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Piyush Bhan is giving back to healthcare a wealth of expertise and wisdom gained over a rewarding leadership journey - and in the process, taking the healthcare payment space to frontiers it has never travelled before. 

Mr. Piyush Bhan is the Senior Vice President of International Business Development at Salucro Healthcare Solutions. A forward-thinking leader with a proven journey in setting goals, quality standards and process-driven initiatives, Mr. Bhan is versed in a wide range of business areas – strategy, opportunity analysis, setting up company & overall operations, building teams, nurturing innovation, Go To Market strategies - and ever ready to tackle new challenges and learn. With a quintessential entrepreneurial mind-set that keeps exploring, collaborating, innovating and ideating, Piyush is always seeking the next big idea and product market fit. 


As one of the drivers of Salucro's new edge payment solutions that’s redefining growth and customer loyalty for healthcare brands, Mr. Bhan has been instrumental in growing the India team and setting up the company for success in international market outside of US. He describes his current initiative… “As a company we are focused on providing retail like payment options and make it a seamless process so, I am closely working with our CEO for taking the Salucro offerings globally. We are seeing a lot of traction and will be launching soon in a lot of newer geographies.” 


We formally begin the session by probing into the big idea or philosophy that defines this dynamic idea leader. What is his ‘signature approach’ to life? Does he have a success mantra? Pat comes the answer: 

Well, if you  have heard the story of the deaf frog trying to jump out of the well and every other frog shouting that it’s too high and you can’t do it but the deaf frog eventually after multiple failed attempts succeeds. If you really want to be successful at anything learn from the mistakes or failed attempts, do take feedback but never let what others think, shadow your own conviction and clarity. This came naturally to me but I realised it through the journey of my life  that there were people around me who would try to pull me down but as I did not pay attention to such distractions, things turned out to be positive for me.


So what is the big disruption his ‘success mantra’ and unique ‘approach to life’ is delivering? The visionary mind elaborates…

On the professional front, I have used the same mantra while working on the solution proposition for Salucro in the India market and succeeded. I want to use the same mantra to expand Salucro internationally.

On the personal front, I have spread the same mantra to multiple colleagues, team members, to some senior members as well and would continue to spread this message as it has a huge impact on all fronts. 


As we wind down the brief but invigorating session probing the life and approach of one of healthcare’s more sensitive and intuitive minds, we request Mr. Piyush Bhan about a short comment on Voice of Healthcare. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The generous soul shares spontaneously… 

“VOH is a great platform as well as community. In the era of multiple online communities, VOH specifically stands out as they bring up the real challenges that healthcare providers and seekers face, they help in bringing the problem in the healthcare space and solution providers together which eventually helps everyone in the healthcare community. I believe that such tribute profiles are a good way to learn from the community leaders and make their learnings public. Even if the idea helps one person, it’s worth the effort.”

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