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Through better monitoring and data management of patients both remotely and in real-time, ISANSYS is enabling more accurate and proactive interventions, reducing cost for patients and trigger intelligent innovations for providers.


Isansys Lifecare is a UK origin company & one of the most recognized brands globally when it comes to advanced and fully approved Wireless & Remote patient monitoring. Dedication spanning more than a decade in creating an accurate and reliable system today translates into valuable trust for the brand from hospitals across the globe. 


I, stands for information, intelligence and (belief in) the self. 

SAN, coming from Latin roots, connotes health, wellness and soundness of mind.  

SYS, a derivative of the word System, stands for order, method and process. 


Isansys Lifecare India Pvt Ltd was conceived with a vision to become a fully scaled digital healthcare company. The company boasts one of the most advanced and completely wireless Patient Monitoring Solution (PMS). The focus is on moving patients from higher cost to lower cost care settings (including at home) through better patient monitoring, more efficient work flows and smarter predictive indicators which can simultaneously reduce costs, improve care and save lives.


In the current pandemic environment as well as in future such digital solutions are going to play a major role in healthcare. In India, National Health Authority (NHA) is working actively on designing strategy, building technological infrastructure and the implementation of a “National Digital Health Mission” (NDHM) to create a National Digital Health Eco-system. The objectives of ISANSYS are aligned in the same direction.


Traditional monitoring solutions tend to be legacy technology based carrying multiple drawbacks such as:

a. They are wired necessitating patient to be tied to bed.

b. Display only current vitals without continuous trends.

c. Doesn’t allow any patient data entry at bed-side.

d. Extracting data from these monitors and integrating it with hospital IT systems is difficult. 

The Isansys solution disrupts the market through the following key differentiators:

a. Completely Wireless: Easier patient management that keeps the patient mobile. 
b. Paperless: Enables patient data entry at bed-side to eliminate manual charts. 
c. Intelligent: Availability of Early Warning Signs (EWS) and potential AI/ML based predictive capabilities.
d. Remote Access: Patient information available anywhere and anytime through secured access.
e. Integration with Hospital IT: Seamless integration with HIS/EMR using open APIs compliant with HL7/FHIR standards.
f. Fully FDA approved, CE Marked and TGA &HSA approved.


The brand endeavours to address two categories of challenges and gaps in the current system. 

1. Addressing healthcare domain problems

By providing ICU grade monitoring solution outside the ICUs, the ISANSYS solution…  

a. Reduces length of stay in ICU: This leads to cost reduction for patients as well as better utilization of ICU facilities by hospital for more needy patients.

b. Allows for patient monitoring inwards: This helps reduce emergencies/Code Blues & ICUre-dmissions. 

c. Enables faster recovery: This happens since patients are fully mobile while being monitored, and can therefore undergo physiotherapy & other exercises towards faster recovery while getting continuously monitored. 

d. Makes Information available to Doctors & medical staff round the clock (within hospital & Remotely): This ensures quick remediation to avoid emergencies and has the potential to save multiple lives.

e. Avoidance of hospital admission: Isansyssolution offers ICU grade monitoring at home and monitoring by experts from hospitals. This will solve the issue of overcrowding.

f. Reduced dependence on already stressed nurses and avoids human errors:  Isansys solution helps reduce efforts for nursing staff and reduce fatigue to help them focus on  patient care.

Problems of data driven healthcare

a. Data for AI Solutions – The solution digitises patient data and hence can help in creating the necessary data for developing meaningful AI solutions for specific care areas.

b. Key Source of Patient Data to EMR/EHR – Patient data can be directly fed to EMR/EHR empowering hospitals to know their patients better.

c. It addresses the issue of poor interoperability that exists in healthcare digital infrastructure.

d. The solution can help remove inefficient Data Management & Processes.


The ISANSYS Wireless & Remote Patient Monitoring solution is unique with respect to the following aspects.

a. Completely wireless patient monitoring which doesn’t force patients to be tied to bed. This is a big advantage as the resulting mobility enables.

. Reduced time in intensive care and hence lesser chances of ICU infections. 

. Potential treatment from home under hospital care.  

. Faster patient recovery due to psychological impact of freedom of movement. 

b. Intelligent platform with potential to develop predictive algorithms. 

c. Enables paperless wards by means of easy patient data entry at bed-side by means of a two-way data communication gateway near the bedside against the display only traditional monitors. 

d. Easy integration with hospital systems through HL7/FHIR standard based APIs.
e. Multiple installations globally in UK, Europe and US have established the performance and impact of the product.



To be a preferred partner for healthcare providers in their mission of Saving lives, providing quality Healthcare as well as efficient home care through data driven platform. 


Through Wireless & Remote patient monitoring, Paperless workflows and smarter Early Warning System, the focus is to move patients from higher-cost to lower-cost care settings while saving more lives & improving care


a. Success for Everyone: THE PURPOSE. 

b. Honesty & Integrity: THE CHARACTER. 

c. Trustworthy:  THE BEHAVIOUR. 

d. Celebrate Diversity: THE ATTITUDE.

e. Continuous Learning: THE APPROACH.

f. Open & Progressive Mindset: THE TRAIT.


Hospitalisation of anyone in family is an intimidating experience for the patient and their immediate family. Recovery is obviously the primary worry but additionally the cost of care puts tremendous psychological and financial burden on the family. If the patient is admitted to ICU then the worries multiply. With the advancement of medical science and technology there are companies and start-ups focusing on new ways of diagnostics and providing care but the big question remains : How do we address the twin burden of health and high care cost?  It is this burden of the ‘common man’ that that brand architects want to address and the legacy it wants to leave. It wants to be known as the team that went out of its way to ‘correct the course’. 


Sachin Indane

Sachin Indane (Co-founder and CEO)

With over 25 years of successful business leadership experience with organizations like GE & Danaher group, Sachin brings strong business practices in sales, marketing, product management & building successful teams. He has led businesses at India and Asia Pacific levels for Healthcare & life sciences companies. Sachin is an Engineering graduate and holds a Post-graduate degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Manoj Joshi

Manoj Joshi (Co-founder and COO)

More than 25 years of successful track record in IT consulting, business development, strategic outsourcing and delivery. He has led teams in senior leadership roles across Wipro, IBM and Cognizant to deliver measurable outcomes to clients leveraging digital as well as legacy technologies. Manoj is an Engineering graduate and holds a Post-graduate degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.



Brand ISANSYS’ endeavour is to help save as many lives and drive cost efficiencies by deploying its solution across different healthcare spaces.

Within hospitals, rehabilitation and care centres

a. ICUs/Step-downs/High dependency units: For standard 5 para monitoring

b. Post-Op Recovery & continued Monitoring inward/room

c. Normal wards: Neuro, paediatric, Obstetrics

d. Special wards: Cardiac, Pulmonary, Rehabs

e. Special / VIP rooms

f. Monitoring during procedures (Dialysis/Physiotherapy/Chemotherapy etc)

Beyond hospitals

a. Ambulatory: Air and ground ambulances for continuous monitoring

b. Tele-ICU: Management of remote hospital patients

c. Home-ICU: Home monitoring of patients 

THE ISANSYS IMPACT: Making an immediate, measurable and profound difference 

The team at ISANSYS has been successful in saving lives and reducing cost burden by helping patients get monitored inwards/ rooms, getting discharged earlier from hospitals as well as avoiding hospitalisation through efficient home care.

ROUND THE CORNER: Future milestones and event calendar at ESANSYS 

The team envisages multiple milestones by 2023-24.

a. Expand the horizons of patient monitoring to monitor 10,000 patients at home and 10,000 patients in wards and rehab.

b. Reduce at least 1 or 2 days from ALOS in ICU.

c. Help patients reduce costs by 25% by helping them migrate from a higher cost to a lower cost care system. 

d. Save lives by providing early warning signs and thus enabling timely intervention. 

e. Help hospitals with digitized patient data and thus support the development of new AI models in various care areas.


“In today’s situation in India region post pandemic, any technology which can help reduce a need to get hospitalized – or cut the time spent there – can be a game changer for hospitals and patients. With Isansys’ proven solution, we want to make that a reality – sooner, rather than later. We remain confident of ushering and nurturing a new mindset about remote health management, and avoiding or minimizing a need to be hospitalized. We are committed to the Indian market and we are keen to work along with all stakeholders to make the healthcare ecosystem more efficient.” - Sachin K Indane, CEO, Isansys India

“Digitisation of patient data and its integration with broader healthcare ecosystem involving multiple stakeholders is a pre-requisite to reduce the overall cost of care in long term. We are actively pursuing this objective with our state of art solution. We will strive our best to contribute in the efforts of Government of India which is spearheading the NDHM (National Digital Health Mission) initiative to improve the healthcare situation in our country.” - Manoj Joshi, Co-Founder & COO, Isansys India

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