fraternity and help bringing standardization and global expertise through our global medical affairs and innovation team in India as well.


CooperSurgical’s industry-leading ART development program includes Centers of Excellence in the United States, the UK, Denmark, Russia, India, Japan and China, as well as collaborations with our external partners’ training facilities, such as the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the VUB in Brussels.

In India, the organization’s Center of excellence is located in Mumbai where it offers a wide range of courses and workshops for embryologists, gynecologists, lab managers and R&D scientists at every level of experience: With hands-on expert training in breakthrough technologies and next-generation techniques.

CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions is also the knowledge partner in the development of the historical ART consensus guidelines involving the three major fertility societies - ISAR, ACE & IFS; an initiative led by ISAR. 


The organization’s eye for detail, the passion for excellence and the commitment to get better and better consistently has been watched closely by the industry, and reciprocated with generous accolades and honors. Here are some…

•    The Economic Times Best Healthcare Brands 2021.

•    White Page leadership Award for Dr Amit Kr Bhatnagar

•    ABP News Healthcare Excellence Award.

•    Top 100 healthcare leaders award for Dr Bhatnagar


“Our endeavor has been to provide our customers with the best experience in terms of quality, reliability & service of our products and trust through our associates. We aim to be the preferred partner for industry stake holders by provide quality solutions at every step and shaping the market by making IVF accessible to all through awareness programs & campaigns” - Dr. Amit Bhatnagar, Country General Manager, India.

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