VMEDO is turning emergency care accessible by democratizing its essential knowledge, tools and connections on a common platform. 


VMEDO ( is on a mission to up-end the existing emergency healthcare dynamic of the country. It is achieving this long-overdue milestone by making life-saving information, services and products accessible for all during the crucial moments of an emergency. Driving the core of the VMEDO movement is an integrated Emergency Healthcare platform that brings all the stakeholders of the Healthcare ecosystem together on one single technology platform, and empowers them with key knowledge, tools and connections. 


The company raises awareness and builds capability around concepts like First Aid and CPR - crucial for saving life during medical emergencies - through a year round calendar featuring training programs and courses designed for general public, corporates, communities, medical personnel


Instant help can mean the difference between life and death during an emergency. The company makes this possible by democratizing ‘vital networks’. Namely, it connects people to the nearest healthcare facility through a 24x7 Ambulance service spanning India. This is backed by a trained triage team, EMTs and doctors.  By plugging the ‘missing gaps’, VMEDO is addressing the problem of availability, accessibility and affordability during medical emergencies.


In the transformed reality of the ‘New Normal’ VMEDO, a time when the quality of the medical equipment is being compromised upon, VMEDO is working towards providing access to the best quality medical equipment at the best possible price points. 


The genesis of Brand VMEDO lies in a personal tragedy that transpired in the life of Mr. Praveen, who is the Co-Founder & CEO of the organization. Mr Praveen lost a family member due to the unavailability of basic facilities like ambulance, timely hospital admission and blood donor. The life-altering incident inspired him to change the status quo - for good. 


The statistics paint a gory picture, underscoring the urgent need for disruption in the emergency care terrain of the country. Here are some numbers… 

•    Over 90% of the global population lack access to timely emergency care. 

•    15 people lose their lives every hour due to road accidents.

•    Almost 6 lac people die due to cardiac arrest every year. 

•    Around 80,000 emergencies are reported everyday to the emergency departments. 

•    More than 80% of the victims of emergencies do not get proper first aid in the all-important first one hour, which is also called the Golden hour. 

With a fleet of over 2,500 ambulances, a network of over 100 hospitals, 20,000+ blood donors, 100+ skilling programs and medical products on the platform, VMEDO is taking giant steps to address this gaping lacuna and bring down the apalling numbers. 

The ripples of change are visible already. 

So far, VMEDO has trained over 10,000 people, served over a lakh people during emergencies and distributed over 1 million medical products.


Vision - To be a global digital healthcare platform that brings all the stakeholders together, serves the underserved, and ensures excellence in quality to save more lives.

Mission - To drive innovation in the healthcare ecosystem through transformative technology and hence make healthcare accessible & affordable for all. 


Praveen Gowdru


A biomedical engineer by education and a distinguished alumnus of the prestigious Manipal Institute of Technology where he completed his masters in Medical Software. Praveen gave up a lucrative career in Medical Image Processing at a multinational like Philips and started his own venture VMEDO - with the help of his childhood friend, Darshan.

Darshan M K

A Telecommunications Engineer and a son of a retired Govt. school teacher who wanted to dedicate his life for the welfare of the society. Darshan is one of the co-founders and now heads the VMEDO Ambulance department. 

Shashikumar H S

A highly experienced EMS trainer and a certified AHA instructor who has mentored thousands of EMTs and paramedics in BLS, ACLS, CPR skills, and now heads the Operations of the VMEDO Academy department. 

Chetan Betageri

A biomedical Engineer by education with deep experience in the healthcare industry. He is also an expert and a go-to person for anything & everything related to Medical software & hardware.

Akhilesh Deshpande

An Instrumentation Engineer by education but with a passion towards healthcare marketing and branding. He likes to understand what kind of content people consume, and how they like it to be delivered to them.

Jyothi Y K

The longest serving member of the company for whom the safety, security and wellness of the VMEDO family is paramount. 


1. To help the citizens of Bengaluru during medical emergencies, VMEDO - in association with Jeeva Rakshak Foundation (a non-profit NGO working towards making basic facilities accessible to the underserved) - introduced Free Ambulance Subscription program in August 2021. All the subscribers of the program will benefit with 24x7 Emergency assistance, Faster and priority access to Ambulance services in Bengaluru. VMEDO aims to extend this program across India in the near future. For more details of the program, click here. 

2. VMEDO is working with several reputed corporates and organizations as their Emergency Response Partner with the goal of creating a gold standard in employee and workplace safety.  As a partner, the brand provides 24x7, 365 day ambulance service to its patrons and clients, and establishes Occupational Health Clinics (OHCs) with the right medical equipment backed by EMTs, paramedics and Doctors in their premises. VMEDO trained and certified EMTs and paramedics regularly engage with their staff (security, housekeeping and admin teams, for instance) with helpful and insightful programs like basic first aid, myth busters for common superstitions for various illnesses and injuries - which are not only crucial but lifesaving skills for everyone.

3. During an emergency in a public place, it is often a policeman, an auto-rickshaw driver or a cab driver who is closes to the scene and usually acts as the first instrument of intervention. However, this is also a social strata where myths, superstitions and wrong first aid techniques are normal. This can lead to dangerous - sometimes fatal - consequences. To address this crucial part of the jigsaw - which normally remains in the blind spot of planners - VMEDO conducts free First-Aid awareness programs for Traffic policemen, Cab drivers, Security personnel and others. On 11th Sep 2021, the organization also conducted a Free First Aid Awareness program at a Government School in Bengaluru where over 400 high school students gained ‘actionable knowledge’ about the importance of First Aid.

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